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Sunday, January 21, 2018

My Social Media Mission

First to answer who am I and what do I think I am doing?  I invite you to follow these links to read more.    >>Here is my blog ABOUT ME PAGE .   If your curiosity is not satisfied enough or you wish to ask me a question or make a connection, I would be happy to chat with you.

To my local community, I share a dream.  On our Utopia Area Christian page in facebook, I dream of every area church being represented and having a voice.  I want all the fellowship, ministry, learning and growth opportunities that are happening in our area, to be announced, talked about, boasted about.  I want visitors and onlookers to be encouraged and to know that God is at work here, and there are ways to connect, learn, grow and serve.

Eventually I hope to interview, research, and SHARE an informative article about each church, each Christian ministry, that calls our area home.  I may not get this accomplished until summer-time, but it is my goal.  In the meantime, I am happy to see the area Christian community posting a bit for Christ and conversing on our Utopia Area Christian page.

If you are READY for me to interview, research, and write to tell about YOUR church, YOUR ministry for Christ, then let me know.  We will make it happen sooner rather than later.

To the community at large, here and there, near and far, (BLOG SISTERS)  I will share 5 special facebook opportunities that you may care to participate in:

 Here is a closed (private) support/encouragement group to help women be their best self.  Follow the link and request to join if you would like to walk this journey  for proper self care with us:

Here is a closed and private group dedicated to building up women to help them grow graciously and joyfully into their new roles to encourage and lift up family when the NEST is empty (kids are grown).

This amazing OPEN GROUP is somewhat of a social media experiment:  Anyone can view it !!!  At this place, amazing women from around the United States, and world, post links to their informative and inspirational writings on a variety of topics, including but not limited to PARENTING, FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS,  Bible Study, MINISTRY and on and on.  You are invited to take a peek and refer friends and family to check out the

Caring for Children and Families is a public group for the purpose of building strong families, and equipping parents and mentors to grow strong and wise children.  It is public, so easily viewed, and shared, but contributors and administration are available for private chat or sharing.

Titus Women's Club is inter-generational closed group for building relationships, edifying in Christ.  Fun, growth, friendship is the goal! 

Now, the above are groups that I administrate.  

Local readers, I would be glad to meet with anyone to share what I have learned, to help you blog for Christ, or use social media to minister for Jesus Christ.

I work at a school, and watching the young people, makes me only more passionate about representing Christ in social media.  There are children who use their internet connected devices as their FRIEND, or in place of friends.  Bad stuff is going to be there (on the internet) ......... I want to put out GOOD stuff.  His LIGHT shine in social media.  His will be done in our hearts, our lives, and in the world, as in Heaven.

Feel free to private message me or leave a comment, if you'd like to speak to me in regards to my message or my mission.

Tammy Dunlap
 from  the Grandma Mary Martha blog


  1. It looks like your going to so busy. I love seeing others BUSY spreading the word of Jesus

  2. I love to hear stories of sister's who are passionate about spreading the word of God. Bless you for your heart Tammy!!

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