Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Eight Great Points to Ponder when the Writer's Well has Run Dry

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Want to write but feel the well has run dry?

First of all accept that this would be true for any/all writers occasionally.  (Dispute me on this if you would like.  I would consider your input "interesting" and maybe I would learn something!)

I speak and share humbly, because I am no expert blogger.  I am a novice, and a baby, but I do have decades of life experience living as a "writer," behind me.

My ADVICE for when the writer's well feels dry:

1) Be busy putting GOD first.  Pray.  Is there something else that maybe God wants you to accomplish in the meantime, while you wait on Him to give you inspiration?  Do you need to clean something, some room, for your family? (my life)   Is there something you could craft or create or bake, to share and cheer someone?  Doing so could lead to BLOG IDEA, because I find that interaction with my brothers and sisters often inspires a topic, and also the inspiration can come when you are in process of doing something.

2) Connect socially with others, ready to give and encourage.  For me, sometimes caring and hearing from a friend, inspires a post, as I desire to speak to something he/she/they are dealing with.

3)  Stay in God's word.  As you study and insights or enrichment comes to your heart, then TA-DA you have something wonderful to share.

4)  Dare to delve.  Is there a lesson from your past personal life, that you have not written on yet?  Think on it, in those quiet times of routine cleaning, or feeding to the Lord about it, and ask Him about it.

5) Look at the world around you.  Sometimes that can be scary, but know that God is with you.  What would He say to address some of the scariness?  What does His word say?  You can write about this, to encourage others.

6)  Is there a sensitive story that you know of, that you could turn to fiction, maybe change some details, and get the message across?  I have done this a few times, and desire to do it more.  I know that not everyone is comfortable doing this in their blog, but I have enjoyed this style.  Here is a link to my fiction category (that I just organized! *)

Here is my blogger friend from whom I learned from , or was encouraged by her work in regard to fiction writings (but that is not her only genre for sure!!)  Don't ever put my friend Edith in a box:  ><  The short story category has been inspiring and refreshing for me.

7) Looking at pictures, people watching, doing something different from your routine, taking a long drive with quiet time for contemplation, all are other scenarios that God may use to inspire a blog post.

8) Are you willing to evolve and dabble (experiment writing with different forms or genres)?  Remember, if you are honest and in-line with God's word, someone might think it's GREAT (what you wrote).  It would be against human nature that every one agree in preference or opinion, so understand GOD and you are really your main concerns.... Be ready to please God and yourself and risk....can I say.... "failure"?  

But if you please God, to me there is no failure.  Might you want to delete, or revert to draft??  Maybe.  But so what!?  This is my perspective.  Don't expect perfection from yourself.  Save that adjective for God and Jesus please.

Rest assured, if you commit it to Him, He is with you, and you will have victory according to His will.  His will.  That's what matters. Praise Him, honor Him, give Him glory while you wait.

Blessings, dear sisters who desire to be used for my Father's kingdom work.

Tammy @
Grandma Mary Martha💖

*Sincere thank you to Edith for being my friend along the way, and for sharing her writing with ME and therefore being an encouragement to me as a Christian sister, and as a WRITER.  I thank God for you Edith !!!!

Christian bloggers are invited to join my facebook group called, "Christian Bloggers Topic Talk."  It is a place where you may freely question and answer for the purpose of developing topics/content for your blogs !

Speaking for Mothers of Grown Men, here....

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Speaking for mothers of grown men, here....

(I am going to ask for forgiveness and take it down if I get in trouble for posting this picture, but I wanted to share.)

I have launched this kid.  He's flown the nest.  Even though I still have one kid at home.  
I have one kid gone.  Grown.  I had to let go.  

This is what bubbles inside of me, and makes me want to share:

Mamas it is not easy.

For me, "Baby Days"
are "Priceless Glory Days"

Enjoy them while there.
Dirty diapers, snotty noses,
Tantrums, whining,
Cuddles, fusses,
Lonely days,
Stressful nights,
Endless chores,
Messy house,
Doctor visits,

Then holding their hand,
Having their back,
Praying for them,
That nothing they'd lack,

They flap their wings,
And take a jump,

Eventually gone,

It can be that sudden,

Then you have to 
let go,

No matter that 
This child was YOUR LIFE,
That you would do anything for
To protect from strife,

Now it's done.
Your job is over,

You have to STEP BACK

Learn how to love and support,
This adult that you have raised,

And if Christian,

Extend that LOVE to whom
He chooses to have in his life,

His wife, 
And their children,
Become yours,
To love, cherish,
share with, teach, and learn from,

A mother who has gone through it 
The love that you have,
Is no less,

He's your baby,
But it's different.....

You are the mother 
of a MAN

You must let go

And take special  pride

Bask in JOY

That you have helped 
Grow a man
He is no longer your little boy

When you are tempted to grieve, 
For the loss of what was,

Make a decision to reflect on GOOD that you had, 
On HOPE and PRAISE be determined to stand.

Count the blessings 
One by one,
Say them out loud,
For what He has done. 

All you've survived,
The worries the work,
You raised him to fly,

Now watch him afar,
See him go high,
Look to Heaven above,
And THANK God for this LOVE.

He's no longer small
as he was as a boy

But is no less
Your son
Your joy

Here is a link to an article I wrote, one day that I was "struggling"  perhaps with this change.  There is a loss, and more to gain....... Perspective determines your direction:

Here is my article about being a good mother-in-law.  Goal being to accept this time in your life (grown child, empty nest)  and to embrace the blessings and opportunities that it brings:

"God, help us to be LIGHT in our families, please and thank you Lord.  AMEN"

Tammy @
Grandma Mary Martha

If you are interested in some Empty Nest support, go here and click join >>

Monday, November 27, 2017

Newsletter December 2017; Shine Brightly

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Greetings Dear Ones!

Thanks for checking me out or visiting.  Wow, what a year or even month it has been for me, personally, and with Grandma Mary Martha!

How about YOU?  Thanks for when you read!  Thanks for when you leave comments. I am always delighted to read notes from you.

 Merry Christmas !!  I truly hope that your times of gathering with loved ones are blessed by Holy Spirit in Christ, that HOPE and PEACE and JOY from Him is your strength, delight,and contentment.

For newsletter, WHERE DO I BEGIN?

There are so many things that I wish I knew how to do.

I am such a baby blog,  toddling around, pretty clueless about this blogging world.  So much technical stuff that I haven't a clue about.

Apologies to my few subscribers for when the e-mail subscription list quit being functional....I got it back and it is just a nightmare memory...Likely to be repeated.......

Technical stuff aside.

Being December Newsletter, I wanted to review some cool happenings here at the Grandma Mary Martha blog.

1)  Had fun making a few slide show videos with music using facebook tools and posted on the Grandma Mary Martha blog!  Few of you would see it because facebook makes it naturally difficult to "get your feed out there."  Guess why?  Because they want your money of course.  I'm not payin'😏

2)  IF YOU GO TO GRANDMA MARY MARTHA facebook page something else cheery is the organization of various albums with links or Bible verses.  The beautiful flower pictures, with scriptures is a place I like to visit over and over!

3)  Some recent special stuff on the blog:

It gave me great pleasure to write the two fiction stories about two different families seeking to honor God in their homes through unconventional worship services:

And then another fiction story, to share advice my mother gave me about 43 years ago.  It still sticks:

I am grateful for God's work in my life, that I could feel good about writing advice on how to be a good mother-in-law (though the wisdom is applicable in other relationships):

It was not great fun, but I addressed the very serious topic of suicide prevention, first with a post about intercessory prayer

and then by way of sharing what I learned from  health care professionals that visited my school. I share the hope that was extended for the critically depressed among us

Also in the last month I woke up one morning to find I had been nominated for a particular blog award, and I responded in kind with this FUN blog post:

An absolute TREASURE post for me was put out near Thanksgiving.  Though fiction, it is rich with fibers of true history from my family heritage:

Oh back to topic of facebook:
I shared on facebook, an important article by one of my favorite bloggers (a professional mental health therapist) and was very pleased with the response it got.  It seemed to have struck a chord with readers and honestly, I just wish more would SHARE it, to get the word out:

Then if you will be facing stressful interactions at social gatherings, maybe my posts on dealing with rudeness would be a blessing, and help you be fortified with the WORD, to well represent our LIGHT, our Lord, Jesus Christ:

Be blessed in the Sonshine dear ones.  Thanks for sharing part of the journey here with me.  I continue to blog forward with excitement about future posts, though I know not what they are.......... Thanks for joining me.
Tammy @
Grandma Mary Martha💖

My dear daughter is a teen and she still............

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   My dear daughter is a teen, and she still......
will sit in my lap and let me cuddle her if I ask.

She still will tell me all about her classes,
her hopes,
her disappointments,
her  frustrations,
Share with me, talking for HOURS,
(her words) "about everything."

Last night about 7 p.m..  I needed her.
She had been upstairs.
I was missing her.
I had been working on my blog.
I finished and called to her.
".... will you come down and sit on my lap?"

"Do I have to...?"

"Yes, you really do...."

"O.K..." and she appeared on the landing and I saw a grin on her face.

She came down, and sat in my lap.  I am 5'10" and she is a gorgeous thin 5'7".  All 5'7" of her sat across her mommy's lap and Mommy hugged her and cradled her, and smelled her hair, and told her how much she was loved.

She showed me some funny you-tube videos she has enjoyed recently.  She told me the latest news happening with her friends.

I had needed this so badly that I think we sat like that for maybe 45 minutes, talking and sharing, and then, guess what?  She was hungry.  I made a snack and we visited more.

We cracked peanuts, munched and talked more.
She asked me about my first kiss........... She was very inquisitive.  I answered everything honestly and humbly.

We laughed.
When I teased her about something she did a year and a half ago, I laughed so hard that I was doubled over and could hardly stand.

Why, how do we have this relationship, a teenage girl and her mom?  

I think because she has never doubted that I adore her.
I am her advocate.
I respect her.
I admire her.
She also knows I am honest, because I tell her the hard truths too when she needs to know, no matter how difficult.

In neither direction do we have a one-sided relationship.  I do things for her:  make her lunch to go, sometimes her breakfast, dinner, wash dishes, cheer at her sports events.....) take her shopping and of course support her financially.

She does her own laundry, and will visit with me while I do dishes, and she will sweep and mop for me when I ask, and "dump compost."  She makes super good grades in school and is involved in school activities that can develop her character. 

I build her up daily with words.
I treat her like she is special by seeking to spend time with her.
I show her that she is capable and fun by setting and accomplishing goals and crafties while having fun with her.

What seems to be important bonding time with you and YOURS??  I would enjoy your sharing in the comments.

Tammy @
Grandma Mary Martha💖
Worth Noting:

I have worked hard to have this with my daughter.  I was "teachable."  Early in my parenting, I devoured books by Christian authors like Dr.James Dobson, and Gary Chapman, and I sought to apply what I thought seemed reasonable and wise.  I would recommend those authors still today, and for advice in blog (wonderful FREE resource) I recommend you go here, and learn from

 Melissa: The parenting and marriage files will build you up in your relationship wisdom and skills.

Your relationships are worth the work, and your WORK could bless your family for GENERATIONS. 

Saturday, November 25, 2017

This pie was the Hit at my Family Gathering

I made a double batch, so my husband could take one with him when he headed out of town, and others of my family had another. 

Here is how I made this luscious pie dessert:

Melt together:
(1)  4 oz. pkg. German Chocolate
1/2 stick  BUTTER

Then add, stirring to incorporate:
14 oz. can of evaporated milk

Mix these dry ingredients together:
1 1/2 cups sugar
3  T.  cornstarch
1/2 t. salt
2 eggs

Incorporate dry and wet ingredients thoroughly, and pour into uncooked pie shell.

Top with coconut and pecans to taste:

I use about two handfulls of coconut, or 1/2 package, and 1/2 to 2/3 cup of  chopped pecans.  Just sprinkle on top!

Bake 350* until done and crust is starting to get golden.  Filling will be creamy, under rich texture of coconut and pecan.  This is how I like it!!

If you bake it at 375* you can get the filling closer to moist brownie texture, and may need to use foil to deflect browning of crust.

Setting and cooling helps it to set and firm.  My daughter and I enjoy it hot and don't care if it is runny (hot chocolate fudge...).  My husband likes it cool and well set.


ENJOY,  chocolate lovers, fellow travelers!

Tammy @
Grandma Mary Martha💖


Best Pie Crust Ever, uses Coconut Oil

PIE Crust:

3/4 cup coconut oil

2 cups white flour

1/2 cup warm water (tip a "bit" out!)

1)  Mix the coconut oil and flour with a fork until it is an even mealy consistency.

2) Add water and mix thoroughly.

This dough is so easy to work with!  If it seems dry, add a tiny bit of water.  If it seems too stiff (not likely) add a bit more flour.

We like to roll it out on a plastic mat that we may lift and flip over the pan to peel it off, pat it in the pan, and shape the edges.

We use clean scissors to cut off unsightly edges, 

And use the scraps to patch work where needed.

Fancy crimping seems to be an art.  Practice helps.

If your shell will be cooked, for the filling to be added later, you will want to poke holes in the bottom gently to prevent big bubbles.

Any oven proof bowl may be a pie pan, and crimping with a fork is always a practical option:

Small individual gift pie anyone?

Here are links to some pie posts:  
(coconut, chocolate, fresh strawberry)    (family favorite, German Chocolate)

Enjoy!!  Special thanks to my friend Lory, who taught me to make pie crusts for the first time, in my 40's !!  I adapted the recipe to use coconut oil.  

I am truly thankful to have learned from her, because now I truly love, making pies for my loved ones.

Tammy @
Grandma Mary Martha💖