Just Old and Treasured Photos

Blogs are a super cool way to preserve and share family photos.  I do not have all the answers and would not guarantee their security over the centuries in a blog, but I can tell you that I  consider it worth investment of time, to share some here.  

If you know me personally, and I live near enough to you, if you would like for me to help you load photos into a blog, I would.  Just ask me.

Each of these photos is worth more to me than money.  I absolutely treasure every photo above and could easily write a hundred words for each photo.  A naive  and protected child (as it should be), these photos represent very happy times for me.

In the last photo, every single garment that shows on the girls, my mother lovingly designed, from fabric to pinning and cutting pattern(s) and assembling and sewing pieces. I remember all the clothing.  My little sisters dress had blue and white thin stripes with RED FROGS scattered around it.  Oh such sweet times.  As I look at my Daddy there, myself having raised children, I know that for my Daddy it was probably the happiest time of his life.  I hope it was a happy time for my mother also.

Thank you God, for giving me this family.
Thank you Mama, Daddy, Grannie, Grandpa, Aunt Omar, for loving me and being nice to me.