Sunday, May 13, 2018

No fuss, No fluff, T-shirt Quilt

My son's t-shirt quilt:  It was easy, and this is how I did it:

1) Gather t-shirts, and make template out of poster thickness cardboard.  Depending on size of t-shirts, this may be 8 or 14 inches (4 square sides).

2)  Center this cardboard square on the t-shirts and one at a time draw and cut per square, careful that t-shirt is neat and flat in process of marking the block edges.

3)  Lay the blocks out in the approximate order that you will want them.  I put  a few favorite t-shirts in each row with highest concentration of favorites in the middle area!

4)  Sew block edges per row, and then I "eyeballed" to off set the seams from row to row, and I added a half block at alternating row edges to accommodate the off set of the seams.

5)  I knew all along that I was doing this the easiest way possible, and so I used a twin flat top sheet as the backing.

6)  When the blocks and rows were sewn together, I had to lay the TOP on top of the back of the sheet, neatly spreading all the layers together and then using safety pins (maybe 20 or 30) to hold the top and bottom together and I simply folded the edge of the sheet around the top and sewed it.

7) No batting, no fluff, not much fuss, but you know what?  It's pretty comfy.  I liked it when I made it for him, right out of high school, and I like even more now, when I go to his house (a married man) and I see it at his house.

So main thing I want you to see from these pics is that it is casual and easy, as well as serviceable.  My old sewing machine made it through the whole quilt just fine, and rather than tack or professionally or intricately "quilt," what I did is use my sewing machine to intermittently "sew in the ditch," just sporadically, not in any particular organized pattern....

There!  Done!  Holding together, layers for comfort and memories...

Shirts of the place he was working at when he met is wife.  Shirts that we laughed at when he bought.  Shirts from his school  drama club and his martial arts lessons.  Shirts with scripture.  The BORN LUCKY shamrock shirt that he was wearing when he broke his wrist.

Lots of HUGS and life, sewed together there.

On the back is an applique made from one of his t-shirts.  I made it for him when I think he was searching....

God answered his searching.
God answered many prayers I think...

My son has found his path serving God.  His wife helped him.  I am grateful.

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