Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Hodge Podge of Fun Crafties from the Past

This is a post just for pure fun!  I found a way to get some old photos into my blog, so here comes the hodge podge from the past!

diaper cake.  They are loads of fun to make and to make one this big, I learned that a cool thing to start with is a big roll of paper towels in the middle!  Then just wrap layer upon layer tier upon tier until you get to the top layer.  There will likely be a little well hole at the top middle.  Have fun filling the well hole.  The theme of our baby shower was rubber duckies so............

Oh, found picture of my froggy diaper cake:

Many ideas come from pinterest these days, as did this:  Center piece (cans wrapped in paper doily and tied with twine).  Important and fun dates noted on the paper doilies, and we had a blast running all over town and on the country roads cutting wild flowers and blooms from everywhere to boast from the country vases.

Oh I love flowers!!  Here are more that we cut in town:  Oleander and crepe myrtle.  Chalk board lettering inspired from survey of pinterest.

Runners of folded fabric (not even hemmed) down the center, adorned with casual black and white copies of the couple, for this wedding shower (coach and teacher).

Mmm. Yummy!  Our first cookies and cream cake, to honor our boy's first completed semester at university.  Will link to recipe down below.

Son's birthday cake a while back.  I enjoy cutting templates out of cereal boxes, and then applying cookie crumbs or colored sugar sprinkles in the negative space.  (I think that makes sense.)
On the left is our "pull-apart"  Chewbacca cupcakes creation.  If I remember correctly, I think we used black craft foam for the black of the eyes and nose.  I think we smushed and molded marshmallows for the white eye parts and the teeth!! Great fun to make.  We just went by a picture like this.  On the right is banana bread (cake) cut, carved, arranged and covered with whipped topping, because our special friend really like it..............

I do enjoy these things to a ridiculous extent.  That is why I am Grandma Mary Martha.  Can't decide if I am more the thinker, listener, or the busy doer.  Thanks for letting me share!  Have fun with your doings and drop me a line or link if you have a creation that I could link up to share with my readers!

How we make this cookies and cream cake link >here<.

Someday I will blog our favorite banana bread recipe and link it here!

Blessings in the Sonshine ya'll !
Love from Tammy,
@ Grandma Mary Martha 💖


  1. These are very beautiful! It does say up there that your blog serves creativity. This post is a good example of that. I'm thankful we can digitize our old pix because of the advancements in technology. They do come in handy sometimes. Have a great day, Tammy, and abundant blessings on you and your family in Jesus' name.

    1. Thank you Edith! When you drop by and comment, I feel warm like a sweet dear friend has stopped by to visit me. You and yours be abundantly blessed as well dear sister.