My Banner, and My Helmet...

Behind this smile, is a struggle.  Some days are easier than others.  I AM on the downhill side, and that word is not all negative.  The hard uphill climb is mostly done, and then come other challenges.  I am stepping into my retirement years, and God has made my life rich with loveliness....

But still... there are elements of struggle.

It is a difficult time for my parents, and I strive to support and honor them, and to be as strong and courageous as they each are.  I work with children, to help them become better readers, my profession, but I am not currently a part of a LADIES GROUP except by facebook, and this fellowship is such a blessing to me, even if by facebook!

Today I was lifted up by two sister's writing.  First I read the expository writing by Tami Sorenson, where she taught about Biblical perceptions, and practices involving BANNERS. 

Then I read the expounding of Melissa Gendreau about the HELMET OF SALVATION. 
I had to go back and read them both again, write my paraphrase of Ephesians 6:14-18,

and then  I prayed:

Dear Father in Heaven,
I am so grateful for your wonderful provision, my amazing and rich blessings, truly too plentiful to name.  Even living in this fallen world, you loved us enough, to provide a WAY and through Jesus, the banner over me is VICTORY.  

Those who accept His gift of salvation have VICTORY in JESUS, our savior forever.

For He sought me, and He bought me, 
with His redeeming LOVE.

Thank you for my blogger sister in the family of Christ, Tami, who reminded me of Bible history and gave the visual to cling to, and hold high, in my mind's eye and with my voice, "Victory in Jesus!!  My God is LOVE! HE is FAITHFUL and ALMIGHTY, and I am HIS..."

Thank you for my blogger sister in the family of Christ, Melissa Gendreau, who everyday helps children in her capacity of mental health therapist, to deal with trauma and stresses.  Thank you for her reminder of the power and protection that I have in the armor of my Lord... my helmet of salvation.

Surely victory comes to those who serve you, and put you first.  That is who I want to be Lord.  I yield all of myself to you.

Your will be done in my heart, and all of earth, as it is done in Heaven.  Your light shine in me.

In Jesus's name I pray,  AMEN


  1. I'm so sorry I just saw this now! Thank you so much for your prayers. You are a beautiful sister in Christ!


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