Saturday, December 15, 2018

HOPE for Healing of Hurts and Disappointments

It is universally human to deal with hurts and disappointments.  I want to share with you, my HOPE and direction found in scripture, Holy Bible, which will be my guiding light as I seek increased peace and joy in this not always perfect life.

First of all, be assured that we are given our answer, our COMFORTER.
John 14:16 tells us, "And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that He may abode with you forever,"  and John 14:26 tells us that this, "comforter is the Holy Ghost."

With this wonderful news in your pocket, I encourage you to join me at Grandma Mary Martha, as I share some keys to increased healing, increased peace and joy, over the coming weeks.

We will examine, the significance and role of praise offerings to our Heavenly Father, discuss the important role of fellowship, involvement, and service, and MORE.  We will look at scripture that seems to encourage productive talk and communication, and find hope in that!

We will consider and discuss very practical and worldly and good helps for this cause, and lastly we will examine from a scriptural and life application perspective, the role that PRAYER should play in healing of hurts and disappointments.

There is HOPE!

Please join in the discussion and sharing here at Grandma Mary Martha, by visiting again, subscribing, and or dropping a comment below.

May the Sonshine in your path be great,

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  1. Amen..praising God for the hope He give us in the comforter!

  2. Wonderful reminder to be thankful that Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to guide us, lead us and comfort us♥️

  3. Our Comforter can do amazing things when we bring our griefs and burdens to Him. Thanks for reminding us of the hope we have in Him. <3