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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Grandma and Grandpa Moses

part 2 of 3
10 minute read (realistic fiction, based on true story, told with permission)

Grandma and Grandpa Moses lived a ways from their grandchildren, and good shopping.  They lived their life, adapting to change as necessary, working hard to raise their own children well, supporting community functions, and delighting to attend church services together regularly, and when grandchildren came along, sometimes they spread themselves thin, to support adult kids and grandkids alike.

With the young'uns involved in so many extracurricular activities, and with an expansive road between them, the extended families spent hours in their vehicles trucking this way and that way through the rural country side that they lived in,  to get to school and fields for games and affairs.

Somedays the adults felt run ragged to get each kid to his or her scheduled function, and on the weekends the kids were exhausted.  They had to get up so early to catch the school bus Monday thru Friday, and this played in to Grandma Moses thinking one beautiful crisp fall day as the grandkids visited.

Grandpa Moses was just a good aimiable fellow, so when Grandma Moses said to him, "What do you think about us having FAMILY CHURCH at our house with the kids tomorrow, so I don't have to wake them up early and rush them to get ready for church?"

Grandpa Moses replied, "I think that's a good idea.  The Bible says 'where two or more are gathered in my name, there I am', so Jesus can meet with us here just as well as he can at that church building."

When Grandma Moses told the kids they could sleep late, and she'd wake them when their sausage, bacon, and pancakes were ready, and after breakfast, they would have FAMILY HOME CHURCH, the kids  giddily squealed and went back to their Parcheesi game.  

Bedtime always came too fast when the kids were having fun at Grandma and Grandpa Moses house, but morning came even faster.  Fortunately, Grandma Moses was an early riser and by the time Maureen, Lee, Lacey and Casey were awake, they could smell the sizzling sausage and bacon, and stacks of warm hotcakes waited patiently on the stovetop.  
 The four frollicked in to the kitchen and gave Grandma a morning hug, which was as routine as handwashing at this house.  Grandpa sat at the table drinking his morning coffee.

Casey was a fast helper.  She grabbed the plates and silver ware and set the table.  Quite the little leader, she got Maureen and Lacey working together to pour the milk, and having been coached by his mom before the visit, Lee told his Grandma that he was going to wash the dishes!

When the table was set and the food was on, they bowed their heads for Grandpa to lead a thanksgiving prayer, and ask God's blessing on the breakfast feast.  During breakfast, the kids talked more about their basketball practices.  Casey made everyone laugh as she poured her syrup and told the story about how one of the balls she sent careening to the hoop, bounced and hit the referee on the nose. 

Grandma Moses saw this as an opportunity to talk about what the appropriate response is when you feel like you have been slapped in the face, bonked on the nose or hurt, whether purposely or accidentally.  The kids had good raisings, so their answers came easily and with wisdom:

"Well your not supposed to be ugly back...."

"Just BE NICE."

"If someone is being mean to me a lot, I think I should talk to them."

"Those are great answers,"  Grandma Moses said.

"It's not easy to be nice to someone who hurts you is it?" Grandma inquired.

"It's not easy for me to be nice to Grandma when she won't let me have ice-cream,"  Grandpa said.

"Oh, Sid!" Grandma exclaimed and popped him with her cloth towel, under the table.  The kids giggled.  They knew why Grandpa couldn't have ice-cream or the same pancake syrup as them either.

"Well, anyway, it's not easy for any of us to be nice to someone who hurts us or hurts our feelings, causes us trouble, but as followers of Jesus, we are instructed to..."

"That's what that TREAT OTHER PEOPLE THEY WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED verse is talking about," contributed Lacey.

Intent on his pancakes and sausage, Grandpa shook his head in agreement and satisfaction as he listened to his family.

"Well you kids know that Grandma and Grandpa usually go to church there where Bro.  Simmons preaches, but yesterday we decided that we would have FAMILY HOME CHURCH here.  We better get our plan going..."

"Who's gonna be the preacher?" Lee asked.

When you finish eating, you're each gonna take turns drawing a slip of paper from this bag.  What ever you draw, will tell what you will do.

Minutes later, tummies were full and satisfied, and it was settled.

First Lacey drew SERMON.


Casey drew SONGS / HYMNS.


As the table was cleared, and Lee and Grandpa did the dishes, there was busy discussion about how to carry out each duty.

It was 10:00.  Grandma said, "Ya'll go put on your day clothes now, and brush your hair and brush your teeth.  I'm gonna get ready, and we will meet in the living room at 10:30."

Grandpa was already dressed in his jeans and button up shirt.  He went into the living room and moved a small side table to the outside center of the seating arrangement and put a stool on top of that.  Hot Dog!!  A podium for delivery!!

Then he sat down and read his Bible while he waited.
Grandma came in next, and complimented Grandpa for his resourceful arrangement, as she grabbed the candles in the buffet drawer and lined three up on the lower level of the make-shift desk-podium and placed the lighter next to them.

When all the kids arrived, they politely sat on Grandma's comfy sofa and chairs.  

Grandpa said, "Well we're all here."  
He held his Bible and read, "Matthew 18:20; For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." 
"Jesus said it, so He is here."

All their hearts felt warm and blessed.

Maureen lit the candles.  Lacey asked if there was a reason for three, and Grandma said, "For the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit."

Lee said, "Shh."

Maureen turned around and very poised like, invited everyone to bow their heads and pray with her.  She led a lovely prayer, thanking God for their blessings, and inviting Him to be at their family home church with them, and for his will to be done through out..........

Casey played a hymn on her smart phone that was of a common chorus that they all knew and could sing along with.

Grandma read scripture of the beatitudes.

Lee read, "When God Made You," from their Children's Bible for Children's Church.

Casey  led another song singing, and Lacey stepped up to deliver the sermon.  She spoke on how Jesus taught how to pray, and Christians can pray anywhere, anytime, and God is ready to listen, and He cares.

Casey played a modern Amazing Grace, and Grandpa closed in prayer, thanking God for his family, and asking the Lord's blessing on all present, and all at the church building, and any in need, and to help them be strong for Jesus and kind to everyone in the week, even to the mean or bothersome folks.

All said, "Amen!"

Lacey said,  "Grandma, Grandpa, I want to do this again!"

Smiles from the others told Grandma that all agreed.  She knew in her heart that she has a precious memory to treasure and relish in her mind over and over in the coming weeks, when all were back in their weekly routines.

This was an unconventional church service.  Fictional, and inspired by a story that a happy grandmother shared with me.

When she shared her story, I thought, "How wonderful, that these children get to experience with their grandparents that worship and offering to God of your time and focus can happen at home, with family!  How wonderful !  These children are going to grow up and be leaders, because of the active roles they get to play at such a young age.......... How wonderful !!"

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.  

Thanks for letting me share. I feel passionately that children benefit from seeing CHURCH practices (worship, study, Bible learning, prayer, ) outside of the church as well as in.  If a child only experiences these elements inside the church building, they are being deprived or neglected spiritually by the grown-ups in their lives.  

No doubt that God can make up for lost training, with the ministering of the Holy Spirit, but never the less, children are blessed to have this wonderful WALK in the Sonshine modeled for them outside of the church as well as inside. 

Again, I am interested in your thoughts!
Tammy @
Grandma Mary Martha💙 

I hope you link to the next of the series, to read about Priscilla and Joseph<link here<, and how their kids benefited from unconventional church, rather than have none.

Since I first wrote this piece with permission of the grandmother that told me a very similar story of her family... my blogging adventure has brought another unique church opportunities through facebook: An inter-generational  women's fellowship group:
Visit and click join if you would like to be a part of our fellowship.

Thank you for visiting!


Hodge Podge of Fun Crafties from the Past

This is a post just for pure fun!  I found a way to get some old photos into my blog, so here comes the hodge podge from the past!

diaper cake.  They are loads of fun to make and to make one this big, I learned that a cool thing to start with is a big roll of paper towels in the middle!  Then just wrap layer upon layer tier upon tier until you get to the top layer.  There will likely be a little well hole at the top middle.  Have fun filling the well hole.  The theme of our baby shower was rubber duckies so............

Oh, found picture of my froggy diaper cake:

Many ideas come from pinterest these days, as did this:  Center piece (cans wrapped in paper doily and tied with twine).  Important and fun dates noted on the paper doilies, and we had a blast running all over town and on the country roads cutting wild flowers and blooms from everywhere to boast from the country vases.

Oh I love flowers!!  Here are more that we cut in town:  Oleander and crepe myrtle.  Chalk board lettering inspired from survey of pinterest.

Runners of folded fabric (not even hemmed) down the center, adorned with casual black and white copies of the couple, for this wedding shower (coach and teacher).

Mmm. Yummy!  Our first cookies and cream cake, to honor our boy's first completed semester at university.  Will link to recipe down below.

Son's birthday cake a while back.  I enjoy cutting templates out of cereal boxes, and then applying cookie crumbs or colored sugar sprinkles in the negative space.  (I think that makes sense.)
On the left is our "pull-apart"  Chewbacca cupcakes creation.  If I remember correctly, I think we used black craft foam for the black of the eyes and nose.  I think we smushed and molded marshmallows for the white eye parts and the teeth!! Great fun to make.  We just went by a picture like this.  On the right is banana bread (cake) cut, carved, arranged and covered with whipped topping, because our special friend really like it..............

I do enjoy these things to a ridiculous extent.  That is why I am Grandma Mary Martha.  Can't decide if I am more the thinker, listener, or the busy doer.  Thanks for letting me share!  Have fun with your doings and drop me a line or link if you have a creation that I could link up to share with my readers!

How we make this cookies and cream cake link >here<.

Someday I will blog our favorite banana bread recipe and link it here!

Blessings in the Sonshine ya'll !
Love from Tammy,
@ Grandma Mary Martha 💖

Friday, October 27, 2017

Fall 2017 Grandma Mary Martha Newsletter Y'all !

Hi y'all !  Beautiful happy fall ♡

I titled this "newsletter," because I have caught on that some bloggers send out "newsletters."  All this is so new to me and every step of the way, I feel like I am muttling, yet this is my preferred path as opposed to taking an official class. (That would feel like more stress?)

"I wondered what do bloggers write about in newsletters?"  and then it occurred to me that I had this little mental list that I wished my readers knew, and first newsletter!

Not sayin' I do it proper.  Not sayin' I do it right.
Just sayin' here I am, and I'm still tryin' to get better, at blogging and life.

BACKGROUND :  No one in my house hold of family, have subscribed to my blog!!  I don't know what it looks like, or when, or how exactly it comes to those who have subscribed by e-mail.

I am suspecting that when I update a post, that subscribers may miss the update?

I decided in this newsletter, to note updates and provides some links, that I don't want you to miss.

UPDATES that I don't want you to miss:

Here are some OLD POSTS that I went back and read in-front of my fancy camera and loaded onto You-tube and inserted into my blog:

My poem that I titled "Miracle of Variety," I share on video here, and share story about how this poem came to me.  >Linked here< Hope you enjoy!!

Another video that I loaded was for the poem that I wrote to honor my former 5th grade student.  She is referenced to in my blog a couple of times and I am so pleased to say that I got her approval before I publicized.  

I really felt like God helped me with this poem or inspired me, because the next day, after I had seen her for the first time in about 10 years....... I went to the park here in town, took these pictures, and the POEM for HER started to come to me immediately.  I knew God had given me something for her.... I came home and WROTE.  Then I shared it with her privately to get her approval before  I publicized it, or shared it further. I hope that you will feel the love that this poem was born from.  It is linked >here< ! Enjoy, and share, and maybe tag if this poem reminds you of someone in your life.

titled "On Grief, Death, Hope, and Comfort."

The next one that I want to share with you, or make sure you didn't miss, is my prayer poem, titled, "Dear Father as I Sit Here in This Pew,"  came to me one Sunday sitting in church when we lived in Cleveland about 19 or 20 years ago.  I am just going to load the video here, because honestly, if you want to see it.......... you have to scroll down past a lot of my other poems because I was a baby (inexperienced) blogger and did not have the foresight to load my poems individually.  I will load the video and link to the poem.  >Poem here< if you care to look.  Video below.

(Grannie in Heaven, I am thinking of you today, your Earth birthday.  I truly look forward to seeing you in Heaven.  I am grateful that you have been enjoying the glories of our Father and Savior, where love was born, .... and only love, joy, peace and goodness can be found.)

Readers, and friends, truly THANK YOU for letting me share.

I want you to know that I delight to live in hope and expectation that good things are coming for Grandma Mary Martha, meaning fun and worthwhile sharing.  This blog is a little corner of ministry to the world for me, to spread kindness, Sonshine, fun and creativity.  I expect to continue learning, and growing and I am grateful for YOU to share some of the journey with me.

If you really like something, or a poem or writing reminds you of someone else, notice there are tiny icons at the bottom of posts, where you can click and share via e-mail, facebook, google+ and more.

Hugs ya'll !
Tammy @
Grandma Mary Martha💜 

I have already thought of "news" that I know I want to share in the next NEWSLETTER post.  Bye for now, Love in Christ♡

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Sunshine and Sonshine Light to Share

Grandma Mary Martha is a blog to serve creativity, kindness, fun sharing, to spread sunshine and Sonshine.

One reader expressed question about what all that meant, so I wanted to explain a bit more, my vision and organization.

I want Grandma Mary Martha blog to be a place you can come, to feel like you have fellow shipped with a friend, and been encouraged.  Sometimes that means by sharing in a creative adventure,  cooking, or crafting.

Sometimes I will share my thoughts more deeply, where we walk or talk in the  light 
           ~ of positive thoughts and kindness (sunshine)
           ~ of scriptural wisdom (Holy Bible book of Sonshine)
           ~ of hope in the light of Jesus Christ, God's only Son
               my Sonshine

I just wanted to clarify.  

Thanks bunches and bunches for dropping in or sharing the travels with me.  If you'd like to see me address a certain topic, I'd probably be willing to try!

I wait on the ideas..........and trust that God will reveal how He would like to use me.

May you be richly blessed in His PEACE, mercy, grace and LOVE.

from Tammy @  Grandma Mary Martha 💜

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Cherished Evidence for a blogger to treasure.....

(You can go here to see complete blog post) as referenced in photo.

Christian bloggers spend time thinking, planning, creating, typing, to produce a blog post..... a blog.

Discretion is incumbent.
They absolutely can not write all that it occurs in their brain.

What they produce and then offer to the world,
They HOPE it is well received,

They have reasons,
coming from a Christian heart,
that would be to teach,
                         build up,
                        shine light.

        Sometimes, descretion
       work and love combined

        Bloggers blog, and HOPE
to make a difference in someone's mind

 Post after post they blog and pray,
     Clinging to encouragement,
                 day after day

     Thank you to those 
    who  read and share,
take time to make comments
and let us know that you care

The photo above, and words that are rare,

are by my former student ,
who was the inspiration
for the post she shared.  

I wrote it for her, and got her approval before I shared or publicized.  When she shared it recently from my facebook photo and link, she gave me SUCH JOY with her comments.

I am totally trusting God to use my blog to 
mend fences 
build bridges 
shine light 
provide comfort 
and encouragement
sometimes creativity 
and fun 

to accomplish
.......... more than I will know about, until I get to Heaven.

I am grateful for encouragement along the way, and YES, readers and listeners.

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

Be blessed,
Tammy @ Grandma Mary Martha♡


Monday, October 23, 2017

The Bad Side Tempted me, but the Good Side won

approx. 6 minute read

I almost missed church today.
I didn't feel great.
I was tired.
You know how it is some days?  Doesn't it happen to you too?

I wasn't going to go.  We have a lot to do, as usual and since I was not feeling very well (an issue that comes and goes, and that I am learning how to manage.....) and I figured we could listen to worship music all day, hear a sermon on you-tube..... I suggested to my daughter that we just not go.

Fortunately, she made a line of protest to that idea, so I switched over to the GOOD side with her encouragement, just soon enough to be an encouragement to HER when she changed her mind!

So   so   so   so..... about 50 minutes later I thought we should already be in the car, and she was not downstairs.  She was not quite ready.  I looked at the clock and started to imagine how late we were going to be.... I went to the car.... came back inside and announced, "It's no use!  We are going to be SO LATE.  I don't even want to go."  (attack of the enemy)

"Yes, we are going to go!  We won't be that late!" my daughter said.

"Oh.........OK...."  I replied in what probably could have been described in a teenage mopey voice.  (I know-  SHAME ON ME.)

Then my daughter changed her mind ...(dark side)... and I took final stand, "Yes, we are going!"

We got in the car, drove the 4 miles there and low and behold, the parking lot wasn't even that full.  We weren't too late after all !!

We went inside, did miss Sunday School, which had also been a factor in my thinking earlier, because our regular teacher was going to be out.  I know-- SHAME ON ME again.

The service was lovely.  Tracy led us in a beautiful pastor appreciation tribute, and the pastor's sermon was great as it ordinarily is.   He's been pastoring that church for 24 years!  He raised his family there.... We are a blessed congregation when he speaks.

But let me tell you, oddly enough, that the BEST part of my church attendance on this day,
was the PEOPLE, the audience, the congregation.

Now, I would like to be clear here.  In this whole congregation there were TWO people there today who I would call CLOSE friends, friends who have been to my house, friends who I would call on in the middle of the night if I needed them.

That is partly my fault.  I haven't made time.... I haven't invested much.  I moved here 11 years ago, and was busy building a house- literally, raising kids (much of the time as a single parent because of husband working out of town), where surviving was the goal.  Just trying to take care of my I am not intimately close to a lot of people locally.

But here's the thing.  I still know enough to care, and be encouraged by their presence.

I got to see a former student who makes me smile, and meet his sister.  

I got to see the sweet widow lady who is faithfully there sitting alone. (I have started sitting near her.)  

I did get to hug my one bestie who got me into the Sunday School class about five weeks ago.  

I got to introduce myself to, shake hands with, and welcome a new family who has a boy in my daughter's  class at school.  

I got to see the gentleman whom I admire because of what I know about him...... divorced, raising a daughter that he found out about maybe a few years ago........ He never misses a service.  He faithfully attends, and in the middle of the week he meets with some other adult men peers to study the Bible and build one another up. 

 I got to see the couple who (according to church folklore or gossip) determined to pray for a number of people.... many  years ago.......people who many thought would never come to know the Lord as savior, and......... now most of them are saved and some actively fellow-shipping and growing! 

I got to see the man who serves every way that he can, and is now raising his nephews after tragedy left them orphaned. 

I got to see a baby, some young families.

I got to see the father and son, who........ the dad had been attending regularly, alone, but short months ago,  a certain outreach ministry function touched his teen age son's heart.  NOW they both go!!

Oh, and a tall beautiful woman that I have spoken to before, DID COME IN LATE, and I was SO GLAD to see her.   Didn't even speak to her today, but thought to myself, "See there, Tammy, just the way you were happy to see her come in...... you should go even if late (in the future).  It's ridiculous for you to be so vain so as to think that because you are late, you should not go...."

That was the best part to me.  Seeing my fellow travelers, my joint heirs to the riches of Heaven, like me, just doing the best that they can.... showing up.  None of us perfect.  All of us trying.  

That is an encouragement to me.  It lifts my mood.  It makes me smile inside.  It somehow makes me stronger and feel more hopeful.  I am certain it is according to God's design.

I am so grateful for my daughter's encouragement when I needed it.  I am so grateful that again, I went.

I keep wanting to do it better.  I am gonna keep trying.  Thank you for sharing some of the journey with me.

I hope that you get to know some of the stories around you, and that YOU are encouraged like I am, by some one special, and also, by your fellow travelers.

May our Sonshine be bright, and our blossoms many♡

I would delight to hear from you in the comments, thoughts you had while reading this.  ...stories that you know of from your church experience that inspires you.

I wonder who looks at YOU and is inspired or encouraged?

Love, from Tammy
@ Grandma Mary Martha

Friday, October 20, 2017

Oh My Heart Smiled Big When I Saw ...

(3 minute read)
The backwards cursive G is in the middle and the tall lower case "d" is right above it.  I was checking for cars before I pulled out onto our road on the way to school, when I saw that my daughter had written with her finger on the dew covering the window, "God is Good," in innocent messy finger writing. 

When she wrote it, she didn't know how big it was going to make my heart smile.  She wasn't thinking about me when she wrote it.  She was thinking about God... and how good and faithful He is.

I am so very GRATEFUL that my daughter has an active relationship with the Heavenly Father, because there is no single more important factor to her being prepared to live life, with out me, other than knowing her Father in Heaven.

I firmly believe that people are called into the family of God first off, by the Holy Spirit.

1 Corinthians 12:3 man can say that Jesus is Lord, but by the Holy Ghost.

Romans 8:29
For whom he did forenow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren.

I also believe that our HOME and FAMILY are our first mission field.

I am FAR from perfect, always have been far from perfect, and always will be far from perfect, but what are some things that I know I have done RIGHT with my daughter to know that I played a role in her spiritual growth??

In my family, we talk about God, 
His presence,
His power,
His ideas,
His instructions,
His LOVE for all people,
His goodness,
His faithfulness,
His plan of salvation,
His plans for the future of humanity,
We talk about it all
as if it is REAL,
as if it matters,
as if it is related to everything,
as if every decision can be rooted in Him,
as if we are BLESSED because of Him,
as if HE deserves ALL GLORY and HONOR,
as if He is a personable loving Father God.

We pray together regularly 
during routines 
like often before meals,
like everyday in the car before we get out at school,

and I used to tell my kids,
"Don't forget to say your prayers before you go to sleep,"  after they grew up some, and I quit praying WITH them at night.

We went to church most Sundays, and most of their CHILDHOOD they were in a Sunday School class.  When available, they benefited from various Christian education programs for children, like Bible memory clubs and vacation Bible schools.

When my family, or any individual went through a crisis, PRAYER was a tool we used for HEALING and therapy.  Sometimes we prayed for healing and therapy TOGETHER, and sometimes I did it on my own, 
employing every scripture I could think of,
or reciting scripture I had written down.

There were times when I even went into their bedroom at night when they slept, 
and layed my hands on them individually,
and prayed,
sometimes tears falling,
as I layed it all out before my Father,
asking above all, 
for their spirit and soul to be healed,
and blessed.

I always wanted physical health for my children YES,
but spiritual, mental, emotional health, I wanted for my children no less, and there were times when that was the focus of my prayer.

God has been faithful in amazing ways.  I am a very grateful mother to see my children both active and growing in their walk with our Lord.

PSALM 119:105
Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

PSALM 16:11

Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fulness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.

Matthew 6:33

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

I hope you are encouraged, and that you will stand ready to love and share prayer and Bible wisdom lovingly with children who God brings into YOUR life !!

Not until we get to Heaven, will we possibly get to know the fruit that God brought forth from our humble loving, planting, watering, nurturing.... His will be done.

Tammy @
Grandma Mary Martha💖

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