Let Sonshine Fall Like Rain; Dealing with Rudeness (part 3 of 3)

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Yes, rudeness can be
in word, or deed,
or failure of etiquette rules to heed,

Etiquette outlines manners
to follow,
to show humility,
Putting other's first in mindness,

It's natural for anyone to make a blunder
Now and then
An apology or grace shown
Can release tension then

Sometimes just letting bygones 
Be bygones 
Is best when there's been a wrong,
But Brother or Sister
YOU be strong.

Choose to do right.
Mind your manners as they say.
Be kind and considerate 
Even when others 
Don't treat you that way

If over and over,
Or purposeful offense
You did sense,

Maybe that trespasser is in
Bondage of deceit, narcissism,  or haught...
Living in  pain or fear,
Or never was taught,

YOU be the light,
Let Sonshine fall like rain,
Maybe over time, God will
Use YOU to melt the metal, 
burdensome rudeness chain.

Galations 6:9
And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

* This post spoke to self esteem, but read here about when >Jesus dealt with RUDENESS.<.  He continued to bring his pure light and Sonshine.

                      >part 2 of 3< in this series

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Blessings in the Sonshine,
Tammy @
Grandma Mary Marthađź’™

Want more fortification for dealing with rude people?  My sister blogger Juanita, did a FABULOUS and thorough job of addressing the reality of dealing with difficult people, which she calls prickly Petes or prickly Petunias.  She has super good graphics as well!  >look here, and get more encouragement for dealing with rude, brash behavior<


  1. Hello,
    I really enjoyed reading this poem. It is right on time too! I just uploaded a blog post about Prickly Petes. It can be difficult sometimes to deal with those who struggle with kindness, but we must continue to be a light before them. We also must remember, if we are going to be wise then Proverbs tells us the wise ignore insults {Prov 12:16}. :D
    God bless you

    1. HURRAY !! Thank you for visiting, and sharing! I am thrilled to link my readers...

    2. Good to be reminded in such a gentle way. Thank you.

  2. Perfect Tammy, enjoyed.


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