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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Favorite Endeavors for Encouragement and Growth in Social Media

I started this blog, and went public 10 months ago.  Finding my facebook blog support groups has made all the difference in the world in helping me to learn and grow, as well as giving me opportunity to make friends.  

You can read about me, here:    and you can read more about my blog journey (see some exciting points along the way) here:

Now I am truly in yet another exciting place, with even more wonderful ahead!  What is swimming through my head now?

1) goals, and exciting HOPE about what I will learn this summer when I dedicate time to study.........

2) the post that my friend is waiting for me to guest post

3) the results of the e-mail interview that I get to type up and present soon............

4) My wonderful closed facebook groups that have turned into a delightful ministry that I both pour into, and yet receive immensely from as well:

where we fellowship, share, encourage, pray for, love, and challenge (all for God's glory):

Oh, and bloggers are invited to join and share Christian material regularly, as long as they also invest in the friendships.  Our women are to be highly valued as friends and not to be treated as a number just to increase traffic.

Titus Women's Gathering is such a fabulous group, that spontaneously in 15 minutes, one day, this ministry was born:

A qualified and well studied, and very dedicated teacher stepped up, and is now our leader as we walk through the Bible, study, and ultimately table our questions for discussion.  What a joy to have this group for study and support.  I make the graphics to support my teacher, and I am her student as well, thus it is a ministry and a classroom and study fellowship for me!

I used materials around my house to make some study notebooks for this class, and am mailing them to some friends from this group (according to a posted proposal).  You can see how I made these journals, here:

If you have room in your life for some positivity to be poured in, or some dedicated Bible study time, and are not presently involved in a class, then we invite you to join our purposeful groups.

Women Walking Through His Word Bible Study

We are here to love support and grow, on our way to Heaven, by the work of Christ and God's grace.

His will be done.

Note Journal Craftie

For my Bible Study group hosted by Cypress Ministries, I wanted a note journal to hold my Bible notes.  Though my first one was thrown together, a while later, I took some time to put together a more attractive and service-able version.  Using what I had on hand, this is how I did it:

It is totally possible to purchase these "compostion books" on sale for anywhere from $ .10 to $.25 (pennies per journal).  Keep your eye out for sales!

Then I used tape, glue, scissors, discarded folders (for the pockets), ribbon, fuzzy craft stick, and portfolio or plastic sheet covers.

First I matched up two plastic sheet protectors at the binder hole edge and taped it.  Then I used that as the journal cover!!  This is super cool because it provides a COVER for the journal where the user may add his/her own photo or document inside for show cover.

Fold and cover as you would a book, careful this time, to leave TOP unhindered (match up the top edges, do not fold them at all) so that through the TOP, photos or document may be inserted into the cover:

I selected a durable plastic folder and marked and cut so that it would fit inside the cover to serve as pocket to hold notes, hand-outs, or materials.  I attached it with tape loops though of course hot glue would be awesome it you wanted to use that:

Using a craft stick and ribbon, I made a silly and totally service-able place marker:

View of front pocket:

I made tabs using sticky note pad pages and glue:

There you have it!  A fun, service-able journal with sections.  Could translate into a very special gift for someone!

Thank for letting me share.  Wishing you wonderful walks in the Sonshine!

Friday, March 16, 2018

Diaper Cake Delight- giraffe theme

Crafties just add joy and pleasure to my life!  This diaper cake for an upcoming baby shower about $20 !  Will break-down the price pieces later.

This is how I did it:

It is just plain FUN.  I put baby-wipe packages in the middle to add bulk.  Swirl the diapers around, layer upon layer, adding where you need to.  First I had the top edges of the diaper out but it was too rough or ruffley for my taste so the final layers were crotch sides out.  Secure in place with a ribbon!  Sculpt.

Then adorn with your fabric, ribbon, baby accessories or bows.  Dollar store or Mama's theme can be a great inspiration, as well as what you have at home.

I already had the tissue paper, ribbon, craft-ties, and cardboard cake round (bottom platform).  I bought the topper giraffe for about 6 bucks, the apron for $2.50.  The baby wipes used were three packages for about 3 or 4 dollars, and I used 80 diapers for $8.

I used a safety pin to secure the ornamental fabric in the back.  I used craft ties to poke ribbons and flowers between layers, and also to secure the topper into place.

Look above.  I used craft tie to help giraffe hold his straw flower.  Below, see how I made the decoration ribbons.

I am sorry that the above picture is not clear.  Very close to the middle you can barely see a dark colored STRAW (drinking straw from the dollar store).  You will need to use a straw or a stick (can use k-bob cooking skewer) to poke from top layer to through lower layer.  Do this as needed, to secure layers of the diaper cake so that top layers do not fly off.

Oh he's so cute!!!

I truly hope this is an encouragement for you to try, if you enjoy crafties as well.   It's a great mother daughter project... to work together to hold the diapers in place and tie, and decorate.  Be blessed in the Sonshine,

Elephant bonus:  See the note/card tucked in the netting or tulle:

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