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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Musical Oranges are Fun at Any Age

All you need to make this fun tasty treat is an orange and a peppermint stick:

Get your orange and gently mash, squeeze and roll on a hard surface to break down the membranes on the inside and release the juices in the skin.  You will be able to FEEL when the juices are loose.  Then poke a small singular hole.  You may use your finger, but if it is extremely juicey then a small cut with tip of knife to pierce the skin will work perfectly.  Then insert the candy stick and SUCK on it as if it is straw.

Orange juice will eventually be pulled up through the peppermint stick and the minty orange is delicious.  It makes a slurping music, thus your FUN MUSICAL ORANGE.  

Next time there is a kid party at your house, or you are feeling young- try it!

I bought the oranges and peppermint sticks to do it with my family over the holidays and they seemed too busy, so I had one myself  a few days ago.

When the peppermint stick is gone, after you eat it, then eat the yummy juicey orange!!

Thanks for sharing the fun at Grandma Mary Martha's!


  1. I have never heard of this! How does the peppermint stick open up?

    1. Try it Sandi !! There are like natural channels or tunnels that just "open up" with the sucking. I liked the particular brand of candy that I used here because I perceived that the "softer" more crumbly worked better but my daughter commented that she liked "the ones that we used to use," better. Sandi, I love it when you visit and leave me a note! Blessings dear one. HUGS!!!

  2. This was adorable! I can not wait to try this with my son!



  3. Hi!

    This is so amazing! I cannot wait to try this! This is one of those little things we need to remember to cherish!

    Thank you so much for sharing this!

    Thank you,


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