My Word for 2018, Courage!

My word for 2018
I'm kind of even afraid to claim it

It is more brazen than me.

I've always been a whimp in some ways,
Eager to please and be liked,
I wouldn't compromise my principles,
But I'd do about anything else,

Just to be loved,
To be appreciated,

And if I was misunderstood,
Or hated,

Oh dear me.
All I wanted to do was FLEE,

I wanted to run away,
Not deal with conflict,

This is why I claim the word

It is my word for 2018,
I want to have COURAGE,
To speak anything that is,

I want to have courage to speak,
My mind

I live a simple sheltered life,
I am grateful that I do not live in fear,
I know this is a PRAISE to GOD,
and the soldiers and servants
who serve year after year

May I live with

No fear
In this

a sparkling new year

Well, sisters, blog readers, I will tell you more,
I look forward with anticipation and gratitude,
Hoping for more,

Most of my life,
I feel like SURVIVAL was my word,

Survive university
work life
Sometimes all of the above can be rough

I'm here to testify
I'm here to say,
Hang with God,
And He'll GROW you
Day after day,

All of a sudden 
It's done

university, check
dating, check
work life, marriage, motherhood, 
check check check

Done done done

Thank God for His growth

Now COURAGE is my word

May I in Him
Be strong, wise, and ready,
to speak
for His Words to be heard

May I 
In 2018
Be ready
and with

His strength and light
In me, be seen!!

Courage, wisdom, gratitude, grace, charity, love, victory, vision, humility, focus, endurance, mission... 

There is power in every word.  

Choose a word that will challenge you, and help you accomplish, stretch, in good ways to grow.  What will your word be for 2018?

Hospitality?  Cooking?  Compromise?  Skill?  Graduation?

God first, then family.... what will your word for inspiration and aspiration be?

I'd love for you to share ideas and thoughts in the comments below.  Maybe consider sharing this article with one of the small social media icons below by the date.

Thank you for dropping by.
Blessings in the Sonshine,
and good gifts that come from the Father above,
Tammy @
Grandma Mary Martha♡


  1. Tammy, I believe you can and will figure out how to face anything with your heart and love for God! 'Growth' is my word for 2018!

  2. Courage is a wonderful word! You can do anything with Christ. <3

    I chose PEACE as my word. There were a lot of upsets in 2017 - I yearn peace... and to create peace around me.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love your word courage! Praying for you Tammy! My word is Believe! :)

  4. Great word! My word for this year is FORWARD. I've spent so much time living in the now and just getting through the now of this season. I'm ready to start looking forwarding and moving in hope and, yes, with courage, down the path He is showing me.

  5. Great word! Mines will be Discernment. I am challenging myself to be more careful in my distinctions in my thinking about truth. I have allowed so much negativity rob me of my joy and peace. Now, in 2018 I challenge myself to think with discernment in order to develop the ability to continue to think biblical in all aspects of my life.

  6. Fantastic word. So funny I feel the same about conflict. :) My word is courage. The Lord has just placed this word in my heart because He has given me so much courage to deal with new challenges this year and it has only been a couple of days.

    1. Oh my goodness Marijon. My heart is touched to think of you already needing increased COURAGE. We know we look to the right place when we cling to scripture and our Lord! WE SHALL GROW IN THIS WAY, Marijon


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