Friday, November 10, 2017

First 60 Cents

less than 2 minute read

What ?
Little girl, 
Teenage girl.
With the beautiful,
Hair curl,

Dare you burst my bubble?
When I brag?
And try to take away my 
My Snickers bar?

I just told my daughter:
Last time I checked:
I earned $.60,
sixty cents,
from google adsense,

Now they won't send it,
Until it adds up to more,
I figure maybe, 
In 30 years, I'll

Seriously daughter?
When I bragged, 
That I had almost, 
Earned a Snickers bar,

She said, "Not even! Mom!"
In that teen-tone

Girl child,
Just you know,

You better be glad,
I have my blog to go....

It helps me think 
on positive,
and battle the bad,

There's lots of bad stuff
In life to be had,

No good comes, 
On dwelling there,
I'd rather be here,
things and thoughts
To share,

Don't take away 
My Snickers bar!

Let me celebrate
the first dollars not far...

Beautiful child,
with hair of gold,
Eyes of the Carribean,
Heart of Gold,

I'm your mommy,
You need to agree... 
With what you're told...
(from me,
the mommy,
that loveth
*Snickers bar is my favorite candy bar.  It has chocolate, caramel nougat, nuts.  The big ones cost over a $1, but I told my daughter that I thought I could buy a small one for about $.80.  My daughter disagreed.

Thanks for letting me share some lighthearted fun.  Between some serious posts, I am grateful for this fast short one!  I would love to hear from you in the comments.  

God bless you in your journey.  May the Sonshine of Jesus make your path warm and bright.

Tammy @
Grandma Mary Martha

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  1. So sad they won’t send it to you. Money is money! Keep going girl! You got this! 😊

  2. Happy for you, Tammy! You've got the right attitude for this. Keep spreading the Sonshine, dear, and stay blessed! xoxo

    1. Thank you sweet sister for being a part of my fun journey!