25 positives about my husband, 25 years in

In celebration of 25 years of "love and learning," and 22 years of marriage, I decided to make a post about 25 things I love about my husband.  This could be memories, or characteristics, or strengths............and just for education and clarification, lest anyone wonder,  I could probably list an equal number of regrets or bad memories, but that does us no good and would not be following scripture.  I wanted the young women to know this truth or fact.  So much of life is determined by our perspective and our courage, where we put our faith and hope.  Here, I simply celebrate the blessings that my husband has brought to my life, there by following one of my favorite scriptures which exhorts us to focus on the positive (Philippians 4:8).

Open Gratitude to my husband, 25 years in to our love and learning relationship  (as life is a journey of living, loving, and learning):

1)  When we met, you were simple and good.  You did not try to impress me or woo me with words.  You were yourself..... SIMPLE and GOOD.

2)  When we dated you would not even take a sip of alcohol.  You made no big deal about it.  You just were not interested.  I am grateful that I have never had to compete with alcohol in our life together.

3)  I will always treasure my memories of our bicycle rides, and walks or hikes that we did in those dating years.

4)  I enjoyed meeting your family those many years ago, and seeing how your little sisters loved you, and your mother and step-father had only nice respectful things to say about you.  Your step-father always said, "He never gave us a bit of trouble."

5)  You have been level headed, always helping me keep things in balanced perspective.

6)  I always admired the way you did your best in the technical classes that were offered to you through the Air Force.

7)  When I toured one of the military bases and saw the men "standing in formation," and you explained the procedure and expectations, I grew in appreciation and respect for anyone who serves in our military.  Thank you for helping to educate me.

8) Thank you for serving in the military reserves pre-marriage and post-marriage.

9)  Thank you for all the extra burden of housework that you took on when I was sick with pregnancy symptoms.

10)  Thank you for not begrudging me making our pre-mature baby boy my top priority..........and me staying in my night-clothes all day somehow, and getting very little house work done.

11)  Thank you for almost ALWAYS going to church with me.

12)  Thank you that you joined me in effort to build up and encourage the two other children that we loved along the way, when our son was small.

13)  Thank you for always being ready to go for a bicycle ride or walk with me, and for agreeing to take dance lessons with me someday.

14)  Thank you for all the times you played with our son or daughter or tried to plan fun special time for them.

15)  Thank you for mowing the big pasture for us countless hours, to make our first home be something that our son remembers so fondly.

16) What a blessing that if/when you ever brought a friend or acquaintance home from your work, I approved, or LIKED the guy(s).

17)  It is pretty amazing how you homesteaded on the property that we live on now, sometimes sleeping in your truck or a tent, and using the neighbors bathroom.... while I tried to close up and sell our first home.

18) Thank you for all the work you did on our house here, especially the foundation work, and electrical work (which I did no part of).

19)  It is unbelievable (almost) and amazing to me, that we together, framed and installed 24 windows in our house, and ply-wooded the exterior together............ 

20)  Thank you for all the traveling vacations you were happy to plan and bring your family on, because with out you, I would probably just STAY at HOME always....

21)  Thank you that when you have a fantastic job, you are very generous with your family, and that you managed your income well, and profited our family with wise investment.

22)  Thank you  for your faithfulness towards myself and our children, even during our 9 month separation.

23)  It is such a great pleasure to see you now with our grown son, and to see how you love his wife and daughter as well.  I love being a grand-parent with you!!

24)  Thank you that it is a high priority between us, to get our son through university.........and then our daughter.

25)  Attending our daughter's sports events is so much more FUN for me to do with you by my side, and I am so blessed that you are the dad that likes to "go and do" with our active outgoing daughter !!

*********************************************************************WOW !!  

I easily could do more positives.  Thank you God !!

But readers, young women especially, I can not emphasize enough............. there has been BAD also, 
quite horrible,
yucky stuff.

But my awesome God has healed, and provided grace, mercy, and blessings.

I just want you to know..............this is life.  The good and the bad, and I am here married to the same man for 22 years, loving him for 25, by amazing grace, and no boasting.  I am just grateful.

What will you focus on?

Where will you live?

Whose word will have the last say in your life??

By the Holy Spirit in me, and the strength and wisdom He gives, I choose



His HOLY WORD, and constant dependence on Him, over and over, everyday.

summer 2017, 
Thank you sweet daughter for taking the pictures.  Thank you brother for being silly in the background.  I love you all, so very much.
Grandma Mary Martha


  1. This is beautiful to focus on the positives and you look awesome, beautiful!!!

  2. Hello Tammy. Your blog is always a joy to read. I have nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award and I have mentioned you in my newest blog post here: http://www.nuggetsfromtheheart.com/three-cord-strands-blogger-recognition-award/
    Thank you for being such an inspiration to so many, myself included. Oh and Happy Anniversary!

  3. I am HONORED, and pray to be used for GOOD. I am grateful for encouragement the Lord sends, like from you. Thank you Rosie from deep in my heart.

  4. This is one of my favorite posts from you Tammy.
    First, I'd like to say that both of you are gorgeous looking couple.
    Second, you have allowed God to demonstrate His sovereignty over your marriage.
    Third, you reminded me to continually pray for my marriage and husband. That we are as vulnerable like everybody else.
    Lastly, thank thank you so much for a humbling moment like this. I realized that I failed to recognized the goodness in my husband whenever possible.
    If every married couples would make a habit of list down only the good, noble, admirable character of their spouses, there will be no division in every homes.

  5. This is so sweet, Tammy! Wish you and your husband many happy years together.

    1. Thank you Edith, for visiting, and being my friend. We are a blessed and grateful people, who know from whom all good gifts come.


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