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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Do positive Be positive

 Hurts and disappointments are universal and repetitive in this life.  In this Grandma Mary Martha blog series >>  this topic has been addressed briefly with two prior posts offering a different solution to be a part of the treatment for suffering from hurts and disappointments.

One solution offered was to PRAISE God in all circumstances >>

The next solution offered was to FOCUS on good, FOCUS on GOD >>

Lastly for this series, let's consider a plethora of ways that we can Do Positive and Be Positive:

1) Set new goals.  Work for new goals.  Clean, organize, dream, plan, execute, work for a positive change in your environment or situation of someone else's.

2) Surround yourself with positive.  Choose positive company and be positive company.  This may mean reinvesting in a previously neglected relationship, or initiating new relationships.  Seek to fill a positive need in someone's life who has a need or is lonely.

3) Passionately pursue the hobby of your choice.  Find like minded individuals and GO FOR IT.  Fitness?  Quilting?  Writing?  Building?  Painting?  Horseback riding?  Dog-training?  You dream.  You decide.  You learn, and grow.

4) Feel like you need a counselor?  Bravo for you if you follow through and have a good one.  If you are unable to get a professional counselor, you might consider reading self help books. There are some great ones out there.

DON'T FORGET God's Word preserved for humanity.  It is a priceless resource of wisdom as are the counsel of people who love Him and desire to please Him.  Connect with a church!

Take a friend out for tea and a piece of pie.  Friend listens, you talk, then you listen, friend talks.  Bet you will feel better afterwards.

I pray this blog post is useful to who needs it.  Many people struggle.  You are not alone, and there is always hope.

 Drop by again, and subscribe and share if you highly value what you see.  Be blessed in the Sonshine.

Early Reader's Bible; book recommendation

I am 54 years old, and a certified, Texas public school teacher; specialization reading.  King James Version Bible, and are usually my  staples for Bible study, but I recently discovered that I REALLY like this version also.  When I picked up this version which belongs to my daughter, I got so excited.

Making my way through some heavy books of Old Testament, I found that for fast easy reading, this version is marvelous.

I get no kick-back ($) for saying this, and I do not have any rights to this copyrighted material so if anyone  who does, fusses, then I will kindly remove this post, but I just wanted to let people know that this great resource is out there!  Would make wonderful gift for a young person, and anyone who picks it up to read!!

These little inserts are super cool !!  The one before last........suggests a home hospitality project for the young reader.

Remember when Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, or Girl Scouts was a popular pursuit, and offered young people guidance and suggestions for growth and learning projects?   This seems to do something similar, BIBLE based!

I just LOVE this book, and highly recommend it!

Thanks for visiting Grandma Mary Martha blog.  Hope you look around, and maybe come back or subscribe or share.

God bless you in the Sonshine!

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Hurts and Disappointments series; Refocus on the Bulls-eye

Hurts and disappointments, again, a universal concern it seems.  Re-occurring, ups and downs, accidental, purposeful, passive or aggressive, the roots may change, wander, ebb and flow, but still to feed the unpleasant sensation that we generally want to avoid.

For the Grandma Mary Martha series of dealing with hurts and disappointments, so far we have explored the idea of PRAISE and thanksgiving as a tool to change the tide.  Now, we will discuss the importance and significance of central focus.

Think of when you sharply focus your eyes on an object.... peripheral vision becomes dull or non existent.  Likewise when your mind concentrates on a particular point, it is magnified and other points fade.

As feeling people, especially us over thinkers, we must be aware and on guard, that we maintain proper focus.  For healthy living, this means focusing on the POSITIVE.  For Christians who seek to live for Jesus Christ, this focus should be His will, His word, His love, His grace.  All that He is, should be our central focus.

If and when, hurts and disappointments become our focus, it HURTS doesn't it?  Of course it does.  Time to re-focus!  Easy?  Not always.

What can help? 

Practical tips:

Listening to positive music.
Staying busy on positive endeavors.
Reading positive material, and spending time with positive influences in your life.
Time with animal pets, 
healthy hobbies,
creative pursuits,
physical exercise,
productive labor or projects,

Post positive quotes, Bible scripture, good brain food all around YOU.  Around your house, in your car, in your purse or wallet....

Routine "quiet time," to pray and express gratitude for your blessings, and what is RIGHT and good in your world.

Bulls-eye that you aim for, should be what is POSITIVE, good and right, and central source of light and life.  For Christians, this should be God's Word.

So keep re-focusing.
Be mindful.
Remind yourself and coach yourself to purposefully focus on the right stuff!!

Focusing on the right and wonderful, the Sonshine, will help the hurts and disappointments to fade.

Let's practice.  I remind you, and you remind me.  

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

D.I.Y. Gift Idea for Pennies: Secret Compartment Book

Yes, it's a real thing, and you can do it! 

Here is how my daughter did it.  She made this super cool, super fun gift for her intellectual, book worm friend.

Step one: choose a book.  We went to this WONDERFUL second hand book store that had shelves from floor to ceiling, every wall.  She selected a book that had outside colors and inside content that were appropriate for this friend.  Red and blue, because those were colors in his bedroom, and history because he is a history and current events buff.  The book was wonderful, and ridiculously cheap.

Then she plastic wrapped the front and back covers with fly and credit and interest pages just according to personal decision.  For her friend's book, he would open the book and flip a few pages before he discovered the SECRET COMPARTMENT.

After she plastic wrapped what she wanted to protect, she used Mod Podge glue to seal the edges together.  That was EASY !

Now the hard part was tedious, but she said she actually quite enjoyed it.  It was a project she worked on in her down time while watching T.V..  She used a ruler to mark the borders or outside edges, and a sharp exacto knife to cut away....

Lastly, she added to the personalization and aesthetics by putting special map parts in the bottom of the secret compartment, and in the inside front cover, because her friend loves maps!

Pretty cool, huh?  Thanks for letting me share.  If it inspires or encourages you to try a project on your own, I would love to hear about it!  Tell me about it in the comments.  Share, subscribe, look around while you are here.

Be blessed in the creativity, kindness, sunshine, and Sonshine, at Grandma Mary Martha blog, and  the wonderful sister sharing that happens at the Telling Hearts blog!

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Orange Ambrosia; an Old Fashioned, easy delight

My son loves this dessert, and it can be made simple and guilt free.  As pictured above, I sliced peeled oranges and layered the orange slices with sweetened coconut until bowl was about filled.  Then I garnished with cherry halves.

The oranges were not extremely juicey so I cut one in half and literally squeezed it over the top to add juice.  The juice and sweetened coconut work together to make a hearty healthy sweetness.

Some people make it with sugar sprinkled in between, but for us, the coconut adds enough sweetness.

It makes a nice side or finish to any meal. 

Thanks for visiting!  Hope you come again.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Hurts and Disappointments series: Praise God Always

As part of Grandma Mary Martha's series on dealing with hurts and disappointments, key to consider is the element of praise offerings to our Father.  Mentioned 242 times in scripture, "praise," is an attitude, declaration, or offering to express appreciation, adoration, or recognition (of attributes, accomplishments, or relationship/status.)

Our God is Most High.  Psalm 22:3 tells us that God inhabits the praises of His people!  If you want to turn a situation around (your feelings, attitude, or any situation) bring God on to the scene.  How can you do that?  Praise Him.  No mockery or rude addresses, but sincerely and humbly offer praise from your heart, and He will be with you, and you will be blessed.

One of my favorite passages about praise is 
Psalm 150
Praise ye the Lord.  Praise God in his sanctuary: praise him in the firmament of His powers.  Praise Him according to His excellent greatness.  Praise Him with the sound of the trumpet.  Praise Him with the psaltery and harp.
I am suggesting to you that for a Christian who is battling hurts and disappointments, one important consideration not to loose sight of is the power of praise.

Solicit God's presence in your life by praising Him.  Scour His Holy Word and compile your own list to recite and praise Him from, acknowledging his magnificence as revealed in scripture.  He made a man from dust, and a woman from a rib, and created us to reproduce and enjoy life.  He didn't have to create us to get our energy from DELICIOUS FOODS...  He parted the Red Sea.... He made a donkey talk... He deserves all glory and honor... Declare it to Him!!

Watch praise usher in the presence and blessing of God in your life, and perhaps transformation of your attitude and mood.  It is worth a try!

Thanks for visiting.  I hope this post was a blessing to you.  More is coming soon, addressing this need that is sometimes magnified at this Christmas season. Use this post to minister to a friend perhaps, share, comment, and certainly come back I hope!

May Sonshine be bright in your life.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Seashell Ornaments MOVIE.mp4

My daughter and I had such fun making these seashell ornaments, for a Christmas ornament gift exchange party.

Once again, we enjoyed a fun mother daughter project.  Craftie problem solving, creating, conferring, assisting, and generally "working together," to make a beautiful product.

I literally bought no supplies for this.  We had the seashells and tulle left over from wedding decorations. (My daughter-in-law is a certified scuba diver, and loves the ocean.)  Beads and jewelry wire were left over from a Christmas craftie a few years back, and the hot-glue, twine, and cardboard are standard supplies in this house.

I hope that the photos inspire you to TRY, CREATE, have fun!

We started with a WISH (to make ornaments) and then we browsed Pinterest for inspiration, and then gathered our supplies and CREATED.  I can tell you that none of the pictures that we saw were exactly like ours....   That is what is so fun...... creating, and being original.

Glory to God for the way that He built us to have these talents and abilities.  May we live to honor Him.

HOPE for Healing of Hurts and Disappointments

It is universally human to deal with hurts and disappointments.  I want to share with you, my HOPE and direction found in scripture, Holy Bible, which will be my guiding light as I seek increased peace and joy in this not always perfect life.

First of all, be assured that we are given our answer, our COMFORTER.
John 14:16 tells us, "And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that He may abode with you forever,"  and John 14:26 tells us that this, "comforter is the Holy Ghost."

With this wonderful news in your pocket, I encourage you to join me at Grandma Mary Martha, as I share some keys to increased healing, increased peace and joy, over the coming weeks.

We will examine, the significance and role of praise offerings to our Heavenly Father, discuss the important role of fellowship, involvement, and service, and MORE.  We will look at scripture that seems to encourage productive talk and communication, and find hope in that!

We will consider and discuss very practical and worldly and good helps for this cause, and lastly we will examine from a scriptural and life application perspective, the role that PRAYER should play in healing of hurts and disappointments.

There is HOPE!

Please join in the discussion and sharing here at Grandma Mary Martha, by visiting again, subscribing, and or dropping a comment below.

May the Sonshine in your path be great,

Links to the series parts:

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Raw and Real, about Blogging, 18 months into the Journey

I will be honest here.  We all have our reasons for blogging... stretching our neck out and making an extension of ourselves be very public.  It's risky, rewarding, sometimes worrisome business; of course, so is LIFE. 

I do tell more about my reasons and my early journey, here >>
but in this post, I am going to talk very bluntly about numbers and emotions specifically.

I am a nobody blogger, like most of the rest of everybody,  just a creative willing soul who decided to try, and who learned and grew.  I remember when it was a big deal if I got 36 page views in a day.... then 100 page-views a day and then finally 300 page-views in a day.  I have seen 300ish views in a month (and lower)  and I have seen 1000 views in a month, and even 3,000 views a month or two way back.

I have checked statistics daily and I have gone months with out checking statistics.  I have worked HARD to see views rise, and I have worked not at all extra, besides writing and sharing on facebook.

But all the while, as a Christian blogger, I desired to keep my Lord first.  I desired to bring glory and honor to Him, and to be used for kingdom influence.

What made the difference in my numbers?  It was not money spent on plug-ins or any buy in or opt-in to lure subscribers.  I just did not do that.  (Some would say, that my numbers show it too!) 

My highest numbers were when I was doing the most work through Christian bloggers support groups.  Daily participating in as many share and support threads as I could, and I was FAITHful.  I read and commented on more than the minimum, and I enjoyed it!!  I shared when asked, or when I really felt a connection to the writing.

I developed several new places to share my work, and others'.  Many people prefer Pinterest and other forms of social media.  I created and enjoyed administrating and promoting community in geographic or interest specific facebook groups both closed and open and public.  

Through all, I made connections and friends, real friends.  Now, here>>  >All about My Blog Journey<< I tell more about this, but I will explain, "friends" because as I revealed more of my heart and soul in my blog, I had people in my local community and church reach out to me AFTER reading my blog.  Real community and connections were born and grew.

How can you put a price on that?
How can you put a price on being there to give ONE person positive, hope, good brain food to hold on to for the day?

Let us never be so self absorbed, or distracted by the enemy, that we think it is not worth our time to WRITE, if that is what God called us to do.

Do it as your joyful offering unto Him, and then work to promote as you have time, but

then FAMILY,
COMMUNITY near-by,
MINISTRY as He opens doors,
and don't forget to love and appreciate yourself.  Remember God does.  You are precious to Him and He sees your heart, knows your heart, and appreciates your offerings and efforts to honor and glorify Him.

Raw and real, I acknowledge that this blogging, writing business can be emotional busy-ness, but I urge you to fiercely and courageously hang on to your vision.  Do not stop expressing your heart for Christ, and stepping out in faith, offering your encouragement and support to others.

If you make a difference in one life a day, or 100, it is worth the effort and the emotion.   The preciousness of our target audience, makes your work valid, not the numbers.  Remember the preciousness of this audience (souls) far exceeds diamonds.  You have a light to shine.  If this is your way to shine light, then do it with determination and courage!!

Provide  voice,  influence, shine and polish to do His work.  Be joyful in your offerings, and do not stop.

Questions or comments?  I would love to hear from you in a note below.  God bless you in your journey!

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