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Permissions Policy

Permissions Policy of Tammy Dunlap
Grandma Mary Martha blog

Re-posting and Translation:

I do not give permission for my blog posts, or poems, to be translated into any other language, online, or in print.  I do not give permission for my post to be copied or duplicated online or in print, or in any digital form.

I do not give permission for my content to be profited from in anyway, by anybody other than myself.

I do not give permission for anyone to copy, change, or add to, work from this blog, and to take intellectual credit for this blog, or my poems,  published my myself.

Permission Exceptions:

I give permission for a link to this blog to be shared, and for 2 or 3 sentences to be re-posted as a quote, as long as a link back to this blog is provided along with the quote.

I give permission for my poetry, and entire posts to be read orally to groups, as long as a visual of link to the blog, is shared, or shown, and it is stated that it is read with permission as original post and intellectual material of Tammy Dunlap (Grandma Mary Martha

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