Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Review: Living in the WORD- Workbook

Have you ever WISHED that you could go to a professional counselor, but thought it was cost prohibitive?  I have.... and I have paid what I considered "big money," to go to a counselor before.  Life is not easy.  Rough patches in the road are TOUGH and can hurt.  Good friends, the Bible, and  Christian faith, surely HELP, and now I am so pleased to share with you a fantastic new resource for a fair price!! 

Melissa Gendreau's publication, "THE WORD- WORKBOOK, a therapists guide to becoming a stronger Christian," is an impressive resource for enhancing productivity and joyful living, which is organized and rich with scripture, to help readers grow in pretty much every area conceivable!!  Self-care, finances, fruits of the spirit, and so much more... I would recommend this workbook as a mother-daughter project, a marriage enrichment encounter, personal growth endeavor and more.  

Through this workbook, readers have access to a professional mental health therapist's wisdom, questioning, and planning skill in print!  With Melissa's compassionate heart behind it, when she leads you to tough places, she follows up with soothing balm from God's word, to build you up and inspire confidence and determination.  

I highly recommend this book!

Get it for your self, your family, and as a gift for others that you love.  Just follow this link:

As always, thanks for letting me share,  something that I so highly esteem. For the sake of HELPING people grow in wisdom and joy, would you share this post, and this opportunity?  Thank you.
Be blessed in the Sonshine,


  1. Tammy, you bless me with your kind word! Thank you friend for the review and promoting the workbook.

    1. My pleasure and honor!!! I am truly grateful for you and your work.

  2. Loved this workbook! Blessings to you Tammy and Melissa! ❤

  3. Thank you Tammy ever so much for sharing. Love,Pamela