Fifth Commandment Collaboration Celebration Challenge

When Moses brought down the tables of stone containing commandments for God's people to follow, one was to honor parents.  My thinking is that for some people, this commandment  carries over to the grandparent, aunt, uncle, or who-ever rose to the challenge of raising the child.

I am ever grateful for my parents, and so I will honor them here, with this 5th commandment collaboration celebration.  Following my tribute to my parents, I  provide links to other Christian bloggers who have accepted this creative and fun challenge.  

May you be inspired and encouraged, to continue doing your best for all the people in your life who depend on you, or look up to you!

True points here, ya'll,
As I bellow out in my Texas drawl,

I was a very blessed kid,
By what my good parents did,
And now it is my pleasure,
To share with you why they're 
Such a treasure!

My Daddy... amazing but true,
Six foot, nine inches tall,
And very much 
A man that CAN-DO,

My Mama, quite short,
In stature for sure,
But character and grace,
Work ethic: TALL,

Together they tag teamed,
To work from their strengths,

Daddy earned the money,
Mama kept an immaculate house,
Daddy played games and brought laughs,
Mama over-saw, organized, made things pretty and clean,
Daddy was tough when needed, but never never mean,

Plan, and work together,
Through good times and bad,
They both were loyal to family,
That makes 'em an awesome family to be had,

Mama stayed up all night many an Easter Saturday,

So we could wake up, and have a home-made
Pretty dress, out of pretty, economical fabric.

Daddy made the coolest Easter eggs with ships,
Using electrical tape and his knife, 
And into bright dyes dip...

Mama specialized in Easter eggs decorated,
 Drip drop dye style, 
And every Christmas she made the dough,
 Helped us decorate cookies, a great big pile!

Nightly bath and prayer time, over-seen by Mom,
Dad read the Sunday comics to us, 
And once a week brought in dough-nuts,

But Mom always served one or two vegetables,
With every evening meal, and no sodas or sugary drinks
Were a common ordinary deal,

I am very very grateful for these good simple folks,
Who blessed me with love and friendship, 
And extended it to children of mine!

More and more I appreciate them,
These parents that are mine.

Silly poem aside, I do want to honor my parents.  I am so grateful and blessed that they gave my sister and I their best. They have modeled strength, wisdom, loyalty over and over, even when it was tough. 

Mom and Dad, you amaze me, and I thank God for you everyday.  I aspire to carry on your strengths.

Thank you for letting me share.  

 I invite you to be inspired and encouraged more with me, to  hop over to visit a few of my sister bloggers who accepted my 5th Commandment Collaboration Celebration Challenge: (links will be live Friday night or Saturday morning)

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Have a blessed day, and I pray the Holy Spirit will guide YOU as hopefully YOU seek to honor those in your life, who have poured the most into you, or in some way have had a part in your life from birth until now.

May our Lord help us see and appreciate all the positive.  AMEN


  1. A lovely poem and tribute.

    It is important to honor our parents. The bible says, "So it will go well with you." I have some challenges with my mom, but I keep this in mind. Honor her.

  2. I love how you have always honored your parents♥️♥️ We all thank God for you Tammy!!!

  3. Parents are a real treasure and worth honoring no matter the challenges we may go through with them. I like the way you put it; honor everyone who has played a part in your life from birth. It's quite important. I have a number of people who have played a big role in my life. Their appearance may have been for a short while but the marks they left are great and will never disappear. I pray for them everyday. How I wish my children would grow up to love me like you love your parents.

  4. Wonderful tribute and great reminder. I'm blessed to have my parents living the next street over from me.


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