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Who is Grandma Mary Martha?

Grandma Mary Martha is my blog character because I identify with her.   I am definitely grandma-ish.  Ha, 10 years ago, I spoke at a funeral and someone asked me how old my grandchild was.  It was my daughter!  Believe it or not,  I was NOT offended.  I felt only grateful... that God would have given me such an exquisite gift as my daughter, in my "advanced age."

Let me put it this way, "I was 40 years old and nursing a baby, and it wasn't easy, but to this day it is a most treasured memory."  I am grandma-ish, because I am approaching retirement.  I am grandma-ish, because I have lived enough life to learn a lot from my mistakes, and others, and have have adjusted my vision and expectations, and learned some great recipes, and ways to build up  others, and to be oober impressed with this media called internet blogging..... and..... I ...... HAVE A GRAND-BABY !!
Grand baby and daughter sharing hot chocolate moments.

Since I have always loved to write, and I can't decide if I am more Mary or more Martha (sisters who were Jesus's friends), I decided Grandma Mary Martha was a fitting pseudo persona to have fun with and spread some sunshine or Sonshine.  I absolutely want to empower and encourage women.

The computer, internet, blogging, I suppose is here to stay, in our culture.  Someone is going to be pouring facts, lies, or an influence into it.  Grandma Mary Martha will be here to bring truth, encouragement, and positivity to women who desire to build humble hospitality, positive relationships, fun, and wisdom into their lives and the generations that God brings into their realm of influence.  With Sonshine, and a shoestring budget, let's see how much fun we can have.  Thanks for visiting Grandma Mary Martha.

Here is a quick link, to MORE about Tammy, the grannie behind Grandma Mary Martha<<


  1. Wonderfully is so important to be where we are, as we are and enjoy the relish that..I had my two sons late too, in fact, the doctors were almost fighting with me to do the Trismony 23 test, which I refused, because the sole purpose you know was what. Things are harder when one is an older parent, but each day, I am really so grateful for my blessed..thank you for sharing❤

    1. Rita, I see that down below, I made a mistake to answer in a comment rather than in a reply box, so here I correct it, hoping you will be notified. Thank you for taking the time to visit, and comment, and share something about yourself. Yes we are blessed in motherhood, and our Lord! Please give your URL address where I may visit your blog?

  2. Oh Rita, thank you for reading, and taking the time to comment and share something about yourself personally. It is such a pleasure to connect with like minded Christian women! YES we are blessed, PRAISE GOD for the gift(s) of our children, though inherent to the position of mother, comes work and DEEP CARE and CONCERN. In Him is our JOY and HOPE, even for our children!

  3. Tammy this is lovely and so honestly refreshing! As both a Christian and fellow grandma I can certainly relate to your words here. I will be enjoying your blog in the future. Blessings on your blogging journey!
    Rosie Williams

    1. Thank you Rosie, for kind words and for stopping by. I hope to LEARN from comments. I realize every person has to navigate the line between pleasing self and pleasing others, but I welcome comments to consider from my sisters in Christ.

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