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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Cardboard Playhouse and Kitchen

 The green at the top on the right is the green tree top, for color and charm.  Daughter painted and constructed the tree trunk which is between the main house entrance and the front kitchen wall.  That is the kitchen window, which is above the sink.  The flowers in the grass and the window boxes are loose so Sonora can "pick" them and "plant" them as she wishes.

They are made with green straws or craft sticks for stems.  Only green masking tape adheres the flower blossoms (pink tissue paper, and yellow craft foam).

The side view of the house.  This is the first side that she will see when she enters upstairs, then around the front of the house:

She likes to check the mail with her mama and papa so now she can check the mail at her cottage.  We will see to it that she has mail!

Peek inside over the flower box and through the kitchen window at Teddy Bear friend. See the card board faucet head?

Inside the kitchen.  Oven to right.  Fridge on left.  See bowl sink, and shoe-box cabinets?  She has yellow yarn spaghetti and cut up green crepe paper salad in the fridge. 

I love this hook shelf that we made out of a box, white craft sticks (for the literal hooks) paint and hot glue.

This view shows the kitchen side of the entry way- main house.  So the main house is obviously for charm and fun, but most of the play space will be outside, around, and behind its walls!

Here are some process photos.  I highly recommend this project if you have room and enjoy crafties.  Furniture stores are usually glad to pass on their boxes, to make a kid smile....... I got these for free and used what I had around the house.  

I will share they don't seem to make duck tape as strong as they used to.  It did not stick where I needed it.  Best fasteners for us on this were hot glue, and sometimes masking tape and Elmer's glue (if I could hold or fasten it in place with pressure long enough) and CRAFT STICKS for ties through holes.  

GREAT ACTIVITY for problem solving, compromising and creative accomplishment which I love to see children and families involved in.  My daughter said that Sonora is going to want to sleep in there, which brings to my mind that you can make something like this as an exciting or fun kid bed hide away. 

 I wonder if my son remembers when I literally had his mattress and box of bedside books in a camp tent in his bedroom?  Ah the good ol' days!

The blue tape was ultimately removed because it did not HOLD.  

This is my attempt to show one of our construction techniques:  a slitted piece used as a wedge.

To save paint we only primed the parts that had print of design on them.  Worked pretty good.

The grey piece is the refrigerator laying on its back, getting spray painted.

For the cabinet support, I used weird old college dormitory style storage piece on its side, there, and on the OVEN end, I used a box on its side.

Above shows the refrigerator hinge made of  those fuzzy bendy craft-sticks poked through and tied, and the below in interior view of fridge.

I hope this inspires you to do something extra special and fun.
Blessings in the Sonshine, and fun-shine, sisters !

May we build relationships, and teach love and kindness by example, word, and deed.  
@ Grandma Mary Martha

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Amazing Nutritious Energy Balls!

For the above version, I did not use heat.  I just mixed peanut butter, honey, and a little coconut butter into a smooth consistency to just sweet enough.  Then I added almond slivers, and ground flaxseed and last of all oatmeal!  They are yummy and even my daughter likes them!

For the version pictured below, I melted dark chocolate chips, honey and coconut oil and mixed it up.  Then I added the dry ingredients.  Mostly chopped walnuts (heart healthy), and coconut, and then ground flaxseed, and lastly some sunflower seeds in a few.  

These also tasted delish!  Something I love about these it that you can't really mess them up.  Great for kids to do once you get the hang of it.  

Make your ewey gooey mixture.  Not sweet enough?  Add a little more honey.  Not gooey enough?  Add more peanut butter or more melted chocolate?  Too gooey?  Got room for more nutritious nuts, grains, seeds, flaxseed.  You could even add dried fruit bits.

I am so happy to have these amazing nutritious energy balls in my life!  They help me resist the NOT HEALTHY yummy baked goods that I ate too much of over the holidays, and which I only wish to eat occasionally.

Enjoy, ya'll ♡


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