D.I.Y. Gift Idea for Pennies: Secret Compartment Book

Yes, it's a real thing, and you can do it! 

Here is how my daughter did it.  She made this super cool, super fun gift for her intellectual, book worm friend.

Step one: choose a book.  We went to this WONDERFUL second hand book store that had shelves from floor to ceiling, every wall.  She selected a book that had outside colors and inside content that were appropriate for this friend.  Red and blue, because those were colors in his bedroom, and history because he is a history and current events buff.  The book was wonderful, and ridiculously cheap.

Then she plastic wrapped the front and back covers with fly and credit and interest pages just according to personal decision.  For her friend's book, he would open the book and flip a few pages before he discovered the SECRET COMPARTMENT.

After she plastic wrapped what she wanted to protect, she used Mod Podge glue to seal the edges together.  That was EASY !

Now the hard part was tedious, but she said she actually quite enjoyed it.  It was a project she worked on in her down time while watching T.V..  She used a ruler to mark the borders or outside edges, and a sharp exacto knife to cut away....

Lastly, she added to the personalization and aesthetics by putting special map parts in the bottom of the secret compartment, and in the inside front cover, because her friend loves maps!

Pretty cool, huh?  Thanks for letting me share.  If it inspires or encourages you to try a project on your own, I would love to hear about it!  Tell me about it in the comments.  Share, subscribe, look around while you are here.

Be blessed in the creativity, kindness, sunshine, and Sonshine, at Grandma Mary Martha blog, and  the wonderful sister sharing that happens at the Telling Hearts blog!