Wowey WOW WOW Easy Waffles

We bought this waffle iron for my husband years ago, and rarely made waffles until I discovered this recipe.  It's a keeper!!


Mix together
1 egg
1 cup buttermilk
Whisk together
1 cup flour
tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. baking soda
Then mix dry ingredients with wet.

You can add flavorings:
I added tablespoon melted butter,and tablespoon sugar mixed with tsp. cinnamon. 

This dough was a delight to work with!  I brushed my iron with oil between each waffle and they all turned out perfect!  
Oh waffle bar party, here we come.....

Oh my goodness!  I discovered that I can use the Jiffy Cornbread mix in this waffle maker!!  Look what I had later this week.   Cornbread with my chili-bean soup and big salad:

 Side note:  There are bigger and more expensive waffle makers, but I think I paid not quite $20 for ours and with these options as shared above, we will be making waffles, a lot!!

Oh my goodness, I just did a version of the basic recipe above, and love it so much.... I had to share it with a neighbor, make another double batch to eat in coming weeks by freezing  some in baggies, and putting  some in fridge, AND sharing it in my blog!
(pictured, the can pumkin, and the brush sitting in oil that I used to coat the waffle iron)

This is what I did:  I opened a can of pumpkin like you can use (unsweetened yet) for making pies.  Into the measuring cup that I was going to fill with buttermilk, I simply plopped a big spoon- serving spoon, like approx. 1/4 cup of pumpkin, and then filled it the rest of the way with the buttermilk.

Then I measured about 1 tablespoon of  McCormick Pumpkin Spice  and 1 tablespoon sugar, into the dry powder ingredients.  The eggs that I used were on the small side, so I was figuring the moisture level would be about right, and WOW.  They were so good!

(Interesting that especially in the dough picture, you can not see the slight orange tinge to the batter) 

We ate them first with butter and sprinkled with sugar, along with our coffee for Saturday breakfast, but later I had some with porkchop, and butter and syrup, and it was DELISH!

From making waffles for my mom and dad, with her iron, and for making them for my family on the iron at our house, I have concluded that machine, and dough can both be factors to effect cooking time.  My iron at home, with this pumpkin recipe, it barely took 2-3 minutes per waffle to cook.

Was good visiting time for my family.  May you enjoy some waffle time as well!