Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Speaking for Mothers of Grown Men, here....

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Speaking for mothers of grown men, here....

(I am going to ask for forgiveness and take it down if I get in trouble for posting this picture, but I wanted to share.)

I have launched this kid.  He's flown the nest.  Even though I still have one kid at home.  
I have one kid gone.  Grown.  I had to let go.  

This is what bubbles inside of me, and makes me want to share:

Mamas it is not easy.

For me, "Baby Days"
are "Priceless Glory Days"

Enjoy them while there.
Dirty diapers, snotty noses,
Tantrums, whining,
Cuddles, fusses,
Lonely days,
Stressful nights,
Endless chores,
Messy house,
Doctor visits,

Then holding their hand,
Having their back,
Praying for them,
That nothing they'd lack,

They flap their wings,
And take a jump,

Eventually gone,

It can be that sudden,

Then you have to 
let go,

No matter that 
This child was YOUR LIFE,
That you would do anything for
To protect from strife,

Now it's done.
Your job is over,

You have to STEP BACK

Learn how to love and support,
This adult that you have raised,

And if Christian,

Extend that LOVE to whom
He chooses to have in his life,

His wife, 
And their children,
Become yours,
To love, cherish,
share with, teach, and learn from,

A mother who has gone through it 
The love that you have,
Is no less,

He's your baby,
But it's different.....

You are the mother 
of a MAN

You must let go

And take special  pride

Bask in JOY

That you have helped 
Grow a man
He is no longer your little boy

When you are tempted to grieve, 
For the loss of what was,

Make a decision to reflect on GOOD that you had, 
On HOPE and PRAISE be determined to stand.

Count the blessings 
One by one,
Say them out loud,
For what He has done. 

All you've survived,
The worries the work,
You raised him to fly,

Now watch him afar,
See him go high,
Look to Heaven above,
And THANK God for this LOVE.

He's no longer small
as he was as a boy

But is no less
Your son
Your joy

Here is a link to an article I wrote, one day that I was "struggling"  perhaps with this change.  There is a loss, and more to gain....... Perspective determines your direction:

Here is my article about being a good mother-in-law.  Goal being to accept this time in your life (grown child, empty nest)  and to embrace the blessings and opportunities that it brings:

"God, help us to be LIGHT in our families, please and thank you Lord.  AMEN"

Tammy @
Grandma Mary Martha

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  1. What beautiful piece. I'm sure it'll encourage all those in a similar season x

  2. Awww! Tammy, this is so beautiful! That advice to treasure the kids' growing up days while they last will surely encourage many a young mother. xoxo