Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Grace's Mother; A Woman of Valor

I was just honored and blessed when a friend wrote a poem  to honor her mother, and wanted me to see it!  With great pleasure  (and her permission) I share now, some story and tribute between Grace and her mother.  This is the poem that Grace wrote:

(flowers from my son CF's wedding)

"The Love of a Mother"
I've known you all of my life
We've been through a lot together
We've shared fun times and we've shared 
sad times
We've agreed and we've disagreed
But no matter how wrong I was
You've always been there for me
Special is defined as unusual or unique
Unique is being the only one of a kind
You definitely qualify
To me you are as a rare diamond
Your beauty sparkles
Even when the light is dim
If I ever needed you
You never hesitate to lend a hand 
Oh yes there were times
When you thought I was crazy
But you always listened
To what I had to say
And no matter how far I drifted
You would comfort me anyway
People like you are so hard to find
You are and will always be
There is no other
Like the Love of a Mother

by Grace James, 2018

And here is her love message for her mother:

flowers from son of my heart: Cody's wedding

Now here is a very special true tale.  Grace and her husband were blessed to have found one another young.  Early on when Grace sought to conceive a baby, she was sad and discouraged when year after year it did not happened.  One night, she had a dream, that she had a beautiful blonde hair, blue eyed baby.  In her dream she saw her baby's face, and in her heart was planted assurance that she would have this baby, yet year after year her baby did not come.  Her mother had the same dream, literally... of a blonde haired blue eyed baby, and yet why did it not happen?

In her sadness, she gave up.  One day almost 20 years of wishing for this baby, she was at her mother's house crying, "I will never be a mother.  No one will ever call me Mom," and about a month later, Grace found out that at that very time of crying with her mother, a baby grew inside her.

After 20 years of praying, mother and grandmother, the blonde haired, blue eyed baby was born.  All glory and honor and thanksgiving to God for these wonderful priceless gifts, of mothers and their children.  

Pictures of Grace and her family:

Grace said (above) this face is the face that she saw in her dream, and when her daughter got this age, this face reminded her of the dream.

(Above) The mother that prayed with and for her daughter for this baby that they waited 20 years for!

Grace and her husband (above) married 35 years come this summer.

Grace says, "God never goes back on His promises but we delay them with the decisions we make."
Grace is a sweetheart.  If you would like to connect with her, leave me a note, and I will be sure that my friend Grace sees it.  Thank you for reading.  God bless YOU and God bless the extended Olivarez, and James family.

from Tammy @ Grandma Mary Martha

Are you wondering why in the world, I would publish features about other people, other families??  Read this silly poem to my daughter.  This explains it   https://grandmamarymartha.blogspot.com/2017/11/first-60-cents.html

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