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Friday, March 16, 2018

Crafties just add joy and pleasure to my life!  This diaper cake for an upcoming baby shower about $20 !  Will break-down the price pieces later.

This is how I did it:

It is just plain FUN.  I put baby-wipe packages in the middle to add bulk.  Swirl the diapers around, layer upon layer, adding where you need to.  First I had the top edges of the diaper out but it was too rough or ruffley for my taste so the final layers were crotch sides out.  Secure in place with a ribbon!  Sculpt.

Then adorn with your fabric, ribbon, baby accessories or bows.  Dollar store or Mama's theme can be a great inspiration, as well as what you have at home.

I already had the tissue paper, ribbon, craft-ties, and cardboard cake round (bottom platform).  I bought the topper giraffe for about 6 bucks, the apron for $2.50.  The baby wipes used were three packages for about 3 or 4 dollars, and I used 80 diapers for $8.

I used a safety pin to secure the ornamental fabric in the back.  I used craft ties to poke ribbons and flowers between layers, and also to secure the topper into place.

Look above.  I used craft tie to help giraffe hold his straw flower.  Below, see how I made the decoration ribbons.

I am sorry that the above picture is not clear.  Very close to the middle you can barely see a dark colored STRAW (drinking straw from the dollar store).  You will need to use a straw or a stick (can use k-bob cooking skewer) to poke from top layer to through lower layer.  Do this as needed, to secure layers of the diaper cake so that top layers do not fly off.

Oh he's so cute!!!

I truly hope this is an encouragement for you to try, if you enjoy crafties as well.   It's a great mother daughter project... to work together to hold the diapers in place and tie, and decorate.  Be blessed in the Sonshine,

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Homemade Humus

Do you like that middle eastern dish called humus?  It is made with pureed chick-peas?  We love it, but lately I haven't bought it much because it is a little pricey for the amount you get.  

I was low on our typical lunch making supplies so this morning I kind of experimented.  I will share my experiment with you:

Into the blender went half of a cucumber (my personal spin or version, not traditional as far as I am aware), and juice from half a lemon, along with half can chickpeas, some liquid, and then more water.  Can you guess?  

It was way to liquidey, so I poured it half out into another cup for later and put more drained chick-peas in the blender..... and it was still a little too thin for a dip, so............ I put ground flaxseed and some garlic powder, and the ground flaxseed did the trick with out changing the taste!!  Oh, also I splashed a bit of extra virgin olive oil.  

Thank you to God for our rich blessings.

Yippee!!  I found some sunflower seeds so I dipped into my humus and seeds with my veggies and it was quite satisfying.  I recommend you experiment and find your mix.  

Please share with us if you create something awesome!

Thanks for letting me share.
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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Marvelous Moments in His Word; Romans 5

Did you ever think, this is why older people worry less?  Have you noticed that?  Older people seem to have a confidence about them?  They seem to worry less, because they have perspective of experience.  

If we would only listen to God's word!  Lap it up!  Soak it in!  Bite it.  Chew it.  Swallow it.

Bring up the cud and chew over and over.

His word speaks TRUTH, to teach, instruct, build us up and give us confidence, and yet so many times we struggle.

Really and truly, "It's all gonna work out!"

For those in Christ, "Grace reigns!"

Dear God, 
You are so amazing and awesome!  Thank you for Jesus, and GRACE which reigns, even unto us as sinners, and Your Word, preserved!!  Forgive me where I fail, and help me to shine in confidence that comes from YOU.  Use me for your glory.  In Jesus's name I pray, 

Thank you for letting me share my favorite thoughts from Romans 5.  Now I invite you to visit Ally's blog, The Speckled Goat.  It is from her organization and encouragement that I am blogging through Romans.  See what thoughts my sisters have shared from their selected Bible chapter

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