Monday, November 27, 2017

Newsletter December 2017; Shine Brightly

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Greetings Dear Ones!

Thanks for checking me out or visiting.  Wow, what a year or even month it has been for me, personally, and with Grandma Mary Martha!

How about YOU?  Thanks for when you read!  Thanks for when you leave comments. I am always delighted to read notes from you.

 Merry Christmas !!  I truly hope that your times of gathering with loved ones are blessed by Holy Spirit in Christ, that HOPE and PEACE and JOY from Him is your strength, delight,and contentment.

For newsletter, WHERE DO I BEGIN?

There are so many things that I wish I knew how to do.

I am such a baby blog,  toddling around, pretty clueless about this blogging world.  So much technical stuff that I haven't a clue about.

Apologies to my few subscribers for when the e-mail subscription list quit being functional....I got it back and it is just a nightmare memory...Likely to be repeated.......

Technical stuff aside.

Being December Newsletter, I wanted to review some cool happenings here at the Grandma Mary Martha blog.

1)  Had fun making a few slide show videos with music using facebook tools and posted on the Grandma Mary Martha blog!  Few of you would see it because facebook makes it naturally difficult to "get your feed out there."  Guess why?  Because they want your money of course.  I'm not payin'😏

2)  IF YOU GO TO GRANDMA MARY MARTHA facebook page something else cheery is the organization of various albums with links or Bible verses.  The beautiful flower pictures, with scriptures is a place I like to visit over and over!

3)  Some recent special stuff on the blog:

It gave me great pleasure to write the two fiction stories about two different families seeking to honor God in their homes through unconventional worship services:

And then another fiction story, to share advice my mother gave me about 43 years ago.  It still sticks:

I am grateful for God's work in my life, that I could feel good about writing advice on how to be a good mother-in-law (though the wisdom is applicable in other relationships):

It was not great fun, but I addressed the very serious topic of suicide prevention, first with a post about intercessory prayer

and then by way of sharing what I learned from  health care professionals that visited my school. I share the hope that was extended for the critically depressed among us

Also in the last month I woke up one morning to find I had been nominated for a particular blog award, and I responded in kind with this FUN blog post:

An absolute TREASURE post for me was put out near Thanksgiving.  Though fiction, it is rich with fibers of true history from my family heritage:

Oh back to topic of facebook:
I shared on facebook, an important article by one of my favorite bloggers (a professional mental health therapist) and was very pleased with the response it got.  It seemed to have struck a chord with readers and honestly, I just wish more would SHARE it, to get the word out:

Then if you will be facing stressful interactions at social gatherings, maybe my posts on dealing with rudeness would be a blessing, and help you be fortified with the WORD, to well represent our LIGHT, our Lord, Jesus Christ:

Be blessed in the Sonshine dear ones.  Thanks for sharing part of the journey here with me.  I continue to blog forward with excitement about future posts, though I know not what they are.......... Thanks for joining me.
Tammy @
Grandma Mary Martha💖


  1. Don't worry, I am a baby blogger too. Everything is so technical
    I am slowly getting the hand of things. But, when I'm tired of stressing out. I love to Stop by your blog to distress.

    1. I am honored by your words. Thank you Teliah. hugs sister