Seashell Ornaments MOVIE.mp4

My daughter and I had such fun making these seashell ornaments, for a Christmas ornament gift exchange party.

Once again, we enjoyed a fun mother daughter project.  Craftie problem solving, creating, conferring, assisting, and generally "working together," to make a beautiful product.

I literally bought no supplies for this.  We had the seashells and tulle left over from wedding decorations. (My daughter-in-law is a certified scuba diver, and loves the ocean.)  Beads and jewelry wire were left over from a Christmas craftie a few years back, and the hot-glue, twine, and cardboard are standard supplies in this house.

I hope that the photos inspire you to TRY, CREATE, have fun!

We started with a WISH (to make ornaments) and then we browsed Pinterest for inspiration, and then gathered our supplies and CREATED.  I can tell you that none of the pictures that we saw were exactly like ours....   That is what is so fun...... creating, and being original.

Glory to God for the way that He built us to have these talents and abilities.  May we live to honor Him.