A Rainbow of God's Promises; book recommendation

Colorful, vibrant, and full of promise, is the rainbow in the sky, by our Creator God.  Colorful, vibrant, and full of promises is the book of poetry by my blogging Christian sister Rita Kurian.  

At Telling Hearts, I shared a short narrative by Rita, talking about her book.  You can read it here<<

At Grandma Mary Martha, with her permission, I am honored to share more, words by Rita:

Through out the Bible, God gives us some 5,000 wonderful promises.  God keeps His promises and never breaks it.  Obedience to Him paves our pathway of delight with the joy and power of His promises coming alive in out lives.
This book takes the promises of God and shares them in the form of poetry to encourage us all the times with His promises for our different situations.
In cold stormy weather, we can huddle over a cup with a cup of coffee relishing His promises of protection, deliverance, healing and strength or a bright springy day, rejoice over His love, or in dark seasons, get His wisdom and mind through His riches in the Word as streams of living water are poured into out lives invigorating, reviving and refreshing us.

Revelation 4:3 "And He that sat was to look upon like jasper and carnelian stone: and there was a rainbow round about the throne, in appearance like unto an emerald."

A great book of encouragement and beauty!!