Sunday, June 17, 2018

Family Favorite Carrot Cake

This cake is to celebrate my daughter's 14th birthday !  It is carrot cake by her request.  This is the recipe that I followed, with a few adjustments.
   The cookbook was a gift to me from my grandmother almost 40 years ago.  It is falling apart and I put it in a gallon size ziplock baggy to protect it.

The first adjustment that I make is I like to add EXTRA CARROTS, and a little extra crushed pineapple, and when I am making it just for my family, I also add LOTS of raisins and chopped nuts.  A LOT.

But this cake is to be shared with others who may not like raisins, and one guest I happen to know despises nuts, so nuts and plumped raisins will be offered on the side with this cake.  For the pineapple I used more than half of a big can of crushed pineapple and I did not drain much juice off.  I did not measure cups of carrots.  I grated nine good sized carrots and put it all in the cake.  You can see by the picture that there is more carrot and pineapple than flour in this cake.

Another adjustment that I made to the above recipe is I doubled the baking soda but left out salt and baking powder.  One reason that I try to do this is I have recently been made aware that baking powder may have traces of aluminum in it unless you purposely purchase SPECIAL (Look/research if you want...).

First I mix sugar, oil and egg.  Then I whisk together dry powder ingredients, and incorporate it into the egg, oil, sugar mixture.  Last I add the carrots and pineapple and of course read the recipe again to make sure that I left nothing out!!

You can see that this recipe made quite a bit.  My daughter got to TEST it by eating the front right, and I used the others to make birthday cake.

The icing that I used was made with a stick of softened butter, and two blocks of softened cream cheese and almost a two pounds of powdered sugar!  Yum.

I will note here that you really need parchment paper lining your cake pan(s) if you intend for the cake to come easily out of the pan.  I did not have parchment paper and my cakes, though baked in oiled pans did not come out easily.  I don't even want to go into describing the process that I had to go through to get to the product above.  (It fell to pieces and I had to mold it back together again.) 

Thanks for letting me share!  
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  1. Yum! I was hoping for a picture of the inside!

    1. Sandi, I am truly sorry I did not include that! Was in a hurry, baking, icing cake, packing and then picnic-ing with 6 teens!! Will have to make it again and take pic of inside.