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Monday, October 29, 2018

Just Old and Treasured Photos

Blogs are a super cool way to preserve and share family photos.  I do not have all the answers and would not guarantee their security over the centuries in a blog, but I can tell you that I  consider it worth investment of time, to share some here.  

If you know me personally, and I live near enough to you, if you would like for me to help you load photos into a blog, I would.  Just ask me.

Each of these photos is worth more to me than money.  I absolutely treasure every photo above and could easily write a hundred words for each photo.  A naive  and protected child (as it should be), these photos represent very happy times for me.

In the last photo, every single garment that shows on the girls, my mother lovingly designed, from fabric to pinning and cutting pattern(s) and assembling and sewing pieces. I remember all the clothing.  My little sisters dress had blue and white thin stripes with RED FROGS scattered around it.  Oh such sweet times.  As I look at my Daddy there, myself having raised children, I know that for my Daddy it was probably the happiest time of his life.  I hope it was a happy time for my mother also.

Thank you God, for giving me this family.
Thank you Mama, Daddy, Grannie, Grandpa, Aunt Omar, for loving me and being nice to me.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

How Big is Your Daddy?

My daddy and me, around early 1965 I would guess.

My daddy with his wife, and two daughters.  I am the oldest daughter.

Above and below, my dad 70's, early 80's.  He is clowning, and I love it.  In both of these photos he is in his home, with his family, making us laugh.  He has always been a loyal, strong, and good daddy.  We all knew that he loved us, and we could depend on him.  His love for us was/is steadfast and enduring.

How big is my daddy?  Pretty darn big. 6'9" was his height most of his life.  He is 84 years wonderful right now.

Still about Daddies...  Today was another day when the enemy tried to discourage me.  I made myself go to church, and assembly with the saints, though the flesh was telling me not to.  You can fathom the mental banter inside, my head.

Today is another Sunday when I did (go to church), despite that discouraging banter, and I am so glad that I did.  

My pastor titled his sermon, "How Big is Your Daddy?" and then he proceeded in his characteristic humor and interesting dramatic delivery to direct his audience to scripture which reveals something of our identity through Christ.

He read and expounded from the following passages, and I needed exactly this:

Galatians 4:4-6
Isaiah 40:26
Luke 9:37-42
Isaiah 41:10-13
Psalm 16:8
Ephesians 2:8-15
Hebrews 7:25
Hebrews 12: 1-2

As a side note, I am going to encourage you to check out some of Brother Robert's messages, and know that in real life, his reputation as a genuine and humble God seeker precedes him in his community.  To me, that matters.  When my family and I have occasion to miss a church service, we try to catch one of Bro. Robert's You-Tube videos:

But back to the message begun above,  WOW!  I so deeply needed this.

I have come to the conclusion that each stage of life presents its own unique challenges.  I have recently had days, moments, weeks, when I felt worn down, disgusted and tired because of .... matters beyond my control and most recently, the very presence of EVIL around me, which I can not avoid and must confront, when what I would like to do is RUN AWAY, or AVOID.

I need to know who I am in Christ.  I need to focus on who I am in Christ, and WHO MY DADDY God is.  His strength, His power, His presence in my life is the only real hope that I have to continue to do what I need to do.

Can you relate?  Life is challenging, and you just get tired, but you know that you must go on, find strength, be brave and courageous....

So this is it.  This is what we, need to focus on, what Brother Robert reminded us of today:

Through Christ, we are heirs of God.  He is our "Abba Father," which translated means Daddy-God.

Your Daddy-God, if you are saved in Christ, 
has created, numbered, named, and hung, the stars in the sky, and none are missing.  He is in control!

Our Heavenly Father, Daddy-God, has not only created us, but He heals and restores when it is His Son, Jesus Christ's will.

Our Father, He does not lie.  What He says is TRUTH and He gave His word that He is available to be with us, and to give us strength and be our HELP, and he said He will uphold us with His righteous right hand.

I desire to have the determination and resolve of the Psalmist David, (Psalm 16:8) who stated:
 "I have set the Lord always before me; Because He is at my right hand I shall not be moved."

(Ephesians 2:8-15)  I am created for good works.  I am His workmanship, and through Christ, I have peace with my Father and Jesus advocates for me with Him.  I have it made with my Daddy-God, Abba-Father, by GRACE and through the reconciliation that Jesus Christ provides.

I need to keep my eyes on this.  I need to carry these scripture with me in my pocket.  When EVIL lurks near me, I need to remember these truths, and pray.

Jesus lives to make intercession for us, so I have it made! (Hebrews 7:25)

(Romans 12:1-2)  Oh God, help me to lay aside the snares and weights, and before the witnesses, may I be strong and steadfast in endurance, looking to Jesus, and what I have with my Father because of Him.

Thank you Brother Robert.  

Thank you Heavenly Father.  His will be done.

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