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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Another Land by Grace James

by Grace, a friend from my school days in Rockport, TX
HUGS sister!  It's gonna be a grand party in Heaven isn't it?

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Love Stories All Around; The Pricelessness of Fellowship

Love is all around,
It inspires me to see it,
Recognize where goodness is found,

In the sacrifice of a great-grandparent,
Well up in years, who gives years of life,
To invest in the young,
Service to others, over self and fun,

The secret gift quietly handed, 
To the loner's hands, whose been socially branded,
No one was looking,
It wasn't for accolades,
It was for LOVE that effort was made,

To say, You matter,
             You are significant,
             You matter to me,
Do your best in this world child,
I pray with the Father you will be,

May have let you down,
But in our God, there is a LOVE,
To be found,

Admiration of men,
Tis de-valued by him,
Men's conduct itself tends to discredit the race,
But in position with God,
That's where we can be strong,

All of us have limits,
We will not be able to live, love, or give as God,
But in Him we can do better, 
And recognize and hold dear, 
The demonstrations of LOVE
Around us, year after year,

Grandparents who live to pour in where they can,
Of LOVE and morals, God word take a stand,
Share HOPE of things eternal, 
And friendships from God, a life that is grand,

The single woman I know,
Physically strong though small,
Accomplished and independent,
She now lives to serve and give back,
By being CASA advocate for 6 or so sibling groups,
In foster-care,
She is the one that has been steadily there,

Hurt lonely people,
Who unite in faith and grow in love,
As they seek to provide a HOME,
Build a home, which honors God above,
And embraces and edifies all who are a part, 
Makes life-long commitment,
To the children who need, who were the reason
For this START 
(new beginning as family)

The over-comers, 
The leaders, the ones who bear,
A history, a past, that you would not guess,
Much has been accomplished,
To survive and stay nice,
Looked for ways to contribute,
Be true to one's word,
Service, dependability, steadfastness,
Be heard,

All around,
I see good and I see bad,
May I glance over the bad, and settle on God,
Focus more on the LOVE and goodness,
In this world around me,
The demonstrations of LOVE, 
By real and true folks,

This is the pay-off, if you invest,
Time, care, stay a spell, 
Get to know the community around you,
And you will see,
Lots of amazing LOVE shown,
In front of me and Thee

The rescuers of orphans,
The preachers to prisoners,
The organizers of good things,
The encourage-ers to who needs,
A smile, a hug, stretched patience,
Phone call, visit, card, tasty food offering,
Service for Him,
Be encouraged around you,
See demonstrations of LOVE,
And do not forget, 
Good and perfect gifts come from above,
You see glimpses of God, when you see LOVE

My heart was touched deeply this week as I attended a great community celebration, and also as I reflect on members that I know from my community and my local Christian fellowship.

Each line, each stanza of my poem... people, situations,  came to my mind.  Each line, phrase, stanza is in honor of someone I know.

I know that there are heroes like I see here among me, all over the world.  A blessing of fellowship, or getting to know the people around you, is getting to know their stories.

I am inspired.

May you learn the stories around you, and be inspired.

Endure.  Persevere, with hope, mercy, and grace.  
Love will grow in your fellowship, as strive to 

focus on the good and lovely. 

build one another up.

If you would enjoy more encouragement towards fellowship, please follow the link to a wonderful collaborative blog called Telling Hearts...... Introduction to Telling Hearts Fellowship Series

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Monday, June 18, 2018

Moist Apple-sauce Almond Flour Cake and Muffins

My  indulgence is..... either cake with my coffee in the mornings, or chocolate covered almonds will suffice.  If I am being a good girl then eggs and turkey bacon or fruit and peanut butter on toast, but often- cake it is!!

Time for cake today!  I made an adapted version of my banana nut bread recipe from my Grannie.  Instead of banana, I used apple sauce, and instead of regular white flour, I used almond flour.  The recipe I made is as follows:

3 cups sugar 
(part powdered sugar cause that is what I had) 
2 cups applesauce
4 eggs

I mixed that up.

Then whisk together:

2 cups almond flour
1 cup regular flour
1 tablespoon baking soda
1 teaspoon cinnamon

Next, incorporate the dry ingredients into the egg and sugar mixture, alternately with 

1 cup vegetable oil

I put part of the batter into the bundt pan and the other part, I added plumped raisins and chopped walnuts.

I baked it all at 350*.  The muffins were done in 30 minutes.  The bundt cake was done in about 40 minutes.  The muffins were DELICIOUS !!  

The cake was VERY yummy as well, but it did not come out all in one piece.  Some stuck to the pan.  I am of the opinion that if I had let it cool in the pan before I loosed it and tapped it out, then it would not have come out so messily, but I was feeding two busy and hungry teenage girls.  I hurried, and did not let it cool.

Some left-over cream cheese icing from daughter's birthday cake, made a nice tasty garnish!

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