Thursday, January 4, 2018

Blog Party: Meet Cynthia Cano

January     2018

Read on, to taste and feel OUR HOPE.
Please allow us to share.
Meet Cynthia Cano ♡ 
 Isn't her hair adorable?  Her hair plus a comment that I read in her blog, made me curious about her heritage so I inquired.  She is Puerto Rican by descent but was born and raised in Hartford, CT..  

She said that Spanish was her first language but she actually had mostly forgotten her Spanish language by the time she was 11 or 12.  Hungry for God's Word, she actually gained much of her Spanish back by reading a Bible in Spanish language- at that tender age!  My heart melted...... to imagine a little girl.... already on her close journey with God.

Now, she's a woman, still following after God.

 She represents wisdom and hope of one who has been through the hard times with her husband, and like me, her marriage survived, and became revived and stronger, AFTER a separation!

Here is her story about God healing her

Here is my story about God healing MY marriage 7 years ago:

It's all about celebrating, and giving God glory for the great things He has done, and living in gratitude now, that both of our marriages have survived hopelessness and separation, and have come out stronger.  She testified to me that after marital RECONCILIATION, both she and her husband have been "better at forgiving, and communication."  

I thought, "Yea, me too.  Forgiveness.  My husband and I got better at forgiveness!  We got better at forgiveness, and mercy, and grace.  We are kinder to one another now...."

We both want you to know that with God, THERE IS HOPE !

Another really cool thing about Cynthia is that having always been a self described bookworm, now she tries to build up and encourage the women around her through her book-club, where a book is selected from slips of paper out of a hat or bowl (I can't remember) and then the women read, meet and discuss at book-club meetings twice a month but now she is extending this to us in a facebook book-club.  How cool is that?!!   I love this idea!!  You can read her blog post about bookclub, here >

Having blogged personally since high-school, Cynthia has worked in Tumblr and a few other blogging sites, and now she is settled with Blogspot.  She shared with me, "I have always enjoyed writing, so when I started blogging for God, I felt like I finally FOUND MY THING."

Her vision for her blog is that it is a "faith driven lifestyle blog that aspires to promote the goodness of God and to encourage people to love Him as He loves the church."

I'm glad you found your thing, Cynthia, and I'm glad I found YOU ! 

I think my readers would enjoy visiting  over at "Where Faith Met Me." 

Here is link to sign up for her newletter:

Wife, mother,
Reader, leader,
Writer, blogger, 
Poet, and more,
Dog lover, friend,

Cynthia Cano
is a sweet sweet lady
Whose gonna serve our Lord
Through Christ, with no end

Here are some social media links for you to connect with her:

Thanks for joining me for my BLOG PARTY with Cynthia.  Hope we get to visit again soon.  Warm travels in the Sonshine, sisters,

Tammy @
Grandma Mary Marthađź’™


  1. Here story is awesome, I love this post.

  2. Nice to meet Cynthia, Praise God for all the reconciliation and for her!! And for you, who shares your heart of love and stories of inspiring sisters!!
    Happy New Year to you Tammy and to Cynthia! ♡
    PS can I add prayer request for the New Year, I am praying for reconciliation in a similar matter, and believing in miracles this year, encouraged and inspired by your testimonies!!

    1. Shayndel, thank you for blessing us to know that you were encouraged by our witness. We will pray for your situation.

    2. Hi Shayndel! We will keep you and your situation in our prayers. God is a God of wonders and he can do what seems impossible to us, possible! Don't lose hope in God. Blessings ❤