Amazing Nutritious Energy Balls!

For the above version, I did not use heat.  I just mixed peanut butter, honey, and a little coconut butter into a smooth consistency to just sweet enough.  Then I added almond slivers, and ground flaxseed and last of all oatmeal!  They are yummy and even my daughter likes them!

For the version pictured below, I melted dark chocolate chips, honey and coconut oil and mixed it up.  Then I added the dry ingredients.  Mostly chopped walnuts (heart healthy), and coconut, and then ground flaxseed, and lastly some sunflower seeds in a few.  

These also tasted delish!  Something I love about these it that you can't really mess them up.  Great for kids to do once you get the hang of it.  

Make your ewey gooey mixture.  Not sweet enough?  Add a little more honey.  Not gooey enough?  Add more peanut butter or more melted chocolate?  Too gooey?  Got room for more nutritious nuts, grains, seeds, flaxseed.  You could even add dried fruit bits.

I am so happy to have these amazing nutritious energy balls in my life!  They help me resist the NOT HEALTHY yummy baked goods that I ate too much of over the holidays, and which I only wish to eat occasionally.

Enjoy, ya'll ♡



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