Friday, July 20, 2018

My Baggage, My HOPE

Occassionally the stink seeps out,
or from my memory the contents creep,
offenses against me 
my friends or my kin...

My feelings,
A strength
(a talent one might say)
The enemy does not like,
It makes me attune
to see
to listen, and care,

The enemy desires that I drown,
in sadness, mean-ness,
not even still there...
of by gone days,
by gone times,

I rebuke these thoughts.
Jesus control my mind!

Scripture or verse,
Truth, goodness,
Praiseworthy reports...

I turn my thoughts to thee Lord,

I thank you for my divinely assigned
my HOPE,
my expectation,
my confidence in thee,
 that from my mother's womb
You have cared about, preserved, 
and planned good things for me.

All glory and honor to YOU Father and Son,
Jesus, Holy Spirit, 
Amazing miraculous,
Triune Almighty 
Real true

My relationship with you is my real treasure.
For I know 
is beyond 
Romans 8:39 Nothing can separate us from the Love of God in Christ Jesus (my paraphrase, my memory)

Isaiah 49:16  He loves His people so much that they are   engraven in the palm of His hand (my paraphrase)

Who cares about a human tattoo?  I am engraved on God's palm, because I am His adopted child through my savior Jesus Christ.

This life is tough.  Most of us take on some baggage and the enemy would like to use it to get us down.  

Don't smell it.  Don't listen to the echoes.  Don't entertain those thoughts.  

2 Corinthians 10:5  Take every thought captive to the Lordship of Jesus Christ (my paraphrase)

Keep your eyes on Him and His goodness, and our salvation through Him, and our eternal destination.  For He left us to go prepare a place of many mansions in paradise for us. 
(John 14:2, Luke 23:43)

Be blessed in the Sonshine.

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