Hope for Broken Vows and Sexual Addiction

Can a marriage survive unfaithfulness?  Can a sexual addict be healed?  Can a marriage get stronger after broken vows?  These are questions that Esther Hosea sought to answer. She cried.  She prayed.  She researched.  She poured over scripture looking for answers, seeking healing for herself, her husband, their marriage and family.  

A blog was born, where she told it all, anonymously to the world (behind a pen name).  God gave her wisdom.  Her heart, her husband, her marriage was healed, and a book and ministry were born.

His Dearly Loved Daughter, (hisdearlyloveddaughter.com ) is the website that grew from the ashes, which now stands today as a testament of God's faithfulness, and the power of His Word.  
Today the HDLD Ministry is ready to connect desperate and hurting people with resources, and hope to overcome the pain and prison of sexual addiction.

Oh by the way, Esther Hosea's husband joined the ministry team after he underwent extensive treatment, and now in humility and because of His love for the Lord, and His people, he and his wife (real names Steve and Cherith) avail themselves to educate and encourage the church body, and coach individuals or couples who are grappling with something similar to what they went through.

All pictures and graphics used with permission of HDLM, Esther Hosea.

I highly recommend this book!  It is easy to read, practical, Bible based, and filled with hope, and though it was born from Esther's desperate Bible research and prayer, seeking solution to problems in her own marriage, when I read the book, I was thinking about other relationships.  In general it is an excellent resource for anyone seeking to grow in relational wisdom, who wishes to follow a Biblical path in life.

Would you benefit from this workbook?  Do you know someone who would benefit?  The wisdom and peace gained could impact decades, and generations.  Won't you share this blog post with an icon below, to help the resource reach someone who needs it.

And check out the ministry website.  Their organization, resources, and dreams, are powerful and blessed by God to meet a powerful need in our day and time.  Thank you for letting me share, and please pass it on...


  1. It takes the special grace of God to forgive marital unfaithfulness. This post that shares resources to that end is very helpful. God bless you, Tammy! <3

  2. Tammy, thank-you so much for your hard work in helping us promote our ministry, and thank-you even more for your friendship and encouragement! It means the world to me!


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