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Friday, October 27, 2017

Fall 2017 Grandma Mary Martha Newsletter Y'all !

Hi y'all !  Beautiful happy fall ♡

I titled this "newsletter," because I have caught on that some bloggers send out "newsletters."  All this is so new to me and every step of the way, I feel like I am muttling, yet this is my preferred path as opposed to taking an official class. (That would feel like more stress?)

"I wondered what do bloggers write about in newsletters?"  and then it occurred to me that I had this little mental list that I wished my readers knew, and first newsletter!

Not sayin' I do it proper.  Not sayin' I do it right.
Just sayin' here I am, and I'm still tryin' to get better, at blogging and life.

BACKGROUND :  No one in my house hold of family, have subscribed to my blog!!  I don't know what it looks like, or when, or how exactly it comes to those who have subscribed by e-mail.

I am suspecting that when I update a post, that subscribers may miss the update?

I decided in this newsletter, to note updates and provides some links, that I don't want you to miss.

UPDATES that I don't want you to miss:

Here are some OLD POSTS that I went back and read in-front of my fancy camera and loaded onto You-tube and inserted into my blog:

My poem that I titled "Miracle of Variety," I share on video here, and share story about how this poem came to me.  >Linked here< Hope you enjoy!!

Another video that I loaded was for the poem that I wrote to honor my former 5th grade student.  She is referenced to in my blog a couple of times and I am so pleased to say that I got her approval before I publicized.  

I really felt like God helped me with this poem or inspired me, because the next day, after I had seen her for the first time in about 10 years....... I went to the park here in town, took these pictures, and the POEM for HER started to come to me immediately.  I knew God had given me something for her.... I came home and WROTE.  Then I shared it with her privately to get her approval before  I publicized it, or shared it further. I hope that you will feel the love that this poem was born from.  It is linked >here< ! Enjoy, and share, and maybe tag if this poem reminds you of someone in your life.

titled "On Grief, Death, Hope, and Comfort."

The next one that I want to share with you, or make sure you didn't miss, is my prayer poem, titled, "Dear Father as I Sit Here in This Pew,"  came to me one Sunday sitting in church when we lived in Cleveland about 19 or 20 years ago.  I am just going to load the video here, because honestly, if you want to see it.......... you have to scroll down past a lot of my other poems because I was a baby (inexperienced) blogger and did not have the foresight to load my poems individually.  I will load the video and link to the poem.  >Poem here< if you care to look.  Video below.

(Grannie in Heaven, I am thinking of you today, your Earth birthday.  I truly look forward to seeing you in Heaven.  I am grateful that you have been enjoying the glories of our Father and Savior, where love was born, .... and only love, joy, peace and goodness can be found.)

Readers, and friends, truly THANK YOU for letting me share.

I want you to know that I delight to live in hope and expectation that good things are coming for Grandma Mary Martha, meaning fun and worthwhile sharing.  This blog is a little corner of ministry to the world for me, to spread kindness, Sonshine, fun and creativity.  I expect to continue learning, and growing and I am grateful for YOU to share some of the journey with me.

If you really like something, or a poem or writing reminds you of someone else, notice there are tiny icons at the bottom of posts, where you can click and share via e-mail, facebook, google+ and more.

Hugs ya'll !
Tammy @
Grandma Mary MarthašŸ’œ 

I have already thought of "news" that I know I want to share in the next NEWSLETTER post.  Bye for now, Love in Christ♡


  1. What a wonderful collection of expressions of your walk with God!

    1. Thank you for visiting, Susan, and saying something nice!

  2. I love you video! Amen to that prayer.

    1. Thank you for visiting Ariella, and sharing in my fun.

  3. It's always a blessing to read your writing and listen to you. Keep up the good work and stay blessed. (Just created a board to provide comfort to those who have lost loved ones today. Pinning this there.)

    1. Edith, I am so blessed by your support and kind comments!

  4. I agree it's more fun to learn how to blog by figuring it out rather than taking a boring class. I've blogged for 15 years with more than 5 blogs currently but I learned it all myself by trial and error, learning from what others do and reading some posts on blogging. Keep it up!

    1. Super cool, that you have learned so much, and been involved in blogging for so many years Kathleen!!! Glad you dropped by here and left a note of kindness!

  5. I love your heart Tammy! It's also just a joy to read your love for our Lord and inspiring others to do the same! God bless!

    1. Thank you Melissa! You know I love you for your ministry for children!

  6. That was so beautiful, I love your poem from the Pew, yes Father, help us to keep our eyes on You!

    Inspired by your newsletter too!

    1. Thank you Shayndel, for kind words of support! Blessings in Christ, Yeshua. Shalom


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