Sunday, September 16, 2018

Spiritual Perspective for Hungry Eyes and Ears

As I drove home from work I heard on the radio:

A man fell in a vat of oil...

A bridge in Italy collapsed and a man fell in his car 150 feet...

News news news,
Rarely good and wonderful,
Usually quite dreadful,

Why why why?

Does it help me to know most of this?
Does most of it even effect my political position?
Can I do anything about most of it?

No no no no.

So I wonder...
Why was it posted?
Why was is spread?
Why is it national or world news?

I think I know.

The enemy wants to divert us.

Do you think in the realm of 
Christian journeys,
Christian friendships,
Re-births (in Christ),
Lessons learned,
Prodigal returns,
Answered prayers,
Launches to eternity in paradise,
Relationships rebuilt,
Hope renewed,

Do you think that in that very real realm,
That there are more newsworthy events?

Why don't the good and wonderful events make national news?

The man who fell in a vat of oil made the news.
The man who crashed with a bridge made the news.

Why do not the good and wonderful stories that glorify the author and finisher of our faith, and our healer, and savior make the news?

Again, plan and simple, I believe it is a ploy of the enemy.

People will listen to such worldly news, but they will not listen to "Religious people talk."

They will harken their ear to the sound of doom and gloom of the world sometimes, 
Or even worldly affair or music concert,
But will not listen to the witnesses of Christ tell what He has done for them,
Or take pleasure in music to glorify the one true king,

Especially if...
Such RICHNESS speaks to the emptiness
That they are denying,
Trying to ignore,
Or in their spirit,
Pure and wholesome,
They abhor,

God keep my eyes on YOU!
Please give me mercy and patience towards all,
Like I HOPE I receive from you,

Help me to be a light,
Where the world would project fright,
Help me to be wisdom and warmth,Where the world is foolish and cold,

Lord, I want to look to YOU,
Rest in YOU,
Run to YOU,
Through all that I see and do,


  1. O thank you so much! From now I will remember this blog post, when I hear all that bad and sad news. I will pray for people in need, yes. But also be grateful for all the good!

    1. Thank you for visiting and commenting. May the Lord bless you.

  2. This has been the problem with journalism from way back. The odd, eccentric and bizarre, as one writer calls them usually make the news but regular, heartwarming stuff rarely do. Cultivation analysis scholars tell us this builds fear in people by portraying the world as more dangerous really is. Thank God for the Bible, thank God for the Holy Spirit, we have better sources of information and truth to fortify our hearts with. Thanks for this insightful piece!

    1. I am always so happy to see that you visited, and I appreciate your insightful comments. Hugs, sister.