Poem: The Miracle of Variety

1997......BLOATED, about to burst, but the words were unformed.  The poem was but unidentified thoughts with deep and sensitive feelings.

I am a novice blogger.  This is my first blog to share publicly and it is quite the learning journey. This is my first time to be successful at sharing a video in my blog!! 

The poem recited here is also printed and shared in the ridiculously LONG post that is part of the label, "Poems by Me," that can be found in the labels list in right margin.

Here I will share with you how this poem came to me:

Like a mother feeling her child with in her, I was a poet feeling pregnant with this poem for about 7 to 9 days.......... feeling my poem baby grow with in me, but not knowing what my poem baby would be like, except I sensed it would be, "for the glory and majesty of my creator God."  

I walked around and lived life, pregnant with this poem, aching to give birth, but lacking the words......clueless of the lines or rhyme, or repetition, having pains but no progress, until one day on my way to work, the words started to COME.  

They came forth with no effort.  I kept my eyes on the road and grabbed a pen and scrap of paper and started scribbling the words with one hand.  Through out the day, the lines continued to come.  When it was done, I felt satisfied, like I had given birth, like God had given me a gift, my poem of expression, born from somewhere inside from His Holy Spirit in me and the place where my talents and gifts reside, which He bestowed upon me.  

As a poet or artist I can testify that for ME there are seasons of rain and good harvest, and there are seasons of still and fallow ground, when poems do not blossom. (my experience)  Regardless, I treasure my poems as gifts, NOT written with out Him, the giver of all good gifts with in me and outside of me. 
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