Making the Best of It; In all things give Thanks

This is family making the best of it.  This is family pulling it together and finding something to give thanks for, even when their heart is breaking...smiling anyway, because it helps someone else, and it is the right thing to do.  They have the Lord in their circle.  By His strength, these smiles are worn.

Their Eden was 7 years old when late last year, her illness caused her to miss her uncle's wedding, and be hospitalized.  They found out the illness is "craniopharyngioma," a rare brain tumor, occurring in only 2 or 3 children per million.

Her mother has walked the path no mother wants to walk. Eden's courage and cheer, along with strength from the Lord, as well as amazing medical staff, and outpouring of support from friends and family, have helped Ann to carry on, and manage smiles for Eden, and upbeat tone in her voice, while she navigated months of hospitalization, therapy and treatment with Eden, and  her husband tried to carry on at home with her other young children in another state.

To brighten Eden's life, since she missed her uncle's wedding, the hospital staff planned a mock wedding, so Eden could enjoy the pageantry and party that she missed.  Doctors and nurses are special people!!!

She has had seizures (side complication of this tumor) and it has been recommended that Eden have a service dog.  This special trained dog is expected to cost $12,000 or more.  For Eden's recent birthday, she was excited to pick out a few dog accessories for her anticipated service dog. 

Being slapped with the unexpected costs to support the priceless life of their beloved daughter would be hard for most families.

My daughter and I are working together to raise funds to support this cause.  I am buying her craft supplies, and she is crafting.  Her crafts will be exchanged for donations, and you may learn more about that in our closed facebook group. (linked above)  You may join to see what is going on, and support Eden in prayer even if you are not able to donate at this time.

We would be grateful if you shared this post with others, to gather support for Eden, and her service dog.
Eden's mother gave me permission to download and share photos with my audience.  I would love to feature something that her mother Ann, has written, but honestly I think she has her hands full, without one more thing to do...

Thank  you, and God bless you in His Sonshine. 


  1. Praying for Eden and the family. Just requested to join the group.


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