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Monday, April 2, 2018

A Girl-y Craftie: Flower Pens

These sweet little pens, I made as cheery gifts for a few girls that I love.... A few handed out on Easter, and a few will be presented later.  I rarely think of cool ideas on my own, but I am pretty great at improvising and working towards a vision that I got from someone else!  I first saw this about 22 years ago, and have made them a couple times since.  Easy and cheap.  This is what you need:

1) wire cutters
2) simple writing pens
3) silk flower stems
4) floral tape

I bought pens that cost pennies each.  The floral tape cost under two bucks and I only used a fraction of it.  The silk flowers I bought for less than a dollar with 10 or 12 stems or blooms!  Cheap and fun!

Use the wire cutters to cut the blooms per stem.  You want the bloom stem to be a little shorter than the pen.

Align the stem with the pen, bloom on top where you want it, and use the floral tape to affix and wrap in a snug spiral around the pen and stem together.  You will find that snug and tight is key, and rubbing and pressing the layers of the spiral together as you go, is key to making it "stick."

Yes, the floral tape is a bit tacky or sticky in and of itself, but personally, I have never been offended by this unusual property and I have never seen anyone have an aversion to using the pen because of this.  Exposed to oxygen and natural oils from the skin, the outside of the pen does seem to loose stickiness.

I believe that I have made these both ways: starting the floral tape at the top, and starting it at the bottom.  Right now I can not say that I have a strong preference of which is the best place to start.   After you attach your flower, you can adorn with more ribbons and bows as you wish.

I would encourage you to try making these for any lady-girl-gift, or party, and you decide for yourself which way you prefer to make them (starting the tape at top or bottom of pen).  If you have any questions I will try to answer.

Love and hugs,

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Easter Day: Celebrating for an Unusual Reason

I have been a Christian for a long time.  Many years.  Easter Day on our calendar really is just another day to me, with my savior no more alive on that day than the day before...  We have some family traditions that my youngest still likes to practice from year to year. 

My son married into a religion and family where they do not do as we have done.  Their premise is that Easter is rooted in pagan religion (the melding of pagan with Christianity) and I am aware that the exact DAY is of man's designation, and historically probably has nothing to do with the exact time of Christ's resurrection, and so........

As a blogger, I just didn't have an "Easter message," like so many others.......... until church today.

Our pastor preached a Bible based, Christ centered message, and it was powerful.

But even his sermon did not give me my "blog message."

My "blog message," came from what I saw.

What I saw at church today  gave me a new passion and a new reason to rejoice about this Christian holiday with both pagan and Christian roots...

Never again will I be shy to boldly celebrate this day (regardless of it's roots that are not all perfect and pure, though my savior was and is...).  From now on I celebrate because while people complain (including myself) about "commercialism,"  I have to think that it is the "commercialism," of stores in America that kept Easter on the brain of ALL the visitors that were at my church today!

Usually we are maybe 50% full and today it was WONDERFUL because we were real close to 100% full....every seat, and my row, my pew, we scooted over twice to make room, FILL the seats, and the guy behind us (a regular) got up, gave his seat up for three twenty-something young men who came in late, so that they could sit together. 

I don't care if they came in late!  I don't hold it against them for not coming more.....   I want to LOVE on them all.  I prayed for God to move hearts, change lives........

I have a regretful memory as a teen, of a preacher at "my church" (not the one I go to now) where he complained about, "the people that only go to church on Easter and Christmas."  


Rather than judging and feeling "better than,"...please please please be ready to LOVE with a fraction of what Jesus brought and shared, and gave on the cross, because He wanted to save us.  He loved us, and wanted to pay the price, so that we COULD be saved from our sinful state doomed to hell.

Honestly, more do not come more often, because the rest of us regulars are so busy enjoying our own comfortable life, that we are not out ministering to others outside of our close, tight comfy little circle.  PRAISE God when any circumstance brings people to a church meeting where His word will be heard!!

From now on I will relish that in this holiday that some won't celebrate because of its unholy or pagan threads woven into the cloth we have today, I will celebrate knowing that this day......more come to church.  More will hear.  Tiny seeds will be planted,
and God can grow something beautiful and magnificent from that tiny seed.

We have much to do sisters.
Much loving.  Much studying.  Much serving.

May we always be ready to LOVE.  Love above judge, lest we be a stumbling block to someone less knowledgeable and full of faith.

Lord, thank you for JESUS, the work He willingly did for us.  I thank you today, and everyday, for His life, sacrifice, and resurrection.  I thank you for Your faithfulness, love, mercy and grace.

I pray Father, that because of the work of your Holy Spirit in my heart, I will be ready always, to love, study, serve, and never self righteously judge.

I pray for your will to be done on earth, as in Heaven.  All glory and honor to You.  In Jesus's name I pray, AMEN

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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Favorite Endeavors for Encouragement and Growth in Social Media

I started this blog, and went public 10 months ago.  Finding my facebook blog support groups has made all the difference in the world in helping me to learn and grow, as well as giving me opportunity to make friends.  

You can read about me, here:    and you can read more about my blog journey (see some exciting points along the way) here:

Now I am truly in yet another exciting place, with even more wonderful ahead!  What is swimming through my head now?

1) goals, and exciting HOPE about what I will learn this summer when I dedicate time to study.........

2) the post that my friend is waiting for me to guest post

3) the results of the e-mail interview that I get to type up and present soon............

4) My wonderful closed facebook groups that have turned into a delightful ministry that I both pour into, and yet receive immensely from as well:

where we fellowship, share, encourage, pray for, love, and challenge (all for God's glory):

Oh, and bloggers are invited to join and share Christian material regularly, as long as they also invest in the friendships.  Our women are to be highly valued as friends and not to be treated as a number just to increase traffic.

Titus Women's Gathering is such a fabulous group, that spontaneously in 15 minutes, one day, this ministry was born:

A qualified and well studied, and very dedicated teacher stepped up, and is now our leader as we walk through the Bible, study, and ultimately table our questions for discussion.  What a joy to have this group for study and support.  I make the graphics to support my teacher, and I am her student as well, thus it is a ministry and a classroom and study fellowship for me!

I used materials around my house to make some study notebooks for this class, and am mailing them to some friends from this group (according to a posted proposal).  You can see how I made these journals, here:

If you have room in your life for some positivity to be poured in, or some dedicated Bible study time, and are not presently involved in a class, then we invite you to join our purposeful groups.

Women Walking Through His Word Bible Study

We are here to love support and grow, on our way to Heaven, by the work of Christ and God's grace.

His will be done.

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