Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy 2018 !! Newsletter Post

Happy New Year!
Thanks for visiting me here♡  I hope you have had wonderful time with family, and our Lord, in recent weeks! I have.

As my Grandma Mary Martha blog  was birthed publicly just 7 months ago, and has evolved, one tradition I have grown to look forward to, is sharing favorite posts in a monthly round-up, and clue-ing you in to blog news, or the inside scoop!

So here we go.

Something fun I have enjoyed learning in the last few weeks is making free and simple graphics from  !!

You will now see some simple graphics, and text dropped on pictures.  Canva has paid programs that no doubt yield more fabulous graphics, but I am very happy with this FREE option for now.

I have had some wonderful opportunities to collaborate with other bloggers on projects, and hopefully you will see the fruits of our labors in weeks and months to come all for the purpose of getting GOOD NEWs, fun, sunshine, and Sonshine to you.

And I had a SPECIAL SURPRISE..... that  I am hoping to be able to share with YOU.  If I get permission to share, I have no doubt you will rejoice with me..........

Favorite posts?  How to choose?  I can honestly say that when my writing is not fresh on my mind, I LIKE to go back to months and weeks prior, to visit.  Grandma Mary Martha is a place that I like to visit.

In the last month, here are some favorites.

Unexpectedly, one morning, I decided to label a category, "Marvelous Moments in His Word."  As the name would imply, scripture is the focus.  Occasionally a poem is for embellishment.

This post featured LOVE scriptures and the beautiful piece of LOVE art that my daughter made with scrolled paper:

This post is about Jesus the shepherd, savior, judge:

This one is about HOPE when HURTING:

Here, be reminded that God has it under control:

Inspiration was sweet when I paid tribute to a good man from our past, who was just "doing his part," and impacted my family big-time.  This post is about the importance of enduring in the race, because we live in a mission field and YOU could be someone's encouragement:

3 that demonstrate SONSHINE in the struggle:

 ☆continue Marvelous Moments in His Word
 ☆sharing poems and scripture links as they come
 ☆creative crafties or cooking occassionally; I seldom  know when...
 ☆ more ROUND-UPs to link you to wonderful blogs on specific topics !  (plans that make me smile)
 ☆BLOG CELEBRATION series with Guests of Honor, will be launched soon and added to periodically !!!  I do this, to share the blog blessings!  There is some FABULOUS stuff out there!  ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

Thank you for dropping by💮 I hope I get to share more with you in the future ♡

May your 2018 be richly blessed with  Sonshine and all good things from our amazing God ♡

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  1. Happy New Year! I look forward to seeing your growth as we go into this year. Wow, 7 months of blogging that is so awesome.