Monday, February 19, 2018

Be Polite and Kind

About 20 years ago, someone who treated me with love and respect, my Titus woman mentor, 20 years my senior, shared with me some very simple sage advice.  (She does not have a computer device and so I can not add her to our group)  She advised me, and over time "trained me,"  to be polite and kind. 

She helped me see that often when situations seem complicated, expectations may often be boiled down, to, "Be polite and kind."   I am very grateful to have added to the wisdom that my mother started, (by giving me the best in southern girl good manners.....)

Now sometimes this all serves me well.  Often people appreciate politeness and kindness.  Sometimes people take politeness and kindness as a weakness.  I would assert that being polite in kind towards someone who takes it as a weakness, contrarily takes fierce strength.

Matchless love can fuel this fierce wisdom and self control.
Holy Spirit can inspire this fierce wisdom.

To control the tongue, is a feat.

In word or deed, 
This advice I seek to heed.

Thanks to my Titus woman mentor, 
It is my decision,
With determination and precision,

With my behavior and words,
I plan to be heard,
Not so much as clever you see,
Is the standard for ME.

Thank you Father for being a ready and present help in times of trouble, and thank you for giving me Titus women along the way, and wisdom to control my tongue.  Thank you for molding ME so that less of a problem, I will be.  All of my hope I place in thee. In Jesus's name I pray, AMEN

Bible  advice is pretty clear on this:
Thank you for letting me share!
from Grandma Mary Martha blog

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