1 Kings 3-4

Welcome to this post of Blogging Through the Bible, brought to you by the sisters that have united for this purpose, determined to share in blog posts as they read through the Bible cover to cover.  Stacey finished the book of Samuel for us @ Scribbles and Sustenance, and Angela began the book of 1st Kings @ No Longer Lukewarm.  Now I bring to you, my devotional blog on 1st Kings chapter 3 and 4.

Until David's last breath it seemed that he witnessed conflict in his family.  Equal to the esteem and cushiness of his royal life, there was also hardship, responsibility, tough decisions, battles, and heartache, yet he always returned to focused on his Heavenly Father.

God in a Dream

At the beginning of chapter 3, David's son Solomon (born by Bathsheba) has been properly established as king, by David's and the prophet's agreement.  Transference of power has been made, and the Lord comes to Solomon in a dream and asks him what he would wish for above all else.

Solomon did not ask for anything like health, long life, wealth or other self serving blessing.  He asked for discernment that he could be a good judge and ruler for the kingdom under his rule. 

God blessed him with exactly this, and Solomon established a reputation as the wisest man around.  In fact God was so specific in His blessing on Solomon as to indicate he would be the wisest man ever, before or to come...
Dispute Over a Baby
(V. 16-28) tell of a story, famous among Bible students, of two women who come before the King Solomon with one baby, each claiming the baby was her own, when actually one mother's baby had died in the night.  King Solomon ordered the baby be cut in half so that each mother got half and one mother said, "No, do not harm the child. Give the baby to the other woman..."
Remarkable Wisdom
King Solomon discerned that to be the position of the true mother and so the baby was given UNHARMED to that mother.  People of his kingdom were amazed at this handling of such a sensitive situation.  In all the land Solomon was revered and appreciated for being wise, just, and knowledge filled.  He was truly gifted by God.
Dry Facts and Solomon's Reputation
Chapter 4 is all about documentation of names and positions, like a legal document of history, as well as documentation of the method of support given to this government, and more details about Solomon's famous wisdom.  People came to hear him speak. (Reminded me of a university professor.) 

 Oh Lord, build me to be strong and at least wise enough to always look to You, or Your Word, for answers, and to recognize carriers of Your truth.  All of my hope is in You, that I may live an up-right and honorable life.  In Jesus, I thank you for forgiveness of my sins. I want to desire and pursue Your wisdom, and Your will, above any selfish desires.  Thank you for calling me to be Yours, and for the countless blessings along the way.  In Jesus's name I pray. Amen.

Solomon sought God to give him wisdom to do his job well.  What do you mostly seek?  How do you seek it?  What verses do you claim?

If you were called into a great role of leadership, would you accept?  Who would be your helper?

All are not called to lead nations, but who do you believe you are called to lead?  In what capacity are you a leader?

What do you think is KEY to your success as a leader?

What was Solomon's success as leader due to?

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  1. Last year, I had 2 students arguing over a phone charger. I said that it would be fine -- I would just cut it in half. I'm not kidding: one said "sure!" and the other said "no way." The cool thing was, a by-standing student totally recognized the biblical allusion. It was a SUPER moment in my day!

  2. What a cool classroom story Angela! I am grateful that you are a teacher, and my Christian sister, and co-heart in this BTTB endeavor!


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