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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Diaper Wreath Gift !

The possibilities are endless for this!  I had SUCH FUN!

Let me tell you how I made this. 
Crafty grannie that I am, I actually did not have to go out and buy anything.  What prompted this project, was actually that I had cleaned out a closet and discovered these things, leftover from another event or project (diaper cake*).

I got my package of diapers out.  Well, they look like they were perhaps patterned for baby boy, so............

On a whim, I used the flowers that I made recently, and two paper rolls, diaper, and ribbon, to make what could be a table decoration at a baby shower:

For the wreath, I thought about doing some sort of lacing, rolled up diapers onto a ring of cardboard cut out of an economy size Ritz cracker box, but I decided to use a sturdy paper plate:

I cut the center out.

I arranged the diapers, and rolled and tied, one at a time.

Six diapers were tied on the first layer, and then I applied a second layer the same way, but at this point, my imagination is going, thinking about how I would decorate.  I did no special planning and have limited supplies, but I am thinking how cute colored tulle would be, and how cool if you had a picture of the mother when she was a baby, to add to the wreath decoration, and could make a gift card like I did 

I disassembled the card that I did with paper flowers earlier, and tried on the card of my daughter's (outdated) picture.

Here I am half way done with second layer:

Water jugs in background.  We have to bring drinking water in because the well water tastes pretty terrible.  High high lime mineral content.

An old tissue flower will go in my diaper vase, and I will use my recent straw and paper flowers on the wreath:

I need one more flower:

Will hang with Command hook:

I tried the wreath with one of my grand-daughter's stuffed animals.  I am not giving her monkey away.  This is just for the picture:

Here is the back view, incase you are interested:

I think I prefer duckie version.  Possibilities are endless, and so fun!!  I will probably make a diaper wreath again. I just set duckie on the wreath.  If it was for a real gift, I think I would do a loop of duct tape under duckie.  I would not use hot-glue, or any other chemical , because remember, these are diapers, and I expect the diapers to go on babies bottom.

I actually used only about 20 diapers in this wreath.  There were 8 left over that could be turned into vases, to decorate tables:

Oh if you are getting ready for a baby shower, I have a poignant poem, that may make the ladies laugh.  It often makes me cry........ happy tears.  As stated in my Permissions Policy linked in the right margin, I give permission to read it in public setting (such as a baby shower) but stipulate that you please provide a visual link to my blog. ๐Ÿ˜Š  
Go >here< and scroll down and scroll down, way down, past the pictures of my son as a baby, as a married man, and past pictures of my daughter.  Read the poem titled
 "My Little Pink Souvenirs." 

Thank you for letting me share with you here at my blog. I would love to hear from you in the comments.
Tammy @
Grandma Mary Martha

Life is a Trip

"Life's a trip !!"

LIFE is a trip, and the older you get, the more you respect the journey, of your own and others....the more you realize that despite our differences, the human path makes us more alike than different.  Over time, one observes, welcomes, endures, participates in, resists, changes until the day we die, and then for Christians, wonderful change progresses in the after-life*.

The man in the picture is my grandfather in the 70's.  He lived through lots of change!   I was a little kid, but I think my older cousin Louis, and some of his buddy's rode motorcycles a couple hundred miles to visit family (us) and have some beach fun.  

Grandpa, went out and "studied" one of the motorcycles, looked at it, and I don't know if it took coaxing from my father or not, but Grandpa climbed on the hip iron horse.  (My cousin Louis saw the picture and recognized it as his motorcycle, 1974, 750, 4 cylinder.)  That day my daddy thought it was so cool  to see his dad on that motorcycle.  He encouraged him to put on the helmet, and grabbed his camera.........

Let me tell you about this man, my grandfather. I assure you, that if you live  long enough, you too will experience great changes, like him.... some welcomed, some not.  May we all be as successful in reputation of good and honorable through it all.

**Warning:  A lot of family history here; long personal post: 

Born in 1901, his father was conceived during the civil war when his grandfather was a spy for the confederate army.  The union soldiers saw him in a tree and told him, "Better get down from that tree Strait, or we're gonna shoot ya."  My great grandpa Christopher got down from the tree, ran for his horse and got shot in his ankle.  He was sent home to recuperate (one of the lucky ones) and it was then that Grandpa's father was conceived.  Baby William grew up, and that was my grandfather's father.

So this brings me to Grandpa, 1901.  When he was born, in Arkansas (that man on the motorcycle right there) they lived in a cabin, and his older sister was the water girl.  One of her regular chores was to bring a bucket of water from the creek , to the cabin for her family which consisted of their mother and father, and two children: herself- my Aunt Omar, her brother, my Uncle Olin, plus baby Floyd, who became my grandfather.  This must have been my great grandfather William's best time of his life, because he had his wife and three healthy children. Then came number four, a beautiful girl named Donnie who was not to live to adulthood.

By the time my grandfather (the man on this motorcycle) was in fourth grade, his mother fell ill and  died.  It was told by a first hand witness to my Aunt Pearl that on her deathbed, with her last breath she sang beautifully the hymn, "I Surrender All."  I can only imagine the emotion, faith, and determination behind that last offering, and surrendering in the flesh, right before my great grandmother was released into the spirit world to be free of physical constraints and in paradise with Christ. I have wondered many times, how much the generations after her, were blessed because of her faith*

Short years later my grandfather's father (William)  is said to have been layed up with a broken back, and my grandpa (Floyd), in 4th grade of school, had to quit school to work in the coal mines to support his family.  By age 14, my grandfather, and his grandfather, Christopher, dug a grave for little sister Donnie.  My grandpa said that his grandfather told, his dead little sister, lovingly, "I'll be with you pretty soon," and then not long after that, my grandfather (in that picture) dug the grave for his grandfather, Christopher, civil war veteran. 

After William rehabilitated, now with his wife and youngest daughter dead, he determined that they should move to Texas.  He had earned a living as a school teacher, and rock mason, and a store partner, and in hard times, lending credit to the town folk along with perhaps an untrustworthy partner proved fatal to his finances.  I don't know what my great grandfather William planned on doing in Texas, but he had heard that the land was rich, and he practiced carpentry here as far as I am aware, and kinfolk remembered him as interested in national politics and religion.  It is said that he would wave his walking cane as he talked and debated, and once me daddy saw him get into a "cane fight," with another old man.

My grandfather was a youngster, a boy in the horse drawn wagon train  that came to Texas.  In that traveling group,   life long friends were  made  who would later see generations between them marry and blend the families*... Actually this trip was made twice, with the later being a permanent move, with William, Omar, and Floyd living the rest of their days in Texas and the generations after them, and even Olin  lived out his  last days in Texas.  

But back to Floyd, on the motorcycle.

As a young man in south Texas, though his early transportation by necessity had been horse, Grandpa found employment in Texas, working for area farmers, a few being of the Rader and Smith name, and he developed a reputation for being "good with machines."    Mr. Rader had a daughter named Laura who had been helping her mother in the kitchen (to cook for the workers) since she could stand on an apple crate to peel potatoes, and do otherwise whatever her mother Pearl told her to do.

Just a young girl, Laura thought Floyd was tall and handsome.  She used to look forward to getting a glimpse of him, or maybe a kind word in passing, as he worked for Laura's kinfolk for years.

Floyd was a quiet man, who enjoyed drawing, and playing his harmonica, and going on horseback rides and dominoes or card (games) with the men.  Finally, when Laura was an older teenager, her wish came true, and they started talking more and spending time together.  When she was age 18, Floyd gave her a ring and they got married.  It was not a big  affair, but joyous to those two........

Laura and Floyd, were married for about 60 years before they went to be with the Lord, with in one month of one another.  Grannie (79) died on Mother's Day, and Grandpa (87) passed away the day before Father's day.  Their union begat Billy and Pearlie.  My sister and I came from Bill (and Jean), my cousin Louis came from Pearl (and *Marvin).  Pearl and Marvin adopted two little girls, who also had biological roots on that wagon train from Arkansas.  They were my beloved cousins Sheri and Vicki.

He came to Texas on a covered wagon.  He lived to see man walk on the moon on T.V., and he was sure it was a trick, or propaganda (like to assure Russia that the USA were the big dogs).  I suppose maybe he believed man landing on the moon was for real 20 years after the fact.

He was faithful to my grandmother, and was known for being honest, calm, dependable, trustworthy, kind, affectionately responsive to all kids in his household, and generous.  Billie and Pearlie were raised with a tassle of cousins and family frequently at their house.  He did not begin purposeful walking with the Lord until his 40's.  The kids were about raised before he started serving the Lord, but his loyalty was steadfast, when placed.

By the time I came along, some of my treasured pictures in my mind's eye, were of my grandfather sitting in his old chair, by lamp light, magnifying glass in his hand to help him see, reading his Bible.  He did not need a man to tell him what the Bible said, or to interpret for him.  He chose to do it himself, and if you wanted to talk Bible, my grandfather could always contribute.  He went to church with Grannie two or three times a week, because he thought it was the right thing to do, not because he relied on the preacher to teach him.

My grandfather is one of the best men I have ever known, and loved, with all of my heart, and just to have my memories in my heart, is worth more than gold !

I think of my grandfather's journey, and his generation, and those that came after.  What I am grateful for most, is their faith, their endurance, determination to keep on keeping on, to do their best for one another and God through all the curves, hills, mountains, and valleys. The Lord has blessed their  seed.

1 Corinthians 15:52
In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.

2 Corinthians 5:8
We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord. 

Galations 6:7
Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

Psalm 112:1-2
Praise ye the Lord.  Blessed is the man that feareth the Lord, that delighteth greatly in his commandments.
His seed shall be mighty upon the earth: the generation of the upright shall be blessed.

(King James Version scripture)

Thank you for reading.  I would be glad to hear from you in the comments.  

To my cousin Louis, I look forward to you sharing more information with me. I would be very happy to edit and add, to make this more special and as accurate as I can.  Thank you♡ 

Just a few more old photos:

Laura and her siblings, left to right: Inez, Charlie, Laura, Tudor

The suave young man, Floyd.

farm equipment that I suspect my Grandfather worked with

left to right:  Floyd, Laura, (Aunt Omar, or Aunt Viola's sister in law Selma??)  Aunt Viola (wife of) Olin, Great Grandfather William

above: early in Grannie and Grandpa's marriage judging by how trim she is..........
above:  great Grannie Rader, my Grandpa (Floyd), my Grannie (Laura)

above:  Grannie with her children, Billy and Pearlie

above:  some of the family that frequented the house:  Uncle Henry and Grandpa (Floyd) and Great Grandpa (William); children on the left are believed to be cousins not yet identified (Betty, Tootsie, or Henrietta?, and David?  Aunt Inez behind her husband Henry and Pearlie behind her father Floyd? with my daddy ( Billy) with  his  father's arm embracing him

in back: Omar (William's oldest, the little water girl), Laura (who stood on a crate to help her mother cook), Omar's son Lawson, his son or a cousin??  in front: Billy (my father), Pearlie (cousin Lou's mother), Omar's daughter Jewel ♡

Grandpa and me (above)♡ below: their 50th anniversary newspaper photo

above: me with Grandpa

Above, Aunt Pearl and me, university graduation

Me with Grannie and Grandpa, celebrating university graduation

Best best part.......... this is not the end.  We just "pass through" here on earth;  our destination is eternity!!  The best is yet to come, for all who are saved in Christ.
Hebrews 11:13
These all died in faith, not having received the promises, but having seen them afar off, and were persuaded of them, and embraced them, and confessed that they were strangers, and pilgrims on earth.

Acts 2:21
And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.

Acts 22:16
And now why tarryist thou?  Arise, and be baptized, and wash away  thy sins, calling on the name of the Lord.

1st John 1:7
But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.

May we walk in the Sonshine!  Thanks for visiting♡
Tammy @
Grandma Mary Martha
I am limited on my pictures, but now that I have learned how to blog, I would totally be thrilled to get together with my relatives and blog more about family history and load more pictures..... more......more.....more.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

A Wedding Gift Card and reflections

I was blessed to see that they actually set my gift out on the table by the guest sign-in.

I used to have a closet in my house stocked with cheap gifts, or "extra gifts" that I could give when in a bind, for a party occassion, sometimes with money attached.  Like for a kid:  stuffed animal with little card and money attached to bow around neck, because often these invitations would come with out me having time to go to the store to shop, or.............. as in the case of a wedding,  "I don't know what they need or would like," so I wish to give money.  

Recently we had such  happy occasion of  daughter of  close friends, getting married.  I wanted to gift with money, and enjoy doing so in a creative way.  

So..... for fun, and because most women enjoy such sharing, I am going to share some pictures here, as well as reflections, and lastly details about how I made my crafty flowers and card.

The wedding party looked exquisite for my taste!  The bride's maids were dressed in feminine neutral fabric, except for the youngest who wore soft yellow with fabric rosettes around the neckline.  Carrying vibrant yellow bouquets tied in royal blue ribbon, it was PERFECT.

With the guys in jeans, vests, ties, I would call this a Texas style wedding.  Loved it !!!   The royal blue ties, and yellow rose and baby breath boutonnieres were  other PERFECT details.

Not the professional photographer, but neither one to pass up an opportunity to snap some shots at a WEDDING, here is the father walking the bride down the isle.  Her bouquet of more glorious yellow, tied in royal blue, was breath-taking, her dress was simple and elegant, and her smile told us all that she had no doubts about this!

Father giving her away.

The happy couple.  Both wrote, and recited their own vows, and the pastor complimented them on the content.  It was cool that this pastor has known the bride, ALL of her life.

Here they are, the Mr. & Mrs. ♡♡

A friend made the cakes as a gift.  As I assisted in serving, I noticed that her method of decorating these cakes actually including a hole cut in the center, in which to set flowers.  For the cake that she cut, she removed the flowers, set them aside and the shape left was similar to bundt cake, but really it was a multi-layer ROUND.

This couple was SMART and did not go for a high dollar wedding.  The reception was simple, beautifully coordinated, and food and cakes were EXCELLENT, made by friend and family.  (barbeque of course....)

Father/daughter dance.  This father is one of the nicest, best men that I have ever known in my life.

Below is the beautiful mother of the groom, dancing with her son.  She got very emotional and wiped a few tears.  I went up to her afterwards, and said, "I understand..... my son just got married in December."

This sweet couple purposely planned this wedding on a shoe-string budget, and in so doing, they will have more money to apply towards other goals that cost money !  Very smart!!  

May God richly bless them, and grow this family in His wisdom, love, and ways♡♡

Which brings me back to my wedding gift, the money card attached to my crafty flowers.  The card was made from a photo, wrapped in tulle with hot glue dots to sealed edges appropriately, and then tied in to the bouquet, of three flowers with more tulle.  I love tulle!!  Keep your eye open in the craft section or craft store, and you can find it on sale, and use it in many ways. 

The flowers  (one large and two small) were made literally from a leftover cheap plastic table cloth, straws from the dollar store, and hot glue.   I studied methods on Pinterest, and then here is basically what I did.  I recommend that you try this, and have fun.  Personally, I find crafties to be therapeutic, with the wonderful bonus that  they may reap a special gift to give.

You will need: 
hot glue gun
material for flower petals 
(I used leftover cheap table cloth for the rose inspired crafty flowers in the top featured photo, but below, I also share examples of tissue paper flowers)

Here, I go!  Supplies gathered, and basic flowers of different sizes are drawn on a piece of table cloth, folded to be 8 layers.

I cut them out with little care for being on the line.  Usually I cut inside the line, so the line was left on scraps.

Hot glue gun is hot.... paper plates used for crafting day before yesterday.

You can pinch one end of a straw to make it small to fit in the end of another, to make a longer stem.

Oh, I couldn't resist!  Inspired by the bride's flowers from yesterday, I got some yellow tissue paper and tried to make gladiola inspired paper/straw flowers:

I am working between my grand-daughter's table and the place across the room where my hot glue gun is.  I don't mind walking back and forth because I need to work off the peanut butter cookie that I told Bea the horse to please not eat.  (Daughter is making cookies while I do this, using recipe shared >here<.)

The gladiola being a stacked and delicate long stemmed flower, I made these blossom parts be only two tissue paper layers thick.  I just gathered the pieces and folded and arranged from a central point in the flower design, and used a tiny dot of hot glue on the paper to attach to the straw.  For the biggest gladiola, I did three blossoms with the biggest one about in the middle of the extra long straw stem.

The rose inspired, from the table cloth, is a bit more complicated to form, but honestly this medium is MUCH more forgiving than you might guess.  The process is basically this:

I gathered 7 layers:
3 medium
2 small
and I joined them largest on bottom to smallest on top, with a tiny dot of hot glue on top of paper plate, and then layer by layer: dot, layer, dot, layer, dot, layer, etc.

Then comes the fun part of pulling the layers up towards the center and securing towards the bottom with another tiny glue dot.

Now, it just looks like a dorky failure, but work with it, pulling and arranging petals with hot glue where needed towards the bottom to secure the petal in place.

Then I literally gather the flower in my hand and cut the paper base out.

I frayed a straw tip and spread it out and hot glued (just a little bit will do!!) to the tip.

For the card, just get your picture, and trim and hot glue edges as shown to make little money pocket.

Fold it in the tulle with loose edge at top and sides folded around and to the back, and use hot glue to seal. 

Happy crafting!  I hope you look around my blog and find encouragement and inspiration.  
May God grow the Sonshine in us all♡

Tammy @
Grandma Mary Martha๐Ÿ’›

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