Raw and Real, about Blogging, 18 months into the Journey

I will be honest here.  We all have our reasons for blogging... stretching our neck out and making an extension of ourselves be very public.  It's risky, rewarding, sometimes worrisome business; of course, so is LIFE. 

I do tell more about my reasons and my early journey, here >> https://grandmamarymartha.blogspot.com/search?q=Blog=journey
but in this post, I am going to talk very bluntly about numbers and emotions specifically.

I am a nobody blogger, like most of the rest of everybody,  just a creative willing soul who decided to try, and who learned and grew.  I remember when it was a big deal if I got 36 page views in a day.... then 100 page-views a day and then finally 300 page-views in a day.  I have seen 300ish views in a month (and lower)  and I have seen 1000 views in a month, and even 3,000 views a month or two way back.

I have checked statistics daily and I have gone months with out checking statistics.  I have worked HARD to see views rise, and I have worked not at all extra, besides writing and sharing on facebook.

But all the while, as a Christian blogger, I desired to keep my Lord first.  I desired to bring glory and honor to Him, and to be used for kingdom influence.

What made the difference in my numbers?  It was not money spent on plug-ins or any buy in or opt-in to lure subscribers.  I just did not do that.  (Some would say, that my numbers show it too!) 

My highest numbers were when I was doing the most work through Christian bloggers support groups.  Daily participating in as many share and support threads as I could, and I was FAITHful.  I read and commented on more than the minimum, and I enjoyed it!!  I shared when asked, or when I really felt a connection to the writing.

I developed several new places to share my work, and others'.  Many people prefer Pinterest and other forms of social media.  I created and enjoyed administrating and promoting community in geographic or interest specific facebook groups both closed and open and public.  

Through all, I made connections and friends, real friends.  Now, here>>  >All about My Blog Journey<< I tell more about this, but I will explain, "friends" because as I revealed more of my heart and soul in my blog, I had people in my local community and church reach out to me AFTER reading my blog.  Real community and connections were born and grew.

How can you put a price on that?
How can you put a price on being there to give ONE person positive, hope, good brain food to hold on to for the day?

Let us never be so self absorbed, or distracted by the enemy, that we think it is not worth our time to WRITE, if that is what God called us to do.

Do it as your joyful offering unto Him, and then work to promote as you have time, but

then FAMILY,
COMMUNITY near-by,
MINISTRY as He opens doors,
and don't forget to love and appreciate yourself.  Remember God does.  You are precious to Him and He sees your heart, knows your heart, and appreciates your offerings and efforts to honor and glorify Him.

Raw and real, I acknowledge that this blogging, writing business can be emotional busy-ness, but I urge you to fiercely and courageously hang on to your vision.  Do not stop expressing your heart for Christ, and stepping out in faith, offering your encouragement and support to others.

If you make a difference in one life a day, or 100, it is worth the effort and the emotion.   The preciousness of our target audience, makes your work valid, not the numbers.  Remember the preciousness of this audience (souls) far exceeds diamonds.  You have a light to shine.  If this is your way to shine light, then do it with determination and courage!!

Provide  voice,  influence, shine and polish to do His work.  Be joyful in your offerings, and do not stop.

Questions or comments?  I would love to hear from you in a note below.  God bless you in your journey!


  1. Yes, and Amen! I could have written something so similar. I've been counseled many times, by well-meaning folks, to dive into the world of monetization, and ads, and buy adverts on social media. I just can't do it! God told me to do this just as I am, specifically "without" buying into it financially, and that's exactly what I have to do :-)

    1. Thank you precious sister! I am so grateful for your on-going, and FUN support. You are treasured!

  2. O dank je wel. I mean: oh thank you so much. I am a Dutch blogger and I am longing to writ for Him. Sometimes I have to re--focus ( is that the right English word for it? I think you understand me). Your blog is helpful today for me. I will also read via your links. Greeting from me, your European sister en blogger in Christ. Praying together with the words of Psalm 19: " May the sayings of my mouth (my blog) and the meditations of my heart be acceptable before You, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer. In Jesus Name. Amen.

    1. I am blessed that I encouraged you. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave me a note. Yes we are sister's in Christ and I my heart smiles to have a European Christian blog sister. I will joyfully try to find your blog now......

  3. Awwww, Tammy, you've spoken for most of us. I had to shed all the constant social media activities except on Facebook and I seriously cut down on group participation. Checking the numbers is important to help us see what's working and how to reach more people but it can become a distraction and wearisome. Like you said, being a blessing to others is much more important. And focusing on growing closer to the Lord on whose behalf we are ministering to people. <3

    1. Good points Edith. Thank you for visiting. I am always blessed by you. HUGS

  4. Thanks for the encouragement, Tammy!

    1. My pleasure! We all need encouragement now and then..... love and hugs dear Telling Heart https://tellinghearts.blog

  5. I remember back 9 years ago when I started blogging, knowing that almost no one was reading my blog, but knowing that I was building an archive of really great stories of what the Lord was doing in my life. Now that I have a much larger audience, I post some of those early posts and get hundreds of views on a fluke. It's because a good piece is a good piece, and years down the line, lots of people will be inspired. Write for Jesus, and all the rest will eventually follow.

  6. Yes, I’ve been there! I’m 4 years in and have experienced all those feelings... but whenever I feel discouraged that nobody seems to be responding like I want, God tells me Not yo do it for what so can get from it. And then I remember my motivation and I am compelled to continue doing what Im doing just as an act of praise and honor to The One who gives me the inspiration and testimony to share.
    Thanks Tammy for what you’re doing... you’re a blessing!

  7. Thanks for this encouraging post, Tammy! Many blessings to you!


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