Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Valor, Wonder, and a Great Book on Judaism

I bought this book years ago, read it, took notes, forgot everything I read, and put it away.  I was not sure if I gave it away or not, but was so very pleased when I went looking, and found it on my bookshelf!   Great! 'Cause I am ready to read it, take notes, and forget again (I am very good at all of that.)

I truly want to study it again, and I hope learn.  The Jewish culture is of interest to me because it is the culture from which my savior Jesus Christ came from.  At this time, nearing Mother's Day, one of my notes on the inside cover, got my attention, and I went investigating:

Page 28 is in the midst of chapter 2 called, "Men and Women."  Rabbi Benjamin Blech points out on this page, that the Talmud asserts, "The Holy One, blessed be he, endowed women with more insight and intuitive intelligence than men."

Rabbi Blech goes on to point out that the Hebrew word for KINDNESS is RACHAMIN, which has as its root RECHEM, which means "womb."  Now contrast that with the English language  where the root HYSTER  (meaning womb), is used also in HYSTERICAL or HYSTERIA.  

From this same page I also learn that according to Judaism, it is a "requirement for every Jewish husband to sing a song of praise to his wife on Sabbath eve extolling her virtues and calling her a WOMAN OF VALOR."

Now I totally understand that even with in Judaism there are divisions or denominations.  I am not trying to make any kind of general claim here, so please don't bother to dispute or argue with me.  I am simple stating what this book says.

But having your husband sing to you weekly, as a requirement to praise... sounds pretty awesome doesn't it?

This book is chock full of wonderful information, and I can not imagine a resource being easier or more pleasureful to read.  If you too are interested in learning about the culture which brought us Jesus, then I highly recommend this book!

Now speaking of WOMEN OF VALOR, I have a friend, who loves the Lord and has quite a testimony of this insight and intuitive intelligence (likely tied to invisible connections to their Heavenly Father.)  She wrote a poem recently, to honor her mother, and she shared with me some wonderful details about waiting 20 years, thinking she was barren in her womb, and then....her dream came true...

Please follow this link to enjoy this beautiful tribute to a particular mother of valor,  Grace's mother, and read the very special story surrounding the presentation of Grace's daughter, after 20 years of waiting.  This is  post about LOVE and HOPE, as well as answered prayers.

Thanks for visiting!  I am wishing you warm Sonshine.
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