Thursday, January 4, 2018

Blog Celebration, Introduction and Party Master List

Let me count the reasons that I blog:

1) I have something to say, and someone MIGHT read it.

2)  I want to put positive into the world.

3)  I like to share creative thoughts and ideas.

4)  Blogging is fun.

5)  Through blogging, I am learning and growing.**

6)  I can make friends through the "blogosphere."**

7)  I can speak for Christ, plant seeds for Him, have voice all over the world.

8)  Maybe I can make someone think, or share some knowledge.

9)  Blogging is therapeutic.  It is an emotional release.

10)  Blogging helps my brain to stay in a good place and avoid worries or disappointments.......(A positive blog is a positive product, is a positive endeavor, is positive brain space.)

11)  If I am blogging, I am not eating.  (weight battle)

**** #5 and #6 are loaded statements.  
 Even 15 years into my teaching career I was still  wishing computers away.   I didn't give SQUAT about the internet,  but of course Tammy is a tiny speck in the world, and apparently it was in God's plan for technology to be....After  being dragged into this computer-internet era, I have come to quite appreciate it.  I have grown in skills, knowledge and friendships, because of this technology, and had fun too!

To share the joy of my blogging hobby, and introduce YOU to some of my blogging friends...

Grandma Mary Martha (blog) is going to launch a series called the  BLOG PARTY file to share this fun!!  In the  BLOG PARTY  posts I will introduce you to other  Christian bloggers.  I will brief you on their purpose, motivation and mission, and share some reasons I  am glad we met....

Thanks for being a part of the  fun, creativity, kindness, sunshine and Sonshine, here at Grandma Mary Martha.

Look here for a GROWING MASTER LIST of the guest(s) of honor, here, who I feature in my BLOG PARTY file. 

Let me start with my first guest of honor, 

Cynthia Cano.  I think if three of your great interests in life are reading, taking care of your family, and living for Christ, then you will want to meet this pretty, talented young lady.  Come with me please, she's, the one over here with the friendly smile, and super curly cute hair, over here @ >>

Bottom note:  This is my first time to do a post based on an interview.  I learned from Cynthia.  She shared her interview with me, at her blog, here>>

If you think you might be interested in working on a project like this with me, drop me a note in the comments.  Thank you for visiting.  May you be blessed in Christ.

2nd guest of honor is Tami Gaupp.  
Wife, mother, daughter, grandmother, and more,
Raised in ministry, 
Raised a family,
Read about her, her family, their ministry here, 

Real people,
Walking the real walk,
In FAITH through good times, and bad,
Get to know Tami, and you will see
REDEEMED,  and be inspired:

Thank you for visiting!  Do come again.  I would love to hear from you,


  1. It has opened up the whole world, hasn't it?

  2. Tammy Dunlap, congratulations on your new endeavor. Your positive thoughts are reaching alot of people. Keep up the work.