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Monday, July 31, 2017

25 positives about my husband, 25 years in

In celebration of 25 years of "love and learning," and 22 years of marriage, I decided to make a post about 25 things I love about my husband.  This could be memories, or characteristics, or strengths............and just for education and clarification, lest anyone wonder,  I could probably list an equal number of regrets or bad memories, but that does us no good and would not be following scripture.  I wanted the young women to know this truth or fact.  So much of life is determined by our perspective and our courage, where we put our faith and hope.  Here, I simply celebrate the blessings that my husband has brought to my life, there by following one of my favorite scriptures which exhorts us to focus on the positive (Philippians 4:8).

Open Gratitude to my husband, 25 years in to our love and learning relationship  (as life is a journey of living, loving, and learning):

1)  When we met, you were simple and good.  You did not try to impress me or woo me with words.  You were yourself..... SIMPLE and GOOD.

2)  When we dated you would not even take a sip of alcohol.  You made no big deal about it.  You just were not interested.  I am grateful that I have never had to compete with alcohol in our life together.

3)  I will always treasure my memories of our bicycle rides, and walks or hikes that we did in those dating years.

4)  I enjoyed meeting your family those many years ago, and seeing how your little sisters loved you, and your mother and step-father had only nice respectful things to say about you.  Your step-father always said, "He never gave us a bit of trouble."

5)  You have been level headed, always helping me keep things in balanced perspective.

6)  I always admired the way you did your best in the technical classes that were offered to you through the Air Force.

7)  When I toured one of the military bases and saw the men "standing in formation," and you explained the procedure and expectations, I grew in appreciation and respect for anyone who serves in our military.  Thank you for helping to educate me.

8) Thank you for serving in the military reserves pre-marriage and post-marriage.

9)  Thank you for all the extra burden of housework that you took on when I was sick with pregnancy symptoms.

10)  Thank you for not begrudging me making our pre-mature baby boy my top priority..........and me staying in my night-clothes all day somehow, and getting very little house work done.

11)  Thank you for almost ALWAYS going to church with me.

12)  Thank you that you joined me in effort to build up and encourage the two other children that we loved along the way, when our son was small.

13)  Thank you for always being ready to go for a bicycle ride or walk with me, and for agreeing to take dance lessons with me someday.

14)  Thank you for all the times you played with our son or daughter or tried to plan fun special time for them.

15)  Thank you for mowing the big pasture for us countless hours, to make our first home be something that our son remembers so fondly.

16) What a blessing that if/when you ever brought a friend or acquaintance home from your work, I approved, or LIKED the guy(s).

17)  It is pretty amazing how you homesteaded on the property that we live on now, sometimes sleeping in your truck or a tent, and using the neighbors bathroom.... while I tried to close up and sell our first home.

18) Thank you for all the work you did on our house here, especially the foundation work, and electrical work (which I did no part of).

19)  It is unbelievable (almost) and amazing to me, that we together, framed and installed 24 windows in our house, and ply-wooded the exterior together............ 

20)  Thank you for all the traveling vacations you were happy to plan and bring your family on, because with out you, I would probably just STAY at HOME always....

21)  Thank you that when you have a fantastic job, you are very generous with your family, and that you managed your income well, and profited our family with wise investment.

22)  Thank you  for your faithfulness towards myself and our children, even during our 9 month separation.

23)  It is such a great pleasure to see you now with our grown son, and to see how you love his wife and daughter as well.  I love being a grand-parent with you!!

24)  Thank you that it is a high priority between us, to get our son through university.........and then our daughter.

25)  Attending our daughter's sports events is so much more FUN for me to do with you by my side, and I am so blessed that you are the dad that likes to "go and do" with our active outgoing daughter !!

*********************************************************************WOW !!  

I easily could do more positives.  Thank you God !!

But readers, young women especially, I can not emphasize enough............. there has been BAD also, 
quite horrible,
yucky stuff.

But my awesome God has healed, and provided grace, mercy, and blessings.

I just want you to know..............this is life.  The good and the bad, and I am here married to the same man for 22 years, loving him for 25, by amazing grace, and no boasting.  I am just grateful.

What will you focus on?

Where will you live?

Whose word will have the last say in your life??

By the Holy Spirit in me, and the strength and wisdom He gives, I choose



His HOLY WORD, and constant dependence on Him, over and over, everyday.

summer 2017, 
Thank you sweet daughter for taking the pictures.  Thank you brother for being silly in the background.  I love you all, so very much.
Grandma Mary Martha

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Happy Anniversary Honey

How's that for a way to celebrate?  Big lump of cookie dough waiting for you.  Yes you will get your German Chocolate Pie too............

Do you realize this is our 25 year anniversary of meeting?  July 25 years ago.... and I know for sure that I was in love with you by the end of that summer.  22 years of marriage now, by the grace and preservation of God πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

I am grateful that we managed as well as we did..... I am grateful that you have always been my brother in Christ.  I am grateful that I feel like I know you better now, and love you more now.

In to God's hands I commit our future.  Here's a look back on some of our blessings:

See my celebration continued, with my list of 25 positives about my husband >here<

Thanks for sharing part of our journey.  May the Holy Spirit in you shine like Sonshine!!
Tammy   @         Grandma Mary MarthaπŸ’œ

Prayer through the big and small

Life gets messy.
My house gets messy.

Recently I was looking for pictures of the dating stage with my husband, or early marriage to celebrate 25 years of love and learning, 22 years of marriage this month, and UGH.  I drew pictures from about three different places, and have probably three more places that I have not yet re-visited to look (in years?).  Obviously I have a problem.  So what do I do??  I say a little prayer, like in the past.

God will help me.  I will get better.  In this case, I will get organized, if He grants me time and energy.  I am hopeful that He will.

As I have committed my blog to Him, I share with you that I am at a curve in the road, that I can not see around.  School is about to start.  I have to pull back from producing blogs as regularly as I have, and focus on this mess here, and getting ready for school.  You may have guessed it had to be coming.   Know that I fervently look forward to continuing to learn about blogging, and  God growing  more in my heart to share later. 

Before I turn to the other work, I want to remember answered prayers:

Thank you God, for answering my prayers, for my babies' health, their ear-infections, 
the fevers,
the germs,
the fears and anxieties, worries.

Thank you for supplying me with amazing joy and love for the journey, and helping me to let go, to the degree that is appropriate.

Thank you for helping me survive birthday parties and to look back with pleasure.

Thank you for giving my children friends along the way,

and for miraculously, me never having to call an ambulance.

Thank you that my son loved his first home so much that he told me he was going to build his own HOUSE, right there where his swing set was.

Thank you that we survived living in an R.V. for 13 months,

building our own home,

and then living in the house "with out walls" for another year.

Thank you for the unique gifts and talents that you built in to each of my children, and for being my rock and my guide and my strength as I tried diligently to help them each become their best self for YOU.

Thank you for providing inspiration and vision, for me to paint flowers on my daughter's bedroom wall.  I prayed all the way, because I knew I was not good enough but believed you could and would supply me with what I needed.

Thank you for giving us great vacation memories, and helping us to mature and learn how to "roll with the punches," when travel mishaps are inevitable.  Thank you for keeping us safe on vacations, and for the AMAZING beautiful earth that you have allowed us to see.

Thank you for keeping my children safe, when they went off with out me, and I prayed................

Thank you for giving me energy and health to deal with countless messes before.  

Now, Lord, please do it again.  Give me energy and wisdom to appropriately manage and care for my blessings, and my messes.

Thank you for your faithful love and care Father, and so very many, countless answered prayers before.  I would not want to live this life with out You.
So I won't be blogging as much.  I must do other work.  Thank you for reading.  I would love for you to comment, and I look forward to more blogging later.
Tammy @
Grandma Mary Martha

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Teacakes and Tea

Spend much time with me and you will catch on, that I like to experiment, and I like to cook with almond meal.  So here is my latest, and I REALLY like it!  

The finished product reminds me of the old-fashioned sweet soft mellow cookie known as teacakes.  This is how I made it.  I only had one stick of butter in the house so this is a small batch, yielding only 2 dozen cookies.  Double it for more...........

Cream together:

1 stick of butter (= one half cup)
3/4 cup of sugar
1 egg


1 and 1/2 cup white flour
1 cup ALMOND MEAL  (You can buy it in same isle as flour...)

Then add 

1/2 teaspoon baking soda
a dash of salt
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

Make ping-pong ball size balls and dip the tops in a mixture of sugar and cinnamon.  Set on the pan and flatten slightly with hand palm.

Bake 350* for 8-12 minutes.  

Watch closely.  I took them out before they were golden, and the texture is perfect.

I heated water in the microwave to make tea with, and sweetened it with the sugar cinnamon mixture and I LOVE THAT TOO !!  If you like cinnamon.........try it for a treat!

Then add great friends and a good book to this, and you have the makings of a wonderful afternoon, in my view !!

Grandma Mary Martha πŸ’–

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

My Walk with the Lord

I mentioned to someone that I desired to "interview" people for my blog......about their walk, their testimony for Christ.  That someone assertively stated that I needed to tell about myself in my blog.

Hmm.  Well I tend to think other people are more interesting than me, but I will try here, to tell something about my walk, and my testimony of traveling as His.

I was blessed to grow up in a functional Christian family.  My mother took my sister and I to church, and she taught us to pray at night:

I lay me down to sleep,
If I should die before I wake,
I pray thee Lord my soul to take.
God bless Mommy, Daddy, 
Grannie, Grandpa, sister....
In Jesus' name,

Mom also taught us good manners.  Daddy earned the living income, and entertained us.  My grandmother took me to church when we visited her.  Her and grandpa went together to church, three times a week usually.

I wasn't a GREAT reader in early elementary but I remember reading my Bible in second grade, about 6 or 7 years old.  I remember having an affection and warmth for my Bible.  I remember praying and feeling connected and grateful for the connection.  Christ was my savior and my faith was solid I thought.

I wanted to get baptized, but my family encouraged me to wait.  They thought I should be more mature.  When I was age 14, they agreed that I could get baptized, so I did.

I had a reputation in school of being very "straight," and a "Jesus freak."  I went to church as a teen, by myself often, or with a few girls that I picked up in the car my parents let me drive, because.... the rest of my family was not in attendance at that time.  I am sorry to say that I was too wrapped up in being a teen to have even tried to be much of an encouragement to them.  

I am grateful that the Lord did not stop His work on us there.  Today, I would say that actually everyone of my family of origin has a closer walk with Him now, than then.

I floated along in my comfortable little raft of faith,  that I had climbed on early in life, until.... my best friend cousin, got ill with a brain tumor during my freshman year of college.  Like a nightmare the sickness clung to her and changed our lives.  The tumor was fast growing and in-operable.  I spent my spring break during my freshman year of college, with her at a research hospital.

She was stronger than I was, and once when I got lost in the big hospital, trying to wheel her wheelchair to her appointment, and I started to cry, she soothed me and told me everything was going to be OK.  Despite our desperate prayers of healing, she died about 10 weeks later.

I was so very angry at God.  I am sorry of this now, but I can tell you that my Father allowed me to scream and cry and pout and sulk to exhaustion.  He allowed me to rebel, and ignore Him like I was a spoiled child.

He kept whisper calling me back into the comfort of His arms, and after  one or two years of major attitude from me, I began to settle down and long for the closeness with Him again,  but by this time, fellow-shipping with Him wasn't real cozy because I was preferring to live how I wanted rather than concerning myself with obedience.

When I met my husband, we were both age 27, and not wanting to give God much attention.  I liked that he seemed to be on a path parallel to my own.  (We were equally yoked.)   We both had experienced intimacy with the Lord.  I recognized the longing that he had in his heart, but we both were trying to ignore that part of our maybe until later.  

God used a series of events to bring us back to Him, separately.  Paul had his journey which brought him to his knees and to church where he was miles away, and his cousin got me to attend Wednesday night home-church.  The meetings with the loving and mature sisters and brothers, moved my heart.  I repented and rededicated my life to Christ privately, overwhelmed and grateful for God's mercy and grace towards me even during my rebellion.

Some time after that, Paul and I married. We  have raised our children in church, never being perfect, but always striving to make Him LORD of our lives and our family.

Every valley I have gone through, I can tell you it was never fun, to travel with a rift between my God and me, but every valley or storm that He found me through, and grabbed me and hugged me............. made me grow in appreciation and I can not say strength, but I can say WISDOM.

Before my prodigal child experience, I think I thought I was HIS because I was "such a good girl," and after my  drifting away, I realized that I was weak and incomplete, or insufficient with out STRENGTH and FAITH that HE supplied, so after growth, repentance and return to Him, since then, I know that I must pray and depend on Him, to "Please keep me supplied with faith and strength that I need."

He is faithful !!  Since then, He has again and over and over, been patient and loving, forgiving me, and constantly teaching me, growing me, molding me.  ALL of my hope is in Him, and I do not want to live this life with out Him.  In to His arms I commit my loved ones.  I pray for His will to be done, in our hearts, our lives, and all the world, as in Heaven.

Psalm 18:30
As for God, his way is perfect.

Psalm 19:14
Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength, and my redeemer.

At this point I would like to acknowledge some people that stand out in my mind, as having been used by God, to nurture and encourage or support my faith journey:
*my parents
*my grandparents
*my Aunt Pearl
*my cousin in law and love, Wadine
*my husband, who has always been my brother  in Christ
*various wonderful preachers and teachers over the years, including but not limited to  Doug Wilks of Robstown Texas (Hwy. 44 Church of Christ, 40 years ago), and Brother Gerald Pruett of Bear Creek Baptist Church, Cleveland Tx. (18 years ago who encouraged us to attend Sunday School, and eventually got me there)
*numerous wonderful Christian girlfriends who were the answer to my ♡prayers♡ <link, and all the women of my youth, middle years, and current years, as well as many preachers and teachers of the truth who have delivered the WORD.

Thank you for letting me share.
Tammy @
Grandma Mary MarthaπŸ’–

Fun Housework??

House work!  A struggle for me.  


 I am not sure. 

Numerous reasons probably. 
 Perhaps the top two are    1) I would rather be creative or social with besties.     2)No matter how good I am at it, in my mind I will never be good enough, because I will never be as good as my mother.

My mother was and still is THE BEST at keeping things clean and organized.     She and I have different talents.

Remember  I do this blog partly for therapy for me.  (You can read about me in pages linked to right of computer format blog.)  It helps me fit a dose of creativity into my day, and gives me the satisfaction of putting positivity OUT.

So.... though it is still a daily challenge for me.... what are my FAVORITE motivation TIPS ??  Cause I do need help here...

1) Listen to uplifting Christian music.  It's all so much more pleasant if I am listening to something beautiful.  One of my friends was telling me today that she likes to put her phone in her back pocket and the ear-buds in her ears and she listens to an interesting sermon or uplifting talk.

2) Put a posting of some favorite scriptures or words to favorite song, where you can see them and study and practice while you do what you do.

Above are my water stained, messy scripture notes hung by a hairpin on a string above my kitchen sink for this exact purpose. 

3) Have your daughter or son come TALK to you about their day while you fold clothes or do dishes.  The alternative is that they DO THE CHORE. 

 In my house they always are happy to TALK to me.... 

During this time often deals are made.......... "I will let you _________ if you ________ for me..... or I will __________ for you , if you ________ for me...."   This makes this arrangement a WIN WIN WIN scenario:  My work is more pleasant, our relationship benefits from the communication and mutually supportive deals that we make.

4) Do a house-chore co-op with a friend.  When I lived down the street from my precious friend Joan, we would take turns working together to clean each others house together !!!!  It was fabulous!!  We felt like we were saving time.  We were getting house-chores accomplished AND fellow-shipping and laughing and encouraging one another and making more fun plans as we went along.

That brings me to another tactic that I have thoroughly enjoyed:

5)  Call up a favorite person and put them on speaker-phone in proximity of where you are washing dishes (VERY CAREFUL with PHONE AROUND WATER.  Put it where it is secure and will not fall or get knocked in water), or in proximity to where you are folding clothes etc..

6) Perhaps an intercessory prayer is in order.  Take delight while you wash your dishes, or fold clothes, or sweep..... to talk to your Father as if He was in the room with you, because, HE IS.πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ Not that taking care of your baby is "house-work," but I think the idea applies here.......... When my sister was raising her babies, she shared the sweetest idea with me.  She shared with me that she decided that her middle of the night feedings with her baby, were also her time to PRAY for them- their future.  How sweet, right?!!  Let's at least SOMETIMES turn our housework time  into a sweet time of prayer for our loved ones!!

7)  When you have kids......... get them to help by proposing a deal:   You all work between 8 and 10 to help me get everything done on this list, and then we will ___________😊

Do you have any other cool tips for making the house-chores more of a pleasure for those of us who struggle with it?  Please share in comments.

***Yes yes yes, I have paid my kids with cash, and tokens, and promises...... I tried more gimmicks than I can remember trying to get them to help with housework.  None of them were snap answers for me.  All of them were hard for me to keep up with. Above are my no-non-sense GO TO tips.

I am grateful that my daughter is a sweet helper now, and her room bears witness that she just might be the best housekeeper in the family.

According to my daughter-in-law, my son is a good helper and I have witnessed him do his share at their home.  I am grateful.  Can I feel proud about that??  Maybe it means I did something right??  Never mind his room at my house.  My daughter-in-law is amazing in her management of their little home.  She is very clever with their resources, and I admire her very much.  Someday if she will grant me permission, I would like to share in my blog some of their practices that I admire..........

I would love for you to share good ideas in the comments.

Enjoy every day girls.  Enjoy life whatever stage you are in.  Enjoy  the LIFE that God has brought to you. πŸ’œ
Grandma Mary Martha πŸ’–

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