Thursday, January 4, 2018

Warm Fuzzy Winter Flashback Worth Remembering; You Are Loved

tell you
a story that
happened long
ago, well, to you
it  would   probably
seem like  a long time
ago.  It was when I was a
young single, working girl.  I
was a teacher.  One winter, living
in my own little  fixer  upper  house 
that I bought, I decided that I wanted
a Christmas tree.  My dad was with me.
I remember that the lot where we looked 
for   my  tree, had  a  selection  of  trees 
premounted in self contained stands that 
held water.
How handy,
right ??  I 
found a tree
in a red stand.
I held it, and looked at it, a small one of course, for different reasons.  It was not perfect, but it was beautiful, ALIVE, green, in-fact imperfect in form, but I loved it.  Right there in the parking lot of HEB grocery store lot in Portland TX, my daddy spoke in to the love trance I was sharing with my tree.  
Daddy spoke up and suggested that, "This one is bigger, fuller, and doesn't have a bald spot like that one does."

"What, seriously?  Yea, OK, I see,"  I thought but I didn't say outloud.  
"I already bonded with this one,"  I told my dad.

He chuckled, and chuckled some more.  It's true.  I had my little love fest with that tree in the parking lot before I even bought it.  For the same price I could have gotten a more perfect one, but at that point I was already committed in my heart to the tree in my hands.

I had a warm fuzzy flashback about that day 25 years ago or there abouts, and it occurred to me that how I felt about that tree.......... God feels about us.  Each and every one of us.

It doesn't  matter to Him that we are not perfect.  He sees our imperfections.  We all have imperfections, physically and otherwise, and yet HE LOVES US NO LESS.  Every one of us HE ADORES, not because we are anything extra special, except that we are made by him (my firm belief), and HE IS LOVE.  HE loves us and in His eyes we are precious and lovable just as we are.  Your imperfections don't matter to a God that is LOVE.

Is that not lovely and inspiring?  This is why you are worth any investment of effort or time to help yourself be the best you can be.  May you express love to this body that God blessed you with for the duration of your life here on earth.  Then, (my belief) in Heaven, God will give His saved, new bodies..........but while we are here, lets enjoy, and serve Him, and take care of our bodies.  

Let us each day, make food choices and activity choices to build up and strengthen these beautifully imperfect creations that we live in!

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  1. Well said and so true.

  2. Tammy such good reminders. That tree looks like some of ours. Great reminder especially on the food choices. Oh my I don't always do so well in that area.