Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Specifically to Mothers of Little Boys

Oh, how blessed you are, that God gave you a son !!

I always imagined being a mother. I always imagined having DAUGHTERS, but God gave me a baby boy FIRST. 

 When I was pregnant with my son, my frugal mother pulls out of her attic, two storage barrels of "baby clothes," put away for just such a time as this......... a time to pass on to another generation, "baby clothes," to be used again.  There were many cute outfits that my sister and I had worn, and some that my boy cousin Dean had worn.  Can you blame me for not being excited when a pair of shorts and striped shirt were handed my way and the pretty little dresses were set in a stack away from me?

The clothes do not compare.  Everyone knows little girl dresses are much funner than little boy clothes.

So my family became concerned that I was not having a good or right attitude about the baby boy that was on it's way.  I confided to them, "Well I feel like I know how to raise little girls.  I don't feel like I know how to raise little boys."

My daddy said the wisest, sweetest, most profound thing.  He said, "Little boys need  JUST  AS  MUCH  LOVE  AS  LITTLE  GIRLS."

That fixed it!!  I knew he was right.  I knew I could do that.  Then I heard my wonderful calling and my heart signed up. 

 "The world needs more men, raised up for the Lord."
 This was my mission.

Let me assure you while little boy clothes may not compare to little girl clothes, the love to share is exceeded by none, I am convinced. I enjoyed a love so rich and wonderful.  (OH have to link to more poems written for my son now)

Truly a son is a divine gift from God, and the calling to be his mother is a divine calling.  This brings me to the hard part.  

Oh, there will be times when raising a son, when you are at a loss of what to do, or how to handle the situation in God's will, and this is when your good counselors are to be used* along with prayer*, and consultation of scripture* always, but beyond that.......... when he is grown, comes the other challenge for you as mommy..........not the fun part:  

You must let go.

Physically you let go.  
You let him move. 
 He lives independently. 

He has friends who fill his life, where you once did. 

 He chooses a woman to be his mate.  
You observe that all the affection that he once had for you, all of the closeness you once shared, 
It is there,
But mostly it is shared with his lover, his wife.

You were his primary caretaker and lover of his soul when he was a baby,
                         a little boy,
                                 an adolescent,
                                         a young man,

NOW what you shared with him,
                     is transferred and lived, 
                                             shared with another.

You taught him how, as a Godly mother.

And it is RIGHT and it is GOOD.

When you see 
                     that wonderful, 
                                                      beautiful love,
Be shared with another woman,

It is a blessing to observe and behold.

It is as if that by your Father God, 
a very special message,
You are being told:

"Good job daughter!  You taught him how to love.  You heard your calling from Me.  You did well.  You raised a good man.  Now he  is set to lead for Me.  Thank you for accepting the challenge,  loving him with no reservation and trying to apply My WORD.  Your diligence has paid off.   When you see your son loving his wife, rejoice in that.  It is as it should be.  She has your son, and you ♡♡♡still  have ME♡♡♡."

But mothers, it does not stop there.  The habits and boundaries change.  The LOVE looks different outwardly, but the LOVE connection is the same.

Instead of kisses and hugs, it is expressed in prayer.

Instead of time spent with him alone,
it is spent in anticipation and preparation, of visits with him
and his lovely family,
and THEY (his wife and children) expand your heart and your home and your mission.  God has brought you more to love, to enjoy, and share this journey with.

Rejoice in this change, and continue to seek guidance from Him.

💕Thank you God for the privilege of raising a son.💕

Proverbs 11:14
   ...in the multitude of counselors, there is safety.

1st Thessalonians 5:17
       Pray with out ceasing.

2 Timothy 3:16
        All scripture is inspired by God, and is profitable for doctrine...for correction, for instruction in righteousness

Ephesians 5:31
        For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.

Love, Tammy at Grandma Mary Martha💖


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    1. Aw... come back, Mom from Building Up Moms !!

  2. Boys are different. Grateful that I got to raise both genders and plenty, plenty of personalities amongst them all! Lol! Serene.

    1. You are a blessed mother indeed! The topic of different personalities is an interesting one......... I am sure you have your hands and heart, FULL.

  3. His wife (and God willing his children) certainly does expand the love in my heart!
    And now a days little boy clothes are cute, too! lol Hugs, Lori

    1. Yes.... You know, I even grew to enjoy the striped shirts, solid or plaid shorts, little hiking shoes or boots...... Plenty of good memories to treasure. Thanks for visiting! Hugs right back Lori <3

  4. I love my baby boy to death! I know I will have a hard time letting him be more independent as he gets older, but I'm willing to take the challenge! Thanks for posting!

    1. Thank you for reading, and taking the time to leave a kind comment! I can sense the love behind your willingness to "take the challenge." Yes enjoy the sweetness of your baby boy now. Makes my heart flutter just thinking about it!

  5. So beautiful. I have a son and so this really resonates with me. <3

    1. Thank you visiting her Mary Leigh! Hope you come again. Being mother to a son...... is a wonderful TRIP.

  6. I do not have a son, but I thought this was beautiful. It is exactly the way a mother should care for, raise, and then let go of her son. And the way you feel toward your daughter-in-law and grandchildren is beautiful. I wish my mother-in-law felt that way about me.



    1. Vivienne, thank you for reading, and taking the time to encourage me by commenting. I remember your blog! I need to visit there SOON, and see what you have recently put out. Hugs sweet Christian sister.

  7. God surprised me and gave me two boys - and NO girls. I would've never asked for boys - but I LOVED being a mom to boys. Now that they are grown it is a bit sad - they don't keep in touch like daughters do. But this is God's precious way of keeping me on my knees and pursuing His desire for my life vs. getting tied up in my kids - OK, at least that's how I deal with it!!! :)

    1. Actually, that sounds like a wonderful mature Christian perspective !! Thank you for reading and sharing. Now possibly grandchildren and daughters-in-law/love, will come as a mission field for your love.