Want to Know More about Tammy?

Only because I really enjoyed visiting other blogs, and I always WANTED to read about the author, and I truly enjoyed their fun and trivial sharing of facts about themselves, I decided to tell more about me!
 Here goes:

I grew up in the country three miles from a fun bay, where I enjoyed riding my bike on country roads, and swimming in wonderful mix of salty and fresh water (where a river spilled in to the bay, near-by).  Sometimes we had "mud-fights," there, and sometimes we swam at night with these glowy things that we called phosphorous.  I know nothing about them today.

I worked at the same restaurant, bakery from the time I was age 16 to age 23.  Loved it!

Daddy said, "You can go to college ANYWHERE you want and if you LIVE AT HOME, I'll PAY for it!"  That is mostly how it worked out, except more truth is that I dropped out once (emotional crisis) and felt so bad about wasting my parent's money, and letting them down, that from then on, I paid for a lot by myself.  Mom and Dad were my constant support, and my back-up.
(I am wearing heels.  I think my mom is standing on the hearth.  She's for real short, and "smallest big woman advocate ever," and I am so blessed to have all of my family of origin still in my life.)

5 years after high school graduation, I finished bachelor degree and to my surprise immediately began master's degree. (Did finish it😃)

Taught elementary for more than 12 years before I ever had to use e-mail.  Did take total of 5 years out to spend time with my children. (Now age 21, and 13)

Hate to shop for clothes.  Love being at home.  Have intrinsic need to be creative and nurturing somehow.

Didn't start drinking coffee until I was in my 40s and now I drink it black, weak, and it is one of my GREAT pleasures in life.

We live in the country where deer roam and babbling rivers and creeks  fray across the landscape, between beautiful  limestone hills that are decorated  with  scrub oak and juniper cedar trees.

When my husband and I met we were both divorced and age 27, not wanting to pay attention to God.  In His amazing grace and love, he dealt with us each separately, to bring us back to His bosom.  We dated for 3 years.  Been married for 22 years!  Actually were separated with out hope of reconciliation for 9 months and God did a miraculous healing....  (Story here>>https://grandmamarymartha.blogspot.com/2017/06/juniper-berries-and-my-bible.html

I blog because I want to put more "good" in the world, it is a healthy hobby that keeps my brain in a good place, and keeps me from eating when I don't need to. 

Above is my "happy wall."  I lived in this house for 10 years, before I put it together.

I am only 30 pounds more than honeymoon weight, and it is all spread across a frame that is almost 5'11" tall.  Compared to my Daddy, I am short. Well, he's almost 7 feet tall and has sky blue eyes, an 83 year old light-up smile, and a heart as big as Texas.

Me- Texas born, Texas bred.
This is all the truth. June 2017
Above, is my wedding picture 1995.  Below is my son's wedding day, 2016.  My sister and her kids are on the left.  My kids and I are on the right.  My precious parents are in the middle.

You may read my written testimonial story of my WALK WITH CHRIST, here<
Comment and tell me about YOU!  I'd love it!  Blessings on your pilgrim path💖

May, 2019  I AM RETIRED FROM TEACHING, and started a new blog!!!!!  https://smartsyreadingteacher.com/about/


  1. Hi Tammy! I am at the library reading your blog and enjoying every minute of it. Talk to you soon. bye. BTW, we can't see your pictures.

  2. Fabulous! Do come back. Hugs and kiss on top of the head, cause I know who you are !!

  3. Hi Tammy! It's so great to make your acquaintance via the world wide web! ;)
    I'm like you- I love reading the About Page. I'm a bit nosy, and like to know the WHO behind the blog. And if they have pictures- well now, that's just the icing on the cake! :)
    I'm so glad you stopped by my blog today. You have a beautiful family and a wonderful story to tell.
    Blessings to you!

    1. So glad we found each other Rachel! I think we will be visiting a lot, and I am excited...............

  4. Hi Tammy! Nice to know more about you, thanks for sharing!! Your posts make it easy to travel around a little and so I just enjoyed a little journey that somehow got me here!! Blessings to you and your beautiful family!

  5. I am so glad you visited Shayndel! I am coming to see you soon too! Hugs, beautiful sister


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