Anybody Can Do This Cookies N Cream Oreo Cake!

I used Duncan Hines Devils Food (chocolate cake).  There is a pound cake recipe adaptation on the box, but I did my own adaptation, subtracting some water and oil and adding some sour cream and  milk, and crushed oreos!

I baked it in my Pampered Chef bundt pan which I am in love with and it turned out fine.  I wasn't sure how I was going to decorate either, but........ will do it this way again:

The icing is like a favorite part for my son (who this was for) and it is crushed oreo cookies mixed in with whipped topping.  You totally control the ratios.  I used half of a big tub of whipped topping and two rows of oreos, crushed with the bottom of a glass.

Interestingly it looks whiter when it is freshly mixed, and as the Oreos dissolve, then when you stir it, it takes on more of a dark (Oreo color).

For this cake, I cut a little slit of a ditch around the center and inserted drops of hot Fudge topping (warmed in microwave).  I will do this again as well, only I will add MORE.

I filled the center hole with the Oreo Whipped topping icing, and used cream cheese icing in a decorator tube to "decorate."  As you can tell, that was quite the experience.

I share all of this and show this because it is/was


Remember, the center dark color is the Oreo whipped topping icing after the Oreos dissolved and mixed in.

Hey!  Made my son and my family happy.  Anyone can do it!  I am all for making your own when possible and saving money........ and encouraging others