Monday, February 5, 2018

Newsletter; February 2018

It's  early February!!  Looking back, what was the coolest thing about blogging in January for me?

The surprises!

So many wonderful unexpected surprises.... Like a month before, I had no clue what was coming, and then.......plans evolved.  The groups and posts evolved.

My social media mission became clearer.

I had a blast kicking off my Blog Party series, featuring first guest of honor Cynthia Cano!

Then following vision, on a whim I created Titus Women's Club based on scripture from Titus exhorting women to edify one another and live honorably.  It is a safe place where friends are made, women are loved across generational lines.

Finally, my daughter and I finished my grand-daughter's playhouse:

And in between, I wrote a few posts focusing on looking at the bright-side, or cheering up despite challenges:

And these yummy energy balls are fun, and make me smile:

Thank you for sharing some of the journey with me.  If you're interested in joining any of the mentioned facebook groups, just go there, and click on the "join" button under the cover photo.  Blessings in the Sonshine dear ones.

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January newsletter: 

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  1. Tammy I love your passion for God and your desire to help other people connect, share and glorify God! You are a blessing to so many of us!